Female students in Peking University committed suicide by drinking medicine. They were forced to get pregnant and aborted. Her boyfriend also asked him to change the remarks to the owner

The 22 -year -old female student of Peking University committed suicide by drinking medicine, and was forced to get pregnant and aborted by her boyfriend before her lifetime;

He once broke up with his boyfriend and was forced by his boyfriend as dead, and he would not let him break up;

After the chat content was exposed, the chat history was even more angry, and was forced to make a forced remake;

After the girl’s death, her boyfriend has not yet said an apology.

The girl’s heart stopped, and it was still very lively during the National Day. In just two days, the daughter had happened. The mother decided to find the truth in person.

Time passes by every minute, and every minute is a torment for Yang Xinyi.She was sitting in the living room, waiting anxiously for the news of the hospital, and she was full of endless concerns and blame.She swear that no matter what the result, she will accompany her daughter wholeheartedly, give her the deepest love and support, and make up for the negligent affection in the past.

Yang Xinyi silently prayed for her daughter’s safety. She looked forward to that warm hug and the sincere conversation, hoping to re -establish a close connection between mother and daughter.She made up her mind that no matter how much pain and difficulties were going, she would fight for her daughter’s happiness and never give up.

Yang Xinyi was full of anxiety and anxiety, and did not receive any news, indicating that her daughter had not separated from danger.For anyone, waiting for unknown results is a kind of pain.In a moment, Yang Xinyi couldn’t help but think of the possibility of her daughter who might have left the world, but she immediately abandoned this idea and felt that it was too auspicious.She kept cheering herself and firmly believed that her daughter would be fine.However, the more she comforted herself, the more she had a bottomless heart.

Waiting until 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, Yang Xinyi still couldn’t fall asleep.She is still waiting for the news of the counselor.Finally, just a few minutes after 12 o’clock, the phone sounded again, and it made a sound.Yang Xinyi opened the information with her hands trembling. There were only six short words on the screen, but she seemed to be calm like a ice cellar, and she almost froze.The information reads: "Wang Lili’s heart stopped."

She couldn’t understand the meaning of this sentence for a while. Is her heart stop referring to her alive or died?Or is she in danger now?Yang Xinyi could no longer wait quietly at home, and she immediately decided to go to Beijing.She booked the earliest flight to Beijing the next day, and asked the counselor to obtain the address of the hospital, and then hurriedly sorted out a few clothes.Although it was almost two o’clock in the morning, Yang Xinyi had no thoughts to go to bed again, and she decided to go directly to the airport.

At this moment, she just wanted to rush to Beijing as soon as possible, rush to her daughter Wang Lili, and look at her condition.She did not see the content of the text message, and she didn’t want to believe the information that made her be in fear.Her daughter was still lively during the National Day. Why did this happen after just two days?

And before that, the boyfriend who had just received a daughter’s boy

Yang Xinyi was so anxious that she called her daughter Wang Lili’s phone again and again, but no one answered the phone anyway.She is in Guangdong, but her daughter is in Beijing and cannot find her in person, which makes her feel helpless.She had to turn to look for her daughter’s boyfriend Xiao Liu.Yang Xinyi called Liu Wenhan and asked what happened.Liu Wenhan told her that in the afternoon, he had a small contradiction with Wang Lili. After the two argued, Wang Lili left, the phone did not answer, and the text message did not return.He really found Wang Lili’s mother, hoping that she could persuade Wang Lili.

Yang Xinyi told Liu Wenhan that she couldn’t contact Wang Lili, and she was very worried about what would happen to her daughter.Her tone is full of anxiety.However, when he heard Yang Xinyi’s anxiety, Liu Wenhan comforted her and said, "Auntie, please don’t worry, Xiaoli may be just angry. I will go to her now, and once I find her, I will tell you immediately."

In the face of Liu Wenhan’s comfort, Yang Xinyi has no other way, and can only pin his hopes on Liu Wenhan.After all, Liu Wenhan should be her closest person for her daughter in a different place.So they agreed to make the news every half an hour, hoping to find Wang Lili as soon as possible.Yang Xinyi’s heart was a little more stable. She was convinced that Liu Wenhan would try his best to find her daughter and take her back safely.

In this anxious waiting, time passed by every minute, and Yang Xinyi’s prayer and expectations gradually incorporated into the endless night.

Yang Xinyi kept calling Wang Lili’s call, while Liu Wenhan looked around.This long four hours seemed to make Yang Xinyi spend half of his life.Finally, after 10 pm, Liu Wenhan sent a good news: "Auntie, I have found Xiaoli, you don’t have to worry too much."

Not long after receiving the news, I received a phone call from the daughter’s school counselor. The daughter committed suicide, and this happened for more than an hour after receiving the news of her daughter’s boyfriend

Yang Xinyi was finally relieved, and she was grateful to her daughter or peace.However, she still asked Liu Wenhan to tell Wang Lili to call her back as soon as possible.But this time, Liu Wenhan did not reply to the message.Yang Xinyi thought at the time, maybe there was a contradiction between young people, and there was no time to call back to herself. She decided to contact her daughter later.She remembered that she hadn’t eaten dinner, so she walked into the kitchen.However, when she saw half of her dishes, she had no mood to continue cooking.She just ate a few sketching noodles in a hurry, always thinking about her daughter in her heart.

Although Liu Wenhan found Wang Lili, Yang Xinyi understood that only by talking to her daughter in person can she really let go of her concerns.

So Yang Xinyi sat quietly in the living room and waited.An hour passed, and she received a message. She thought it was sent by her daughter, and the anxiety in her heart finally got some soothing.However, when she opened the information, she seemed to be hit by a current, and the whole person was deeply shocked.

Yang Xinyi widened her eyes, and she couldn’t accept the information at all.The short eight words made her previous consolation into a bubble.She immediately called the counselor’s phone and eagerly asked what happened. Why did she take medicine and what medicine did she take?

The counseor described Yang Xinyi in a real thing to describe the process of the matter: In the afternoon, Wang Lili swallowed two hundred tablets of sleeping pills in the room of a hotel and tried to commit suicide.When Liu Wenhan found her, Wang Lili was unconscious.Liu Wenhan tried to wake her up by artificial vomiting, but it didn’t help.Due to the excessive dosage of the drugs taken by Wang Lili, she was severely poisoned and lost any self -consciousness.

In the face of serious situations, Liu Wenhan felt helpless, and could only find Wang Lili’s counselor and confessed her to her.The counselor immediately dialed the first aid call 120 and made sure that Wang Lili was taken to the hospital.Later, she contacted Yang Xinyi for the first time and informed the situation.Yang Xinyi hung up the heartache on the phone, and she couldn’t accept the reality in front of her.Why did Liu Wenhan say that he found Lili before? Lili is fine?Why did she swallow two hundred tablets of sleeping pills?And why did Liu Wenhan notify her immediately?Why didn’t he send Wang Lili to the hospital as soon as possible?

Two days after the incident in the National Day holiday in 2019, the friend’s friend called and said that the daughter was missing

On October 9, 2019, on the second day of the National Day holiday, Yang Xinyi, in Guangdong, received a text message that made her feel ominous on this day.On the same day, Yang Xinyi came home from get off work and was busy preparing for dinner.Suddenly, she heard the ticking of the mobile phone in the living room and prompted to receive a text message.She thought it was the news from her daughter Wang Lili, so she put down her work, wiped her hands, and walked to the living room to open her mobile phone.

A name is displayed on the screen, Xiao Liu, and the content makes her uneasy: "Auntie, I can’t find Wang Lili, can you help me contact her?" Xiao Liu refers to Liu Wenhan, the daughter Wang Lili’s male manfriend.They are all students of Peking University, Wang Lili is a junior, and Liu Wenhan is already a senior.

Yang Xinyi has met Liu Wenhan in this year’s Spring Festival.At that time, it was the winter vacation. Liu Wenhan came to Wang Lili and took the opportunity to visit his future son -in -law.Young people are tall and healthy, handsome, decent and polite.What makes Yang Xinyi most pleased is that she feels that this little Liu is very fond of her daughter.After staying at Wang Lili’s house for two days, Liu Wenhan always called her "baby baby" intimately, and even helped the vegetables to Wang Lili while eating.

This also gave Yang Xinyi about Liu Wenhan’s family situation.It turned out that his father was a senior official of a financial institution.Yang Xinyi is engaged in business. For her, the conditions of the two can be said to be a household.Moreover, Liu Wenhan was very excellent. Not only was her daughter’s alumni of Peking University, but also chairman of the Student Union.Peking University is the highest school, and Liu Wenhan is also a leading figure in it.Now, Yang Xinyi feels a feeling of disturbance.Why can’t Liu Wenhan find Wang Lili?

After learning about the situation from the counselor’s mouth, Yang Xinyi decided to go to the hospital and made self -reflection. Also thinking about how to treat her well after the daughter is fine

Yang Xinyi’s thoughts fell into chaos, and she was shrouded in pain and helplessness.She knows that the most important thing now is to rush to the hospital as soon as possible and accompany her daughter in person.She was determined that no matter what happened, she had to face strongly to provide her daughter’s support and comfort.Yang Xinyi walked out of the door, full of anxiety and worry in her heart. She anxiously hoped that her daughter could spend the crisis and return to her.On the dark night, she embarked on the way to the hospital, with endless anxiety and prayers surging.

Yang Xinyi was full of doubts. She was eager to know what happened. Why did she choose to swallow sleeping pills, and why Liu Wenhan concealed the truth to her.However, when she called Liu Wenhan again, she found that he would not answer, and then he blackly pulled all her contact information.This makes Yang Xinyi feel even more bad.Unable to contact Liu Wenhan, Yang Xinyi can only rely on the support of the counselor.Her only hope was that her daughter could be rescued.She comforted herself over and over again: "Sleeping pills are not toxic, her daughter should be out of danger, and now she has been sent to the hospital for gastric lavage." She decided that after her daughter recovered, she had to talk to her to understand why she took thisExtremely.

Yang Xinyi began to reflect on herself. She has always been busy with her career and insufficient care of her daughter.She has always thought that her daughter was cheerful and lively and excellent, and she never had to worry too much.However, why did the daughter suddenly choose to commit suicide?She must have encountered the dilemma that she cannot solve.Yang Xinyi wanted to blame herself, and she finally realized the importance of her daughter in her heart.

Since the divorce with her husband, Yang Xinyi struggled alone and gave her daughter’s care to the nanny and her mother.Because of her busyness and her daughter, she ignored her care for her daughter.However, at this moment she realized that she never really understood the inner world of her daughter.

Yang Xinyi called the police, and I had to get justice for her daughter anyway. At this time, I saw her daughter’s boyfriend again.

Yang Xinyi could no longer endure this waiting. She had to figure out the reason why her daughter committed suicide. She could not let her daughter died without explanation.In the case of Liu Wenhan’s delay, Yang Xinyi called the police.The police quickly found Liu Wenhan, who had been hiding in his rent.The police took him to the police station and asked about the matter in detail.In Liu Wenhan’s residence, the police also discovered Wang Lili’s mobile phone.The mobile phone has been broken, the screen is full of cracks, and the chat history has been deleted.

The girlfriend was lying on the edge of life and death at the hospital, but her boyfriend avoided seeing, and deleted the information in the mobile phone. Why?Is this information hiding a heavy secret?Yang Xinyi received a notice and went to the police station to meet with Liu Wenhan, hoping to reveal the truth of the matter.She was full of endless doubts and anxiety.

This is the first time Yang Xinyi has seen Liu Wenhan. He lowered his head and looked depressed.Yang Xinyi looked at him, and asked the first sentence: "Xiao Liu, why did Lili commit suicide?" Liu Wenhan avoided Yang Xinyi’s eyes and replied frustratedly: "Auntie, I don’t know.A few things quarreled, and then I immediately apologized to her. I really don’t know why she did it. "Yang Xinyi continued to ask:" Then when you found Lili, why didn’t she tell me that she had taken medicine?call the ambulance?"

Liu Wenhan still argued for himself: "Auntie, I just didn’t want you to worry too much. I thought Lili was just joking with me and scaring me. I think things are not serious. I think she only needs to spit the medicine out.It’s okay. I really don’t know that she has eaten so much. "Liu Wenhan said, tears couldn’t help flowing down, and seemed to be sincere and helpless.However, Yang Xinyi felt that things could not be so simple.Her daughter has always been cheerful and lively. Without serious things, she would never choose to be light.

What really made Yang Xinyi was doubtful is that after rushing to the hospital by himself, Liu Wenhan, who claimed that he loved his daughter, could not be contacted, and could not be found. In the last few hours, what happened.solve

Yang Xinyi rushed to the airport and sat in the waiting hall without a lot.At this moment, she had no intention to ask the counselor to ask the details again. She was eager to see in herself and figure out what was happening.She only hopes to rush to her daughter as soon as possible, witness her situation, and find the answer.

Yang Xinyi hurried to a hospital in Beijing, but received a heavy announcement from the doctor: Wang Lili had been announced to die.Brain death means that the whole brain function cannot be lost, and it is equivalent to the advent of death.However, Yang Xinyi was unwilling to accept this fact, and she asked the doctor over and over again whether her daughter was rescued.The doctor’s heart was pity and told her that there was no hope of surviving after the death of her brain. She could only use the machine to maintain the basic life cycle of the body.Although the price is huge, the meaning is minimal.

However, Yang Xinyi believed that as long as her daughter still had breath, she had not died.She resolutely asked the doctor to continue the treatment without spending how much money spent.The hospital had no right to refuse the adherence to the patient’s family, so Wang Lili was left in the intensive care unit, and she was covered with various channels.

Yang Xinyi looked at the tube on her daughter, and she was struggling.Just two days ago, she also sent her daughter to the plane and returned to school. At that time, her daughter smiled and was full of vitality.Now, just two days, her daughter has become like this.This sudden change made her feel like a dream.She hopes that this is just a nightmare, eager to wake up everything can return to normal.However, her daughter was lying on the hospital bed, except for weak breathing, she had lost everything.Yang Xinyi couldn’t help thinking about the boyfriend who loved her. Where did he be at this time?

In order to clarify the cause of his daughter’s accident, Yang Xinyi asked the counselor to help find Liu Wenhan.The counselor dialed Liu Wenhan’s phone and informed him that Yang Xinyi had come to Beijing and asked him to go to the hospital to tell Yang Xinyi that the day of the accident of Wang Lili had passed.Liu Wenhan agreed and said he would rush over immediately.

However, at the hospital, Yang Xinyi never saw Liu Wenhan.In the next half month, Yang Xinyi kept staying beside her daughter, waiting for Liu Wenhan’s appearance.Although the school’s teachers and classmates came to visit Wang Lili, her closest people and Wang Lili’s boyfriend never appeared.

The mobile phone information of the deceased after the alarm was deleted, and only the police could only see what happened by recovering.

When Yang Xinyi learned that her daughter’s mobile phone had been found, she asked to check the content of the mobile phone.However, the police told her that the information in the mobile phone was deleted.This made Yang Xinyi more feel that Liu Wenhan must conceal some important things to her.

The mobile phone was handed over to the technical department to restore data, and Yang Xinyi could only continue to wait.She was full of anxiety and anxiety, hoping to reveal the truth as soon as possible and understand why her daughter chose to commit suicide.

After Liu Wenhan had passed on his behalf, he also left.Yang Xinyi could only return to the hospital, watching her daughter lying on the hospital bed, her eyes closed.She really wanted to cry without tears, and deeply hoped that her daughter could suddenly open her eyes and tell her what happened.

However, Wang Lili could no longer wake up.She won’t hold Yang Xinyi to call her mother anymore.On November 7, 2019, Yang Xinyi received a notice saying that Wang Lili’s mobile phone chat record had been restored through technical means, and she was asked to retrieve the mobile phone.When she got her mobile phone and opened the chat history of Wang Lili and Liu Wenhan, the content she saw made her incredible and almost doubted her eyes.

The first page that Yang Xinyi saw was the information sent by Wang Lili before swallowing sleeping pills, and this "master" was Liu Wenhan.There are only three sentences in the information: the first sentence: "The most regrettable thing in this life is this." The second sentence: "You have encountered you, but I am a garbage." The third sentence: "Mom todayThanks for you. "" Mom "refers to Wang Lili herself, while Liu Wenhan called Wang Lili in this way, and he claimed to be" baby ".Of course, it is common to use nicknames between couples, which can be understood.But the names of "Mom" and "Master" are very rare.Liu Wenhan’s calling Wang Lili seemed to imply an emotional appeal different from ordinary people.

Wang Lili should swallow the medicine and end her life after posting the last message.The last information time is 6:20.Yang Xinyi received the help information from Liu Wenhan at 6:49.Yang Xinyi looked at the screen of the mobile phone, and her heart was full of anger and grief.She began to suspect that Liu Wenhan concealed more things against her.She was determined to reveal the truth and figure out why her daughter chose to commit suicide.

After seeing her daughter’s mobile phone chat information, Yang Xinyi couldn’t help the anger in her heart, the content was almost destroying the three views.

The mother couldn’t think of it, when she received the news, her daughter had bid farewell to the world in an extreme way.When Liu Wenhan sent help information from Yang Xinyi for the second time, it was already more than 10 o’clock in the evening, and 4 hours have passed since her daughter swallowing medicine.Swallowing 200 sleeping pills for 4 hours, even the gods cannot be recovered.Liu Wenhan did not call an ambulance as soon as possible!He also tried to let Wang Lili vomiting.Is there no even a common sense in a high school student in Peking University?

Yang Xinyi once believed that Liu Wenhan’s wrong first -aid measures were the main reasons for her daughter to be irreparable.When she continued to watch the chat history, she was so angry that she was shaking.She had only one thought at the time, and she wanted to find Liu Wenhan and stabbed him with a knife.

There are many unacceptable contents in the chat history.Liu Wenhan once proposed to take nude photos for Wang Lili.The reason he did this was to prevent Wang Lili from breaking up with him.He claims that if Wang Lili leaves him, he will publicize his nude photos.

If this requirement has not yet crossed the bottom line, then the content that Yang Xinyi continues to read is simply destroying the three views.

In the early morning of July 14, 2019, Liu Wenhan sent a set of information to Wang Lili.He accused Wang Lili doing something wrong and asked her to punish herself and let Wang Lili come up with a way of punishment.Wang Lili said that she couldn’t think of it and asked Liu Wenhan to provide it.

What is even more surprising is that the two people fall in love. The man even put forward such an incredible idea.

As a result, Liu Wenhan first proposed a way to make normal people feel incredible.He asked Wang Lili to conceive his child, then removed it, and left the fetal medical record card to herself.However, Wang Lili disagreed because she thought that the child was also a life, which was unfair to the child.The contrast between the two became very obvious, one selfish, one kind but a bit stupid.After being rejected, Liu Wenhan designed a new plan.He asked Wang Lili to go to the hospital for sterilization surgery and left him the medical records.He also asked Wang Lili to bring back the fallopian tubes to him, and he would keep it as a memorial.Of course, he also added that the cost of the operation was paid by him.

Liu Wenhan proposed that he had the reason for his payment of surgery.Wang Lili had tried to commit suicide before, swallowed more than 30 sleeping pills, and was sent by Liu Wenhan to gastric lavage.At that time, the cost of surgery was paid by Liu Wenhan’s mobile phone with Wang Lili.Therefore, this time Liu Wenhan said that he came to pay the surgery, which was actually because he was afraid that Wang Lili was unwilling to go to the hospital.Liu Wenhan’s inner despicable and ridiculous.However, according to his own statement, this was his punishment for Wang Lili. He thought Wang Lili was unfaithful to love.

The reason why Wang Lili was considered by Liu Wenhan was only because Wang Lili had a boyfriend and had a relationship with him.Liu Wenhan firmly believes that Wang Lili was not a virgin. She did not give him for the first time, so he regarded her as unclean and dirty.He claimed that Wang Lili had blasphed their sacred love.Regarding Liu Wenhan’s views, people really don’t know how to refute.

Liu Wenhan showed the typical masculine characteristics and was extremely selfish.His dedicated virgin complex, and used this to abduct his girlfriend morally, making Wang Lili feel guilty and sorry for him.Liu Wenhan constantly instilled her thoughts to the correct thoughts to Wang Lili and brainwashed her.Surprisingly, after many brainwashing, Wang Lili began to agree with him.

Therefore, when her boyfriend proposed a series of extremely unreasonable and absurd so -called punishment conditions, Wang Lili agreed.This is the result of many brainwashing Liu Wenhan, which led Wang Lili to lose her judgment and respect for herself.

However, at the beginning, the girl did not agree with this approach, and no one had thought of the infinite thought brainwashing behind

At first, Wang Lili once denied the argument proposed by Liu Wenhan.The two met in the campaign of the school student union. At first, they attracted each other because of their common interests and goals.Wang Lili is an independent and firm girl. She rejected Liu Wenhan’s point of view and insisted on her values and principles.However, Liu Wenhan did not give up. He used various means and psychological tactics to gradually erode Wang Lili’s thoughts and made her start doubting her value and choice.

Wang Lili’s mother Yang Xinyi realized Liu Wenhan’s control and abuse of her daughter.She is determined to reveal the truth and protect her daughter from further harm.Yang Xinyi will help Wang Lili regain her strength and beliefs, so that she can understand that her value does not depend on the judgment and views of others.She will encourage Wang Lili to face reality bravely, get rid of Liu Wenhan’s control, and re -control her life.

Liu Wenhan initially left Wang Lili a funny, humorous, handsome, and excellent impression.When Wang Lili failed in the campaign, Liu Wenhan comforted her carefully.With the increase in contact between the two, they have a good impression between each other. In August 2018, the relationship was officially determined.However, when Liu Wenhan learned that Wang Lili was not a virgin, he first proposed the view of "virgin theory".He told Wang Lili that in Chinese culture, women should be self -esteem, and they must keep their chastity before marriage and leave their first to their future husbands.Regarding Wang Lili is no longer a virgin fact, he felt insulted and deceived, and felt that he was just a man who was used.

Speaking of which, I have to talk about the girl’s situation.

Although Wang Lili now obey Liu Wenhan, agree with his point of view, and thinks that she is not clean, unfaithful, and sorry for her beloved boyfriend, Yang Xinyi understands her daughter.Wang Lili has been a well -behaved, obedient, and lively child since she was a child. She is definitely not the kind of personality in the text message.Wang Lili grew up in a single -parent family. Although she had no father by her, she had a brother and mother who loved her.Wang Lili has shown excellent results since she was a child, and teachers and classmates like her very much.She was admitted to the elite class. When she was in high school, she was excellent in high school. The school also exempted tuition for her.Wang Lili’s academic performance is completely relying on her own efforts. She is a conscious child.

And Yang Xinyi has relatively little care of her daughter because she is busy with business, but this does not affect Wang Lili as a shining star.An excellent girl said on the last day of life that she was just a piece of garbage.Liu Wenhan was able to erase the superiority of Wang Lili for decades, and finally made her think that she was useless and worthless.Yang Xinyi also found in the chat record that Liu Wenhan had violence against Wang Lili.Afterwards, he apologized to Wang Lili on WeChat, admitting that he should not hit her, it was his mistake.

Not long after the two were determined, the girl felt something wrong, and the man refused to break up with death forced to break up.

After working with Liu Wenhan for a while, Wang Lili felt his strong desire to control.They had quarreled for this, but Liu Wenhan did not admit it.He said that Wang Lili misunderstood him, and he was just a normal man who had pursuing and longing for beautiful things.

Wang Lili once talked to her friends. She felt that her love with Liu Wenhan was exhausted, thinking that Liu Wenhan’s thoughts were very extreme, and he always returned to his teeth.Friends advised her to break up, and Wang Lili also proposed Liu Wenhan’s thoughts.However, Liu Wenhan told Wang Lili that he loved her deeply and didn’t want to lose her.

He even said that if Wang Lili was leaving him, he would rather die.Liu Wenhan threatened Wang Lili with suicide many times and rejected her idea of breaking up with herself.He really took extreme methods such as sleeping pills and cut veins. Each time he had to use WeChat videos to let Wang Lili witness his weakness.That time he was taking sleeping pills, he went to the hospital for stomach washing regardless of his physical condition.In the process of gastric lavage, he still did not forget to video with Wang Lili, let Wang Lili see his fragile state.At that time, he took a sharp knife with Wang Lili to make a video call, claiming that it was the last farewell to Wang Lili.

However, these behaviors are obviously Liu Wenhan’s show.But the kind Wang Lili was convinced that she was compassionate.When a friend advised her to break up with Liu Wenhan, she was full of contradictions.She told her friends that Liu Wenhan was very pitiful when laundering at the hospital. She was worried that if she resolutely broke up, Liu Wenhan might commit suicide because of this.So the kind Wang Lili turned back again and again, but eventually she left the world herself.


On April 11, 2020, the hospital officially announced that Wang Lili was dying, and Yang Xinyi’s last hope was shattered.However, Liu Wenhan never showed any apology. He always thought that Wang Lili’s death had nothing to do with herself.Yang Xinyi was convinced that her daughter’s death was the result of Liu Wenhan’s spiritual destruction and control in spirit, and eventually sued Liu Wenhan into court in the name of abuse.Then Liu Wenhan was officially arrested, and the real trial results will be announced in the comment area.

However, throughout the incident, Liu Wenhan’s parents never showed up, and the outside world was full of guess and doubts about their silence.They found a middleman to satisfy any demands of Yang Xinyi.However, Yang Xinyi had only one request, that was, Liu Wenhan was convicted and gave her daughter a fair treatment.

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