Expectant mothers are more disgusting to teach you a few tricks to save your hard -working wife in the early stages of pregnancy.

Many pregnant women now find that they have more sputum during pregnancy!Among them, some expectant mothers who have just been pregnant for 2-3 months will have sputum and want to vomit. In fact, sputum is caused by lung heat. So how can pregnant women with more sputum improve this phenomenon?Here are how to improve the phenomenon of sputum during pregnancy!

Tools/raw materials

Pear, orange peel, persimmons, water board blue root, big green leaves, forsythia, 羌 live, honeysuckle



Pear is a good product for clearing lung heat.Put the pear peeled and cut into the pot, boil it with water, and boil the water, and then let the pregnant woman drink a few cups of pear water a day a day to effectively clear the lung heat, which can effectively alleviate the more sputum of pregnant women.Essence


Orange peel can also improve the phenomenon of sputum.Many people threw away the orange peel after eating oranges. In fact, the orange peel has a great effect: dried the peeled orange peel, and then washed and put in the porridge.Improve the effect of sputum.


Persimmon can also be expelsted.Persimmon is cold. Pregnant women should not eat more, but eating a small amount can play a good role in clearing heat and detoxifying, and at the same time, it can improve the phenomenon of sputum.


Banlangen, big green leaves, forsythia, 羌 live, honeysuckle, etc. all have good effects. These are the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, antiviral effects


If it is caused by the upper respiratory tract infection, there are more taboos for pregnant women. If not necessary, try to boil pear in rock sugar or drink plenty of water, strengthen nutrition, check on time, pay more attention to rest!


There may be many sputums because there are many dust in the environment of life, so that the respiratory tract is stimulated and secreted more sputum to help eliminate foreign bodies.If there is too much sputum, it should be paid attention to and take corresponding measures.Try to choose more fresh and controlling places for pregnancy, it is good for the growth of pregnancy and fetus.


During the long sputum, expectant mothers should drink plenty of water, do not eat too sweet things, try to avoid taking medicine!

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