False is good, and the 60 -year -old man violated 14 -year -old young girls who were pregnant and pregnant, but dare not call the police.

Disclaimer: There is no illegal and illegal content. The content comes from the analysis of real cases. It does not spread any negative energy. It is just to record real cases, awaken future generations, and obey the law to be qualified citizens.


The moment Dr. Zhang saw her pushing the door, it was a thin girl who was a little bit embarrassed. She was 14 years old and curled up her body in her clothes.Dr. Zhang asked her many times, but it felt a little serious, but she was always silent and sometimes clenched her clothes.Later, with the comfort and encouragement of the nurse, she finally cried and said the nightmare experience that happened.

Her name is Ajuan (a pseudonym), from an old employee dormitory who lives in a single -parent family. His father worked outside and lived with his grandfather who was inconvenient to move at home. Although the community was old, the neighbors of the neighborhood were goodA neighbor, Li, who looks very kind, is over 60 years old.

They often met in the community. When they saw A Juan, they always greeted each other with a smile. Ajuan was in adolescence, and the breeze blew gently, but in the corner of no one, the evil thoughts gradually occurred.

One day in May 2009, Li Mou had a quasi -time time when he was distorted by the psychological attack. He waited on the road of being able to go home and waited. Ajuan met Li in a premeditated encounter.

He talked to A Juan and said that he bought too much snacks and couldn’t get it. He asked her if she would like to help him go home. Everyone was a neighbor, so Xiaojuan didn’t think it was possible, so she agreed and had the same direction in the same direction.And walk.

Back to Li’s house, A Juan found that he was more chaotic in his house, and maybe no one was cleaned. But at this time, Li said, pretending to fall, but I couldn’t get up.When I got on the bed, when Li had to help Li, Li took the opportunity to follow Ajuan on the bed. While panic, A Juan found that Li’s hand was walking around her.After coming out, the sunny smile no longer exists, but the demon did not choose to stay away, but made more requirements.

Ajuan is also 14 years old. I also know that such behavior is wrong, and I know that rituals are ashamed, but there is only this way to go to school. It can be said that it is a must. In the final analysis, Ajuan said thatUnder the coaxing and coercion, A Juan chose to compromise.

Because of Ajuan’s compromise, her nightmare really started. Li kept asking and constantly getting into the ruler. This did not know how many times Li had violated it. As time passed, Ajuan became appetite.Sometimes vomiting, the spirit of the class is not bad, and became drowsiness. At the beginning of the period, I thought I was sick. As the stomach of the day became big, Ajuan was noticeable. I also guess that I might be pregnant.And helpless.

After a few months, at this time, the spirit of Ajuan had some problems. The cheerful and lively girl became resistant to the opposite sex and became spiritual all day.Can’t help but sigh.

Dr. Zhang and the nurse heard A Juanshu’s consequences and chose the alarm. The police quickly controlled Li and transferred to the judicial organs after multiple evidence obtaining evidence and investigation.

Some people have said: "The wicked may be old, but the evil people will not be restrained because they are constrained, but they will be good."

When everyone has some abnormal Ajuan in the face of the spirit, they are both upset. The age difference between the two can become grandsons.Start.

Since the death of his wife, Li has assumed the responsibility of the two people for the adoptive family. Li has not remarried, and now he is older, and the physiological needs can not get normal satisfaction. In addition, Lonely, long -term unsatisfactory life also distorted Li’s heart, and looked at the demon’s eyes. A Juan who passed from the door every day was so lively, so young, so simple, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception, no exception.They are all affecting or attracting Li, who is sixty.

After the trial of the court, Ajuan was a minor younger girl at the time of the incident, not to mention the violence that annihilated humanity like Li, which caused her body to be pregnant. The mental problem was particularly serious.According to Article 236 of the Criminal Law, Li has received the sanctions of the laws that he deserves. Ajuan also returned to the normal life with the efforts of his family and community staff, and also provided her with help andsupport.

However, this incident is not a case together, and it also reflects that there are still a lot of deficiencies that the whole society has given to children, and insufficient punishment for such crimes. Such a criminal incident has sounded the alarm bell.Use more positive measures to protect those disadvantaged groups.

It is our common responsibility to protect teenagers, but it is regrettable that such cases are endless, which also affects everyone’s hearts. At the fastest age, the most beautiful years, but the body, mind and body are brought by the body, mind and body.The unimaginable pain is a complete trample on the body, psychology, and moral bottom line.

Ajuan’s encounter also made us realize that we cannot ignore the victims of any child. We must actively provide a good environment to give children growth, provide safe and beautiful living space, and protect their rights and interests. It is our responsibility.Also tell us, when we should give the victims more care and support.

Legal knowledge: Li’s behavior seriously violates the personal dignity and personal safety of the victim. If the victim is young or minors when judging Li, then the severity of the crime will be higher.Strict punishment.

The law will protect the victim’s rights and interests from violations.

Protecting the safety and privacy of the victims, giving necessary help measures, will also give the rights to defense.In this case, A Juan faced herself and endured the pain, which made it back with the efforts of many parties, and she had the courage to defeat difficulties and start again.

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