Eating fried chicken during pregnancy affects fetal treasure development, expectant mothers learn these 3 tricks, and easily say goodbye to junk food

Yingying likes to eat fried chicken and beer. She has to eat three or four times a week, and she belongs to the kind of constitution that is not fat in any way. Friends are particularly envious of her.After pregnancy, Yingying found that although she no longer wanted to drink beer, her love for fried chicken continued to increase.The family says that fried chicken is a garbage food. It is not good for the baby to eat it and prevent her from eating.But the early pregnancy of Yingying could only see fried chicken, and the others could not eat anything.There was no way, her husband had to take her to eat it occasionally.Yingying himself also collapsed and felt that she was very abnormal. There should be no expectant mothers like her.

In fact, Yingying doesn’t have to worry, because there are too many expectant mothers like her, some of them are like Yingying. Before pregnancy, they especially like to eat junk foods, and they love to eat more after pregnancy.Foods like chicken burgers instant noodles, but I can’t control myself to eat after pregnancy, it is strange.

Why do expectant mothers want to eat junk food?There may be two situations: one is that the expectant mother breakfast is not good or did not eat breakfast.A word is mentioned here, called "front intake", that is, if the breakfast that expectant mothers eat are healthier, the next day of the prospective mother will want to eat healthy food; on the contraryOr eat junk food, then expectant mothers will particularly eager to eat such foods.Second, because the expectant mother’s body lacks some kind of nutrients, she wants to eat foods containing such nutritional elements.

However, after all, junk food is not good for mothers and fetal baby, and expectant mothers should eat less.When expectant mothers can’t control sherself, they can try these three small methods.

1. Dynamic attention.If the expectant mother wants to eat junk food at this moment, try to do other things that they are interested in. For example, watching movies, listening to music, and forcing themselves not to think about those junk foods, it will be much better.

2. Ask nutrition experts to see which nutritional elements you lack.Nutrition experts believe that when expectant mothers especially want to eat meat, it may be the lack of iron in the body; if the expectant mothers who did not eat bull burgers suddenly fell in love with these foods, it is likely that the expectant mother lacks minerals andIt’s iron.Find which nutritional element lacks in your body, and then uses a nutritional expert to use similar healthy food instead of junk food, which can help expectant mothers get rid of this problem.

3. Eat healthy breakfast on time.It is mentioned above. If the expectant mother eats healthy and nutritious breakfast every day, it is not so easy to especially want to eat junk food.

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