Eating yam sweet potatoes in spring is better to eat taro. The whole body is treasure. Cook it at hand, adults and children rush to eat

In spring, eating yam sweet potatoes is better to eat it. It is a treasure in the whole body.Spring is a very anticipated season. Not only is the temperature suitable, but also birds and fragrance. You can invite three or five friends to come to a trip and experience the style of nature.In addition, all kinds of vegetables and wild vegetables in spring are also very exciting, but everyone should ignore it. It is also at the time to eat taro in spring, and the taro at this time is particularly cheap!

"One day lies in the morning, and it is spring on the occasion of the year." The taro is rich in nutrition. It is especially suitable for supplementing nutrition in the morning and many benefits. The taro is a kind of coarse grains.In the same way, spring is the season when yang is born. Eating taro in spring can absorb nutrients in the taro well, not to mention that the taro can also regulate the stomach and make the body healthier.Do you usually eat taro, is it easy to steam, and you can eat it with sugar?Today, I will share with you a new way of eating, that is, taro tail ball soup. Interested friends, let ’s take a look.

Clean the taro, put it in the pot and cook it, remove it after it is not hot, peel off the skin. Be careful not to wait until it cools down before peeling. Otherwise, the taro will harden.broken.Add an appropriate amount of salt to the peeled taro, then mash the taro, and make a mud like a bowl in the bowl.

Add sweet potato starch to the taro puree, because it is not easy to grasp the amount of pouring in, so you can know the viscosity of the dough at any time, and it is easy to adjust the amount of sweet potato starch.Knead while kneading into a soft and hard dough.Divide the dough into a few copies, then rub it into a slender strip, divide into small doses of uniform size, and then rub them into a round ball shape with your hands and put them into a clean plate for later use.

Boil the water in the pot. After the water is boiled, add the taro tail balls, and then gently push it along the bottom of the pot with a colander to prevent them from sticking together. Then cover the lid and cook on high heat.When the ball is cooked, it will swell, and it can float all, so it means that it is cooked and you can remove it.The cooked balls are removed for cooling, and then removed after cooling. If you do it at a time, you can put it in a sealed bag, and then put it in the refrigerator to freeze it.Shabuhabu is very convenient.If you like light taste, you can also eat it directly.

Boil oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, add the green onion and pepper and stir fry, then add the balls to stir fry evenly, and then add the water without a ball.After boiling the water on the high heat, pour the salt, soy sauce and pepper noodles to season. A small amount of old soy sauce is tuned and continued to cook until the soup is slightly sticky.This feeling will be better. In addition, the taro balls are particularly resistant to cook, so don’t be afraid to cook.

At this time, add a handful of rapeseed or other greens you like, and hot vegetables can be turned off. If you like it, you can also sprinkle with a pair of coriander.Slip, delicious soup, and easy to learn.

Are you interested in the way of eating taro?Interested friends quickly try it, and cook the adults and children to eat.Do you still know what are the methods of taro?Welcome to leave a message to tell Xiaobian.Well, this is here for sharing today. Thank you for your reading and support.


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