Female passengers suddenly gave birth on the plane, and they didn’t know she was pregnant?

In other words, on Wednesday, a flight attendant from Salt Lake City, Utah, Utah, Utah, to Honolulu, Hawaii, a incredible thing happened!

All coincidences that occur during this period are really thrilling …

At that time, a female passenger named Lavinia Mounga on the plane was traveling with her family. As a result, she found that her stomach suddenly had a pain during the flight.

I was at a loss, she had to ask for help from the crew, hoping to relieve it through the drug.

However, after some basic diagnosis, I learned that she was not an ordinary abdominal pain at all, but had to give birth!

The whole process was taken by a female passenger on another plane, Julia Hansen, and passed it to Tiktok after getting off the machine. Then the video attracted great attention from netizens!

At the beginning, when there was a passenger on the plane to give birth, the unit’s response and treatment were quite calm–

They first stabilized the excitement of other passengers, so that everyone should sit in their own position and don’t walk around at will.

But the problem was that even if it was forced to land at the nearest airport for a while, it was likely that pregnant women could not wait.

So the crew began to ask the passengers if there was a medical staff. I did not expect that there were really three nurses of the severe treatment ward of the newborn on the same flight!

Then he quickly brought them to Lavinia and made a temporary birth for her …

Although the medical equipment equipped on the plane is very limited, after a professional processing of the three nurse, the child is successfully taken and gave birth to the child.

The moment the plane landed to the ground, the hearts of the passengers finally put it down.

Immediately after the crew, the crew made other passengers a little irritable, and let the medical staff who had already stayed at the airport to take Lavinia and the child next …

During the process of pushing this pair of mother and son, other passengers fell to joy to them ~

After Julia, she was no exception. She silently called on the video subtitles "Congratulations" ~

Then Julia also explained in the video that the newborn mother did not know about her pregnancy before that:

"Maybe many people want to know why she has to take a plane when she is in the middle of pregnancy, in fact, because she doesn’t know she is pregnant!

At that time, I was sitting next to her father, and he was completely stunned … "

But anyway, this sudden premature baby was born smoothly,

He was only 27 weeks in his mother’s stomach. After getting off the plane, he was taken to the newborn intensive care unit of the local hospital to take care of it ~

Although it was a very unexpected delivery, this little guy came a bit suddenly,

However, Lavinia still seems to be very happy about the birth of the child. It has released such a dynamic on social media-

"This should be the best at some time!"

"Hey little baby, let’s go together ~" "

After being reported on this matter, netizens have been grateful for Lavinia in the comments, and they can’t help but praise and amazed by this miracle-

"Fortunately, there are three nurses in the intensive care unit of newborn in the same flight, which is also lucky!"

"Fortunately, there is an oxygen mask on the plane. After all, a premature infant with only 27 weeks does not have a complete lungs!"

"Actually, the most exciting part of the entire story was missed in the report, mainly the nurses of the three newborn severe guard wards on the same flight.

They used the only equipment to make a temporary ventilator for the baby, and used a suction cup to suck out the amniotic fluid in the newborn nose!

Is this incredible?"

But there are also many people who don’t know what kind of thing she is pregnant is impossible at all. I think she is an unqualified and careless mother –

"Fart! There must be a lot of signs before telling you that you are pregnant!"

"How could she not feel the baby moved in her belly?

This baby looks very well developed. It stands to reason that she should feel that the baby is kicking or moving in the belly!"

"She is lying! How could anyone know that she was pregnant!"

However, some netizens cited the examples of themselves and friends around them to verify this, and their faces were a bit fast –

"From a medical perspective, there is indeed the possibility of this body that does not show signs of pregnancy!

Although it is rare, these conditions that have menstruation and abdomen do not significantly increase during pregnancy, and other body hormone changes may not be obvious.

My child was born at 29 weeks. Before that, I had rarely showed any signs of pregnancy. I have been wearing previous clothes!

Anyway, this is the situation that may exist, there is nothing to doubt … "

"A similar situation happened before!

At that time, he said that he felt that his wife had become fat recently, but didn’t want her to be sad.

As a result, he went out to buy bread on Saturday morning. After 40 minutes later, he found that two ambulances were parked at the door.

It turned out that his wife gave birth to a full moon baby on the kitchen floor … "

"My friend was like this before. I have been menstruation normally for 9 months when I was pregnant.

There is no abnormality, and there is no fat or something. She thought she was a kidney stones, but she finally gave birth to a child!

This situation is more than expected, so don’t guess it anymore … "

The process of coming to this world is a bit rugged. I hope this little guy will grow up healthily after this little guy ~

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