Exposure of the first -line young student derailed during his wife’s pregnancy!On the Spring Festival Gala many times, Deng Chao and Ren Jialun lay their guns

On December 23, when Zhang Yunlong and Zhong Chuxi’s "love melon" had not been digested, the well -known paparazzi "knew melon" and doubled a big melon!However, after reading the content, I found that this time the melon should be called the most explosive "melon" at the end of the year, and the lethality is quite powerful!

Papaya claims that a popular front -line student actually secretly divorced two years ago, but when there was no divorce, he was derailed during his wife’s pregnancy.The company spent a lot of money to help him settle down and keep his reputation!As soon as the content of the above breaking news came out, it immediately caused heated discussion among netizens.

As for this "popular first -line boy", paparazzi also gave two points of information. One was that the high -profile officials were promoted to marry.

At first glance, netizens immediately fry the pot, and they began to guess who the hero of the melon was.You know, there are only a few first -line students in the internal entertainment. There are no princes and high luxury endorsements when they are married.Object.

In fact, Deng Chao was not for the first time.

Earlier, Zhuo Wei, "First Entertainment", was going to expose Deng Chao’s derailed YM melon. However, it was said that he was bought by Sun Yan 8000W, and finally caught the "one finger Zen" puppet of Bai Baihe’s "one finger Zen".

In 2012, when Deng Chao was leaving, when Sun Yan was absent, he had a close agreed with the actress Jiang Yiyan in the middle of the night. This incident once went to Hong Kong media’s headlines, but there was no real hammer. The news was still difficult to distinguish.

Deng Chao and Sun Yan got married in 2011. He has gone through 11 years. The two are models of loving couples in the entertainment industry. One is responsible for health and one responsible for weird.

Although Deng Chao is still popular, in terms of his character, you should not be able to do derailment in marriage?

And Zhu Yawen, who has always worked hard in the entertainment industry with the image of high -value handsomeness, is the "walking hormone" recognized by the public. He has been married to his wife Shen Jiani for 10 years. He has always been in love as early as the beginning, and there is almost no scandal.

The most important thing is that Zhu Yawen is a well -known "pet wife madness". As long as he talks about his wife, he always does not hide his love, and his speech is very overbearing.

However, Shen Jiani gave up her career and started a housewife after she got married. She also often appeared in her face. She was very frugal in consumption., The entertainment industry is so tempting, can Zhu Yawen really hold it?

However, the popular front -line boy who broke the news of paparazzi, netizens speculated that Ren Jialun was the most.

In fact, netizens speculate that Ren Jialun is not unreasonable.At the peak of his career, he announced his marriage and was very high -profile. It is said that he took off the powder for 30W overnight. When an open interview, he often said that his task to go home was to bring children and look like a good man.

However, about his gossip, but never stopped. As early as 2020, some netizens broke the news that Ren Jialun was suspected to have divorced and was also reported to be derailed during the pregnancy. NowIn contrast, everything seems to be right [laughs]

At that time, the boyfriend of Ren Jialun’s derailment also put a lot of fierce materials on the Internet, such as chat history, ridicule Ren Jialun, and he kept showing affection with his wife in large numbers.He had already hooked up his girlfriend.

Good guy, Ren Jialun’s past big material is really more similar to the information of this "big melon" [cover your face]

More importantly, the recent fire of "Famous Entertainment Yang Yang" also posted a knife in the evening, saying that this "popular niche" is three words, and it has been on the Spring Festival Gala many times.He couldn’t jump for a few days, and the real hammer would be exposed these days.

Well, Ren Jialun did go to the Spring Festival Gala many times, and it was connected in 2021 and 2022. This is also.EssenceEssenceToo coincidental [cover your face]

Finally, summarize the key information points for everyone:

1. Three -character niche

2. Participate in the Spring Festival Gala continuously

3. Married children

4. There are high luxury activities

At the same time, who are the popular young students who meet these conditions?

But having said that, the prediction of this preview is still so obvious that it will be removed by the public relations.

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