Evil, swallowing pain, acute pharyngitis cannot be despised!6 medicines for treating pharyngitis

Pharyngitis is divided into two types: acute and chronic, and it is a more common pharyngeal disease.There are many people who are more acute than chronic, and many people are sick all year round.If acute pharyngitis is not treated well, it is easy to be transformed into chronic pharyngitis. Patients with acute pharyngitis have dry throat, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, fever, headache and other symptoms.

1. Commonly used therapeutic drugs include:

1. The oral liquid containing liquid: Some dysentery with clean and sterilization can be used. Commonly used is compound borax solution, amuralin solution, compound chlorine chlorine, and liquid liquid.When the head is rushing, the sound of "ah" can make the liquid liquid clean to the back of the pharynx.

2. Oral slices: Commonly used for Du Mifen’s throat, iodine tablets, and silver yellow slices, which help relieve the disease and promote the recovery of the disease.

3. Anti -infection drugs: Sometimes anti -infection treatment is required according to the situation.Bacterial infection is often used with antibiotics, generally the first choice for penicillin, etc.; Antiviral drugs can be used as appropriate, such as Agelvevir.

4. Pain -relieving drugs: It can help reduce headache and sore throat. The commonly used is acetaminol.

5. Traditional Chinese medicine: It is advisable to use dredging winds, clearing heat and detoxifying drugs, such as Yinqiao San, Liushen Wan, etc.

6. Others: Use 1%~ 3%iodine glycerin, 2%nitrate silver to apply the swollen lymph filter foam after the pharynx, which can improve the local blood circulation of the pharynx, promote glandular secretion, and play a role in anti -inflammatory and relieve discomfort.

2. Precautions:

1. Take more rest and talk less. Life and work must be combined with work and rest to avoid excessive labor.

2. Drink plenty of water to ensure moist throat.

3. Rinse your mouth in the morning and evening and after meals. It should be slightly longer at each rinse time to keep the mouth clean.

4. Pay attention to keep the indoor air moist and avoid the irritation of dry cold gases or irritating odors.


1. The diet is mainly as light and easy to digest as much as possible, and drink plenty of water.

2. You can eat some foods that clear heat and remove heat, such as bitter gourd, winter melon, etc.

3. Eat more foods rich in collagen and elastic protein, such as trotters, pork skin, fish, seafood, etc., which is conducive to the repair of pharyngitis injury.

Diet taboo:

1. Do not eat or eat less spicy, fried, various pickled foods, such as pepper, ginger, hot pot, barbecue, fritter, hemp, pickles, salted fish, sausages, etc.

2. Avoid eating too cold and overheating foods.

3. Patients with smoking and drinking habit must quit smoking and alcohol to avoid drinking strong tea.

Reminder: When taking medicine, we must strictly follow the correct medication of the doctor to prevent adverse situations.For patients with severe condition and even difficulty in breathing, bronchiectomy may need to be performed if necessary.

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