Eight major signs prove that you are pregnant!

Recently, my two good friends told me that I was pregnant and really happy for them, but one thing in common was that I had been pregnant for many days before I knew that my friend A even thought it was a cold, and I took medicine!In fact, many women are pregnant but they don’t know.So, how can I find that I am pregnant earlier?In fact, there are signs!

Early pregnancy signs 1: tired

You will feel weak in early pregnancy, you can’t afford to do things, and you are particularly tired.

Early pregnancy signs 2: breasts are larger and sensitive

This is caused by the improvement of your hormone level.This sign of pregnancy will improve significantly after you are 3 months pregnant.The expectant mother describes this feeling very much like the feeling of breast pain before menstrual, but it will be more intense.

Early pregnancy signs 3: a small amount of bleeding

When I miss menstruation, some women have a small amount of vaginal bleeding.This vaginal hemorrhage may be caused by the implantation of fertilized eggs into the endometrium with rich blood, and this process begins after 6 days of fertilization.This kind of bleeding is very small, manifested as some red blood spots, or pink and reddish brown spots, which will last about one or two days.However, if you find that the amount of bleeding is larger than this, especially with pain, you must go to the hospital for treatment.

Early pregnancy signs 4: vomiting nausea

In the early stages of pregnancy, you may feel nausea, especially in the morning, and then gradually reduce it in one day.However, this feeling may also strike at any time for a whole day.Almost half of women with pregnancy vomiting no longer appear nausea and vomiting after the beginning of pregnancy, but there are also people who do not have this phenomenon.

Early pregnancy signs 5: frequent urination

Frequent urination may have begun to appear as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy.With the advancement of pregnancy, babies who grow up constantly put more pressure on your bladder, and frequent urination symptoms in early pregnancy may continue, or even more serious.

Early pregnancy signs 6: Bloating

The changes in hormones in early pregnancy may make you feel flatulence.Some women also feel this before menstruation.

Early pregnancy signs 7: menopause

If your menstrual period has always been regular, but this time has not arrived on time, you may have done an early pregnancy self -test before you detect the above pregnancy signs.But if your menstruation is irregular, or you do not remember your early menstrual cycle, nausea, chest tenderness, and frequent pregnancy of going to the toilet, such as you realize that your menstruation is not coming, it indicates that you are pregnant.It’s right.

Early pregnancy signs 8: Early pregnancy self -test is positive

The results of the early pregnancy test strip should be the most accurate sign of pregnancy.But no matter how to write the packaging, many early pregnancy self -test agents can measure most of pregnancy after women miss menstruation for one week.So, if you are testing before, and you get a negative result, in a few days, you can test it again.Once you test your positive results, you must go to the hospital for further examination.

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