Even if you have been engaged, as long as you have not finished the marriage process, it is best for girls to get pregnant before unmarried


Even if you have been engaged, as long as you have not finished the marriage process, girls should not be unmarried first.

Why do I say that, because some people are thinking about taking advantage.

The neighbor Xiao Miao, who grew up with me since I was a child, was engaged with my boyfriend last year. During the engagement, the two discussed the marriage matters, including when to give a gift, when to apply for a banquet, and when to get the certificate.The normal process of marrying is gone.

As a result, shortly after engagement, Xiao Miao found that she was pregnant unexpectedly, so she happily told her parents and boyfriend and the future in -laws.

According to the reason, this is a very happy thing, but Xiao Miao never expected that in the future, the in -laws of the in -laws need to spend money on many places in the future, asking for a discount on the good gifts in advance.feast.

At this time, Xiao Miao’s parents were unwilling to ask for a gift to give it according to the previous discussion, and they must first get the banquet before receiving the permit.

The two sides are deadlocked, and the small seedlings are very embarrassed in the middle. Xiao Miao’s boyfriend has no money, so the money and the money for the banquet need to be expelled from the mother -in -law in the future. For this reason, Xiao Miao doesn’t know what to do?


This is really a dilemma, but I still prefer what to say before and what to do now.

People have to say that they have been engaged, and they must be engaged because they are pregnant. It is too ugly to eat.

Xiao Miao’s parents requested that they followed the previously agreed process. What she wanted was not just a gift, the wine was proceeded first, but also a basic respect. The man asked the colorful discount.It’s clear.

I think that if Xiaomiao concession, presumably after marrying, the in -laws will not respect this daughter -in -law very much. They will only think that Xiao Miao is a person with no principles, and people who can discuss everything in everything.

The first concession of Xiao Miao may become a concession that may become in the future. In exchange, it may not be their understanding, but to get into the ruler. Presumably, this life will not be what Xiao Miao wants.


After the engagement, the woman was pregnant, and the news that the man regretted was not a small number, but there were still many girls who were "unmarried first".

And Xiao Miao’s affairs have developed to this step, and I have a responsibility. I think the best way is to obey the arrangements of their parents. After all, they are elders. They are also the future of the daughter, but they cannot blindly seek all the children in the stomach.After all, the road to marriage is still long. If you do not get the respect you should have now, you can imagine the days in the future.

In addition, Xiao Miao’s boyfriend must also stand up at this time, and stand up to maintain the dignity of the seedlings. You cannot stand on the opposite side of the seedlings or ignore it. You must look at it for a long time.Essence

Later, I heard that Xiao Miao still held a wedding as scheduled. How could it be solved?

Therefore, sisters, do n’t get pregnant before they are unmarried at any time. Even if they are already engaged, they are still long in the future.


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