Fake tires?In 2008, the baby boy from the Shandong woman was born with a full moon, and the truth was so confusing

In July 2008, Zhao Zhengqin, a pregnant woman in Tengzhou, Shandong, successfully gave birth to a son at the Tengzhou People’s Hospital, named the "Olympic Games".

One month later, when everyone was drinking the full moon wine of the child, suddenly, Zhao Zhengqin lying on the bed began to pain in the lower abdomen, accompanied by the feeling of falling, just like the last production situation.

The shocking husband quickly sent her to the hospital last time.

Unexpectedly, after the cesarean section, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl in the hospital.

Why was the twin born from a month apart, which was incredible.


In fact, Zhao Zhengqin and Wen Guangfa have been married for many years. They have always wanted to have a child, but they have been pregnant for a long time, but they have been delayed.

For this reason, the two were very anxious, and the hospital also ran many times, which could have little effect.

In 2007, after a doctor’s examination, 31 -year -old Zhao Zhengqin was diagnosed with infertility. Seeing that the hope of the family was going to be broken.

Ask for the heart to hear the Guangfa, let his wife take ovulation -promoting drugs. Unexpectedly, their wishes were realized.

Zhao Zhengqin went to the family planning outpatient department for inspection. The doctor said that he was pregnant, and he was twins. The family was very happy.

Originally, the due date was August 17, 2008. Unexpectedly, on July 22, Zhao Zhengqin had a reaction of labor.

Wen Guangfa did not dare to delay, and quickly sent her to Tengzhou People’s Hospital.Due to the urgent situation, the doctor was too late to check, and she was directly promoted to the operating room.

At 5:10, 5 minutes later, Zhao Zhengqin gave birth to a 2.4 kg of baby boy.Although it is premature, the signs are normal.

"Fortunately, come in time!" The doctor said, "If a few minutes late, adults and children are in danger."

The baby was born smoothly, and Zhao Zhengqin had an unspeakable happiness in his heart, because the child happened to be born before the Chinese Olympics, and Zhao Zhengqin named the child "Olympic" on the spot.

However, the careful obstetrics and gynecologists Liu Jinghui and the medical staff present were strange. The maternal belly was so large. Why is the baby born so small?

What is even more incredible is that after production, the mother’s abdomen has not significantly smaller.

Is there a child in Zhao Zhengqin’s belly?Everyone is puzzled.

In the end, Zhao Zhengqin’s words helped everyone to find the truth of the matter.

She said: "I have been checked in the family planning outpatient department before, and the doctor said it was twins."

Everyone was relieved, and Liu Jinghui and other obstetrics and gynecologists were busy, ready to take birth of a second child.

Strangely, one hour passed, and the second child was still not born.

The doctor asked Zhao Zhengqin if there was a tenderness -the lower part of the uterine mouth would have a tenderness.Zhao Zhengqin said no.

At this time, the doctor checked that her uterine mouth was opened less than 2 cm, and she couldn’t help but was taken aback. I thought: How did the Olympic Games give birth?Look at her uterus, and it is empty inside.

Medical staff was once again confused.Is it ectopic pregnancy?It is impossible, how dangerous is extrateripotential!If it was an ectopic pregnancy, I am afraid that the mother would be hospitalized a few months ago.

In order to understand what was going on, the doctor decided to do a comprehensive inspection for Zhao Zhengqin.

After inspection, Zhao Zhengqin did have a baby in his belly, and he grew up in October.This shocked everyone present.Where is the second child hidden?

With further inspection, the truth was white. It turned out that Zhao Zhengqin was a twin uterus. The position of a uterus was occupied by two small uterus, and he was pregnant with one child on the left and right.

After the Olympic Games was born in the left uterus, the uterine mouth shrinks.The second child is in the right uterus.

In this case, even the hospital director who had been in the medicine for more than 20 years was for the first time. Later, he checked all kinds of documents and did not find records about the twin uterus.

At this moment, the worried things happened again.Because the Little Olympic Games did not eat or drink, the calorie intake was insufficient, and the low temperature appeared.

Zhao Zhengqin was worried about not being able to breastfeed his son, but also worried about the baby who was born in his belly.

In order to allow the second child to produce smoothly, the doctor used oxytocin to Zhao Zhengqin, but because Zhao Zhengqin’s cervix mature was not good, he was not sensitive to oxytocin.For a day of medication, not only did it have no effect, but even the uterine mouth of less than 2 cm opened.

In the end, the couple of Zhao Zhengqin were ready to go home with the Olympic Games with a stable situation, and came to the hospital when the second child was in delivery.

However, no one expected that this was one month.


After returning home, half a month passed, and Zhao Zhengqin had no signs of production.

Until the full moon of the Olympic Games, the whole family was immersed in joy. When the Olympic full -month wine was ongoing, Zhao Zhengqin suddenly appeared in the symptoms of giving birth.

She felt that her lower body was strange, her belly fell down, she had to hold her hands, and she had a pain in a while, just like the original birth of the Olympic Games.

How can it be possible to have a baby again?The villagers are discussing: shouldn’t it be deformed and strange, or a tumor?

Wen Guangfa’s friends even joked with him: "You have been sowing too diligent. As soon as his wife produces, he can’t wait to start and let his wife conceive another one."

However, even so, in just one month, I am afraid that the shape of the fetus cannot grow.

The couple of Zhao Zhengqin naturally knew what was going on.

However, since the first child came home, they have never told their family.

One is that the family is afraid of worrying, and the other is that the situation is too special. Even if it is said, no one believes it.

The couple quickly prepared for a while, and hurriedly took the car to the Tengzhou Central People’s Hospital.

However, this time they met the doctor, not a doctor who took the Olympic Games.

When they heard that Zhao Zhengqin gave birth to a child just full moon, and now he is going to give birth again. He thought that the couple joked and shook their heads and said that this is uncomfortable, never heard of it, incredible.

However, looking at Zhao Zhengqin’s real belly and strong reaction to the property, they felt very abnormal and did not dare to take it lightly.

But I really couldn’t think of it.

It is impossible to be premature, because in just one month, the fetus only has a big fist at most, but Zhao Zhengqin’s belly is obviously in October.

It is also impossible to be twins. If the twins, the interval between the two babies is only 5 minutes, the slowest is usually half an hour to one hour. It will definitely not exceed 24 hours, let alone a month apart?

It is not possible to get pregnant and twins again. So why is Zhao Zhengqin’s belly so big?The medical staff are very confused and do not understand what is going on.

Fortunately, after the husband and wife explained, Zhao Zhengqin was arranged into the ward and immediately checked.

But for the first time I did the B -ultrasound, I found the dangerous situation.Her amniotic fluid has dropped to 5 cm, and the normal index is 8-18 cm.

There is less amniotic fluid, and the umbilical cord is compressed by contractions, which causes hypoxia in the uterus, and the fetus may develop dysplasia, suffocation, cerebral palsy, and even death.

There are few amniotic fluid, and the uterus is shrinking. It cannot give birth naturally.Zhao Zhengqin is both a pregnant woman and a maternal, and the cesarean section is also very dangerous. It is likely that adults can only keep one.

Doctors asked their couples to make the worst plans.

Wen Guangfa said that if only one can be kept, he will protect his wife.However, Zhao Zhengqin resolutely asked the doctor to keep the child anyway.

Zhao Zhengqin said that even if he bleeds, even if he was paralyzed for life, even if his life was gone, he had to keep the child.Because that is a lively life. When you are pregnant, you have a relationship with yourself. How can you give up?Moreover, her husband is the only child, and she wants to leave the child for him.

Wen Guangfa felt that his wife’s behavior was too great, and he was moved to tears.

Although the possibility of children’s survival is not high, the mortality rate is as high as 80%, in order to keep the mother and child’s life, the doctor has made careful preparation and formulated a series of surgical solutions.

Can you keep the adults and children, and everyone has no bottom.

But Zhao Zhengqin always believed that the second child would come safely.

Sure enough, the development of things is as she wished.

21:40 surgery officially started.

Wen Guangfa was worried about the safety of his mother and child. He was so nervous outside of the operating room.Time passed in one minute and one second, half an hour passed, and there was no movement in the operating room.

40 minutes later, with a loud cry, a lovely daughter was born safely, and her mother was also safely launched the operating room.

This is really a medical miracle!The medical staff and the couple of Wen Guangfa were very happy. Everyone lamented that this is the luck given to them by heaven.

However, the cause of the incident is quite necessary to do a good job after pregnancy.

In addition, few people know how rare women have giving birth to women in twins and twins.


The probability of one -fifth of one -fifth made this woman meet.

What is going on with the twin uterus?Experts say that the twin uterus is congenital malformations of the reproductive system. When the uterus is interfered by some factors when the uterus is developing in the embryonic development, the body’s sub -mid -renal tube is not fused, resulting in two little uterus.

Although there are no obvious symptoms in the twin uterus, the harm it brings can not be ignored. In addition to causing irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea, it will also affect fertility, and it is more likely to have a miscarriage after pregnancy.

Women have the situation of the twin uterus, only one in 50,000 in the world, and like Zhao Zhengqin, the two uterus not only pregnancy at the same time, the two fertilized eggs also develop at the same time., Even more miracle.

Regarding the successful fertility of the twin uterus, as of 2008, in China, Zhao Zhengqin may be unique.According to statistics, only 70 cases were conceived around the world at the time, and only two uterus were conceived, and the "twin uterus" women were successfully produced.

In 2005, a woman in Romania had a twin uterus and was pregnant at the same time. She gave birth to a second child after her first child.

In September 2006, a British woman in Britain successfully gave birth to a "triplet". One of the uterus was a pair of twins, and the third child grew up in the other uterus.

What’s even more strange is that in February 2023, Madrine Carrix, 24, Australia, gave birth to a pair of "twins", one was artificially conceived, the other was natural pregnancy, and the two embryos were in her.The two uterus was born in bed until birth.The doctor said that this probability is one of 50 million.

Madeleine has been preparing for pregnancy since 2020, but has been unable to conceive.After a comprehensive examination, in addition to suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, she also suffered from twin uterine malformations.The doctor suggested that she try artificial conception.

But pregnancy is extremely difficult.From 2021, she started to promote ovulation, egg retrieval, artificial insemination, and implanted embryos to wait for bed. She and her husband experienced a full decade of artificial pregnancy, but the first nine rounds failed.

After the eighth round of failure, the couple had no confidence in pregnancy.After the ninth round of failure, the couple collapsed to the extreme.

After the tenth round of artificial pregnancy, although the doctor reminded that the husband and wife lived, the couple broke the jar and broke, thinking that they couldn’t conceive anyway, and it didn’t matter.Therefore, just after the artificial conception the previous week, the second week was in the same room.

Unexpectedly, this inadvertent move actually made the two children get two babies.

Compared to Madeleine, Zhao Zhengqin is lucky.Despite a lot of sins and danger, both children were naturally conceived and both produced smoothly, and they were very healthy.

When her husband Wen Guangfa decided to wait for the children to grow up, when they had to have a mothers, they were full of twists and turns, dangerous, miracle, and love, telling them that they would cherish mother love in the future.

With children, family is complete.The birth of a new life means the beginning of a happy family.

Thanks to the exquisite doctors of the medical skills, the great mothers who are full of love and sacrifice spirit, and the relationship between the couple, the relationship between the people and the United States.

As long as doctors, pregnant women, and family members are firm, they do not give up, even if they encounter any medical problems that have not been encountered for a century, they can create miracles.

Author: You Yu

Edit: Mingyue Songjian Zhao


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