Exposure Song Zhongji’s girlfriend is suspected to be pregnant.

On December 26, Song Zhongji, a "top -flow artist" in South Korea, was exposed by the media. It rushed to the first place in the domestic hot search list for a while, which caused heated discussions.

As a well -known Korean actor, Song Zhongji not only has a high popularity in his country, but even overseas has a strong fan group. Therefore, he is also full of influence in China. Therefore, when his new relationship was exposed, he immediately attracted countless "The onlookers of eating melon.

Song Zhongji’s brokerage company also responded as soon as possible, and generously issued a statement acknowledging the relationship, saying that Song Zhongji is currently associated with a good relationship with a good relationship. I hope everyone can wait.

It is reported that Song Zhongji’s girlfriend is the British. She has never involved the work related to entertainment. The two were introduced by friends and confirmed their love relationship after contact for a period of time.Emotional stability and mutual respect.

In fact, some netizens shared photos of Song Zhongji with foreign beauties on social platforms earlier, but at the beginning, the outside world did not judge the two lover in the direction. After all, Song Zhongji never expressed the idea of looking for foreign girlfriends.Essence

From the screen that netizens returned, it can be seen that Song Zhongji and the woman appeared in a shopping mall together that day.

Song Zhongji on the side was casually worn, and the gray short body was paired with black shorts. He always accompanied the woman, and the two were very eye -catching.The height advantage of the woman is obvious. Even in flat shoes, she is almost flat with Song Zhongji. The high face value and a good figure are very well matched with Song Zhongji.

Facing the paparazzi’s follow -up, Song Zhongji also showed a domineering side. I saw that he stretched out his index finger at the camera to shake his index finger, and his eyes were sharp, intended to warn the other party not to overly disturb.

In addition, the Korean media also recently took pictures of Song Zhongji and his girlfriend. On the same day, the two wearing white couples appeared at the airport. The woman was accused of being a British girlfriend who had previously shopping with Song Zhongji.

After Song Zhongji acknowledged the relationship, everyone also gave heated discussions on the identity of their girlfriend and the details of the relationship between the two.Some netizens left a message saying: His uncle had seen Song Zhongji and a person like a foreign actress in obstetrics and gynecology.The news about Song Zhongji’s suspected pregnancy was spread.

Soon, Song Zhongji’s brokerage company also responded to the incident, saying that it was impossible to confirm whether the woman was pregnant after learning that they had learned of their relationship.

Song Zhongji had a marriage with Song Hye Kyo. The two became associated with the cooperation of the film and television drama "Descendants of the Sun". After understanding each other, they both entered the palace of marriage together.

From the perspective of the outside world, Song Zhongji and Song Huiqiao are simply a perfect match on earth. They not only have the same value, but they are also first -line stars in South Korea. From the play in the play, they have entered reality and become husband and wife. Netizens are also excited and sent them to them.bless.

However, this marriage failed to be successful. The two parties parted ways after the marriage was less than two years later. Later, because of the "tearing of each other", the divorce process was particularly not decent, and it became a talk in the public.

Today, Song Huiqiao is still single. He usually likes to share the recent situation on social platforms. On the other hand, Song Zhongji ushered in a new relationship after three years of divorce, which is worthy of congratulations.

However, whether Song Zhongji’s girlfriend is really pregnant and has to be sophisticated. In short, I look forward to the two announced their marriage first.

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