Fart, leak urine, hemorrhoids, 15 embarrassing pregnant little problems

Congratulations on you are pregnant!Now you are under the beautiful pregnant belly, and a small life is growing inside.But when it comes to various changes during pregnancy, your glowing skin may instantly blush.Here are the reasons and improvement methods for the 15 common minor problems we are investigating. I hope it can be useful to you.

1. Fart and hiccup

Lutein is the best friend of your baby, but it may bring you an embarrassing problem because it can relax your intestines and slow down digestion.Coupled with the increasing pressure of the abdomen due to the pressure of the fetus, the opportunity to be trapped in the stomach in the stomach is increased, so there is often the phenomenon of farting or snoring.

Improvement method: Wear loose and comfortable clothes, eat a small amount of meals, and record diet to avoid food sources that can cause flatulence.Many women suddenly take the bean and vegetable diet during pregnancy. If you are not used to such a diet, please change gradually!

2. Constipation

Larson hormone can make gastrointestinal motility slower. If the iron must be supplemented by anemia, the condition of the constipation will be worse.

Improvement method: You can consult with doctors and pharmacists to better absorb liquid iron solutions. In addition to being better absorbed, it will also make the bowel movement smoother.

3. Mid -line of pregnancy (sub -bus)

During pregnancy, your abdomen may be similar to the earth map.The texture, vein, and skin discoloration become more prominent.A dark stripes will appear between the navel and the pelvis, called the "midline of pregnancy". This is a change caused by the precipitation of the skin. The midline of the pregnancy has no effect on life, but it is just a normal pregnancy.

Improvement method: The midline of pregnancy will not cause any discomfort, you may not even notice it, and you will slowly fade after childbirth.

4, sweat

Due to the increase in blood volume, excessive blood and hormones will increase body mild body fluids. This is why it is more afraid of heat in pregnant women, and sweat with sweat.

Improve method: Drink plenty of water, take a bath, try not to use chemical sweat -proof agent, and wipe sweat with your handkerchief.

5. Itchy or painful nipples

During pregnancy, the breasts and nipples will swell because of hormones. They may itch, and even feel stabbing.

Improvement method: warm water or mild shower milk, because the ingredients and texture are moisturized, you can also apply lotion to moisturize after bathing.As the chest becomes larger during pregnancy, new underwear should be replaced in a timely manner to avoid excessive fit underwear cause nipple friction and itching.

6, leakage

Have you accidentally leaked before you sit on the toilet?When you find that sneezing or cough may cause leakage, you may be very shocked, but please imagine your body as a shopping bag with very valuables, and the bottom is your pelvic floor.When filled with things, the bottom of the bag will sag, and the pelvic muscles play a very important role at this time!"

Improvement method: If you have the problem of leakage during pregnancy, it is time to start strengthening your pelvic cavity.Strengthen the exercise through the Kiger movement (pelvic floor muscle contraction exercise), and repeat the exercise in a way to clamp the vagina for 5 seconds, and relax for another 10 seconds.In addition to helping to leakage the problem of urine, it will also improve the often fart.

7, hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids refer to the veins around the anus. There are abnormal swelling and protrusion. When the pregnancy of the pregnancy is compressed, it can easily lead to poor blood flow, and the vein will protrude.

Improvement method: As postpartum lutein decreases, veins are no longer stimulated by hormones, coupled with reduced postpartum abdominal pressure, blood flow becomes better, and hemorrhoids usually slowly shrink and improve.But during this period, eating high -fiber food and drinking a lot of water to avoid standing for a long time will help improve the status of hemorrhoids.

8. Acne

Will you feel like you return to your face full of acne?The change of hormon is the culprit, and it will experience physiological changes during pregnancy, such as rising androgen concentration.These changes can cause the deterioration of acne, and it is particularly easy to affect the skin condition of pregnant mothers in the early and in the early and middle stages of pregnancy.

Improvement method: Gently massage with facial cleanser (not rubbing) the face every day when washing your face.Clean and maintenance supplies containing salicylic acid can be used; moisturizing cream containing SPFs when going out, avoiding pores and providing sunscreen protection.

9. Strange dream

As more blood flows to your pussy area, as well as rising estrogen, strong dreams and terrible nightmares are part of pregnancy.However, some of the reasons are to wake up pregnant women to go to the toilet, which will disturb the sleep mode and affect the quality of sleep.

Improvement method: You don’t need to interpret what your dream is. If it is a sexy dream, please enjoy it; ignore those not so good dreams, usually you may forget it after waking up.

10. Increase secretions

As more blood flows into the body, especially around the cervix, the vaginal secretion will increase.

Improvement method: This is a normal phenomenon. Wearing cotton antibacterial underwear, use sanitary pads and replace it diligently to keep it clean and dry.Wipe it after going to the toilet; avoid cleaning with soap.If your secretion has blood, it may be about to be produced if it is close to the due date.If the secretion has a heavy odor or green or gray, it may be a bacterial infection, please be sure to seek medical examination.

11, breast leakage milk

As early as 16 to 22 weeks of pregnancy, milk has begun to form, and the reserves are in the body. This is the colostrum prepared for postpartum breastfeeding.Some pregnant women will have milk leakage. This is normal, not something wrong with your chest!

Improvement method: Congratulations first!This is a good phenomenon, indicating that your body has prepared food for your baby.During pregnancy, milk is usually not obvious and the amount will not be too much. Do not squeeze and massage to avoid stimulating the nipples and cause contractions. If you are worried about staining underwear, you can use milk pads, which will make you feel more comfortable.

12, varicose veins

As the fetus grows day by day, it is compressed to the abdominal vein, and the impact of the blood flow of the lower limbs has become increasingly serious, especially the greater the number of pregnancy weeks, the more serious the compression situation.In addition, because the pregnant mother wants to bear the flow of fetal blood, the amount of blood in the whole body increases the amount of about 4,000 to 6,000c.c., greatly increases the load of the cardiovascular blood vessels, and makes the excess water unable to discharge, resulting in the occurrence of edema and venous songs.

Improvement method: The varicose veins caused by pregnancy usually disappear after childbirth.However, if you have a family history, you can try the choice of elastic socks and elastic socks. It mainly determines the level and style of the severity and scope of the varicose veins, and then determines the size of the size by the legs around the leg.

13. The protruding navel

Women will have two shapes in the belly button after pregnancy, one is protruding outward, and the other is recessed in the inner recessed.The reason why these two different shapes appear are mainly related to the shape of the navel before pregnancy and skin firming.Due to the continuous expansion of the uterus and the expansion of the belly forward, the navel will protrude.Some people say that the navel is protruding or depressed. It can be judged that the male or female baby is pregnant. In fact, there is no basis.

Improvement method: Don’t worry, it will return to normal after production.

14. inexplicable hair growth

Because therogens are improved in the body, some pregnant mothers may feel that the body hair increases during pregnancy, such as the lush hair, the face and even the forehead, and the hair and feet are dark and long … These are the hair that is not expected to be expected except the hair.Essence

Improvement method: Compared with laser hair removal or scraping, hair removal cream may be a better choice, but pay attention to whether the ingredients will stimulate the skin.

15, stretch marks

According to statistics, 60 % to 80 % of women are plagued by stretch marks during pregnancy. Stretch marks often appear in the stomach, butt thighs, and breasts.Cortex is injured or broken, so silver -white bright or pink or purple -red irregular stretch marks appear.

Improvement method: There is no solution to effectively prevent stretch marks or cure, but note that your weight will not expand the belly too quickly, and gently exercise can help.In addition, maintaining the skin’s moisturizing, rubbing emulsion or oil in a timely manner, can also improve the behavior you want to grasp.If stretch marks are serious and want to get rid of them after delivery, laser treatment will have a relatively obvious effect.

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