Essential oil has too many benefits to women, better than any skin care products

Essential oil has too many benefits to women, better than any skin care products!As we all know, essential oils are very good for skin care and physical maintenance.Essential oils have a psychological effect of soothing and inspiring spirit, but the efficacy of essential oils is not limited to this.Different types of essential oils also have different effects.For certain diseases, it also has the effect of soothing and relieving symptoms.Essential oils are very helpful for many diseases. With the treatment of drugs, the disease can recover faster.

And in daily life, essential oils can also play the role of purifying air, sterilization, and preventing some infectious diseases.However, most people do not know much about the role of various essential oils.

In the world of essential oils, you will hear a bunch of noun nouns.After all, each can of essential oils is made of extraction distillation.If you want to intervene, you must know the root cause, so that you can further explore it!The following is the introduction of some essential oil from the perspective of beginner essential oils.

Pure dew (some are called nectar)

Pure dew is a water distilled when the essential oil is distilled.It contains a small amount of essential oil ingredients and usually has the same effect as essential oils.For example, white rose pure dew is pure dew, whitening and moisturizing, the effect is similar to the rose essential oil.Some pure dew can drink, but it is necessary to drink the confirmation of buyers and the guarantee of organic quality. Like the low value of rock rose acid, you cannot drink.

There are many ways to extract for essential oils (pure essential oil) essential oils, and distillation is a very common way.There are also the original essence extracted with solvents, which are usually not suitable for use on the skin.

Various essential oils have different effects, such as tea trees antibacterial, lavender antibacterial, mandarin

Orange helps digestion, and the system promotes appetite and endorphins.There are many ways to use essential oils, such as dripping in oxygen machines, incense, creams/creams, or basic oils that add appropriate proportions.

Composite essential oils are formed from 2 to 10%of essential oils with basic oil.Because the essential oil itself is corrosive, it is necessary to use vegetable oil to reconcile and use it on the skin.Basic oil is the same as the oil from the home, which is the oil extracted from the plants, but it has not passed the subsequent decoction and refining process, and the original characteristics of various vegetable oil are retained.

The most commonly used in essential oils is the lotus oil or almond oil. Because they are the most flavorful essential oils, the taste effect of essential oils is also important. The use of vegetable oils will try to avoid the odor oil.

I think the advantage of essential oils is that you can master the quality and ingredients yourself, or you can make different changes according to your physical condition."Essential oils are not artifacts", which is used to slowly conditioning like Chinese medicine.Essential oil is not a god -like thing, but it is indeed a simple thing that is beneficial to the skin and body.It will not be as fast as skin care products on the market, but the effect of slow conditioning is absolutely different from other effects.It cannot be maintained for a long time because no ingredients are added.Some stable essential oils (chamomile, etc.) should be stored in the refrigerator. If you are pregnant or prepare for pregnancy, it is recommended not to contact your body oil!

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