Eat pineapple, come to Guangdong, just right

In spring, fireworks flow on earth.” “Hong Kong women clearance in the early morning came to Shenzhen to eat supper. The two major entries boarded the hot search one after another.

After the citrus is pineapple, "Eating pineapple at the time of spring", "Chinese pineapple watching Guangdong", Guangdong is the main production area of pineapple in China, China’s largest pineapple production base, Zhanjiang pineapple planting area is about 533,000 mu, and the annual output is about 1.338 millionTons, accounting for more than 60 % of the country, the first in the province.In addition, Jieyang, Shanwei, Zhaoqing, and Huizhou are planted.

In spring, every day, merchants from all over the country gathered. A large truck shuttled through the fields and sold pineapple fresh fruits from all over the country.

Eternal hot topic:

"Pineapple" or "Pineapple"?

There is a problem that has always troubled people who love to eat pineapple: what is the difference between pineapple and pineapple?The answer is: homologous!Can be eaten in Guangdong.

"Chinese Plants" records: "Pineapple is commonly known as pineapple and is one of the famous tropical fruits." Therefore, pineapple and pineapple are actually the same thing. Pineapple is officially named in Chinese and pineapple is commonly known as.

The question comes again: Why are they all pineapple, but there are different appearances, different sweetness, and different taste?

This should start with the source of pineapple.Like corn, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes, pineapple is also a typical species that is widely spread around the world through geography.It originated in the north of the Amazon River in South America. The earliest planted and selected pineapple was the Tupi -Guarani in Paraguay, South America.

Pineapple has a "steel -like" appearance, and the sprouts are more resistant to storage and transportation. Therefore, the Tupi -Guarani people migrate north to the Northern Islands, the North Andes and Central America.In 1493, Columbus reached the Caribbean area during his second voyage and discovered this delicious large fruit. After that, pineapple was introduced into Europe, Africa and Asia.

Pineapple is a plants in the tropical area. It is very difficult to plant pineapple in temperate areas and cost very high. In addition, it is "Phoenix Guanxia". Around the 16th century, pineapple exists as a noble fruit in some European and American countries.Some local tyrants and nobles even incorporate pineapple into the castle manor of the building, such as pineapple on the stone wall of the Riyastemirama Leima Castle in Italy.

Source of pineapple sources on the stone wall of Riyastelima Leima Castle in Italy: China National Geographic

In about 1600, pineapple was introduced to China, especially southern China, and Guangdong was one of the earliest paths.After the 1950s, pineapple was widely planted south of the front lines of Shantou, Yangjiang, and Gaozhou, forming a "sea of pineapple".

Pineapple has changed quietly in the long historical circulation, and hundreds of different varieties have been born.From the perspective of plant species, they are all the same species, but the shapes of each variety are different, and even in the same product, there are many varieties of different forms.Nowadays, people are habitually brought the leaves with small sawtooths. The fruit grooves and fruit eyes are deeper. They need to be peeling. The peel is harder.It is easy to peel the thorns, and the smooth surface is collectively referred to as pineapple, which also has the game of "pineapple" and "pineapple".

Generally speaking, the left is pineapple, and the right is the pineapple source: China National Geographic

Eat pineapple, come to Guangdong, just right

China’s largest pineapple production base is neither in Hainan nor in Taiwan, but in Guangdong.The southernmost province in mainland China not only has the warm climate and sufficient sunlight required for pineapple growth. It is rich in sandy soil or mountain red soil with an organic matter pH value of 5-5.5.At the same time, pineapple has also formed the most magnificent pineapple planting landscape belt in China.It can be said that eating pineapple is right to come to Guangdong.

Xu Wen pineapple

Contract your "Pineapple Freedom"

No one can refuse the "pineapple sea" in spring.It is located in Xuwen County, Zhanjiang City, the southernmost tip of mainland China. The pineapple planting area is 350,000 mu, and the annual output is about 700,000 tons.Its fleshy is golden, rich in flavor, sweet and sour, smelling its aroma, intoxicating, and drooling.

Photo by Guo Longbi, "The Sea of Pineapple" of Xu Wen

From February to May each year, it is the mature listing of Xu Wen’s pineapple, and it is also the busiest season of this sea.On the side of Xu Wen’s road, you can see the figure of pineapple everywhere. The fruit farmers set up a stall along the road, giving the person who intends to pass the "sea" to take a sweetness.

Xu Wen’s pineapple listing season, busy processing workers and fruit farmers Xie Gongrong

Xu Wen’s brilliant achievements, thanks to the "Pineapple First Village" in the northeast corner of Xuwen County, and the village of Yugong Building, Yugonglou, a village of rural characteristic industries in Guangdong Province in 2021.

In 1926, Ni Guoliang, who was born in Beiping Village, Longtang Township, Xuwen County, Zhanjiang, brought more than 200 pineapple seedlings from Singapore to return home from Singapore to try planting in Yugong Building Village, Xuwen County. This is also the earliest place for pineapple planting in China.Around 1950, "Yu Gonglou Pineapple" claimed to be a brand and sold the world.When Nixon stopped in Guangzhou, he also ate the Yugonglou pineapple.In the 1970s, Yu Gonglou was designated as a banquet in the Great Hall of the People and was shipped to Beijing to entertain foreign guests.

As a result, the insiders know that the pineapple produced by Yugonglou Village must be high -quality pineapple.


Dali Ling Pineapple becomes "golden signboard"

Xu Wen contracted your "Pineapple Freedom", it is better to look at its "neighbors" -Leizhou.Leizhou City is located in the belly of the Leizhou Peninsula. It has a long history of pineapple and is one of the main producing areas of Guangdong pineapple.

Leizhou Pineapple

The listing period of Leizhou pineapple is from January to June, and the peak listing period is from mid-March-early May.As early as 1985, Leizhou City had focused on grabbing pineapple production. It was planted in a large amount of planting in the Longmen Da Nioling Commune Farm and surrounding them. The planting area was 8,595 acres.At that time, Daniuling Pineapple was sold well in the country and Hong Kong and Macau.

Leizhou has a superior climate and belongs to the tropical marine seasonal climate in South Asia; sufficient light is 2003.6 hours. The soil conditions are appropriate.The crossing the river, the Tugong River Yingli River, the Lei Gao River, the Minghe River, and the Fenghe River have tributaries such as leaf veins, rich in groundwater, and no industrial pollution.

Fruit farmers pick Leizhou pineapple

In recent years, with the improvement of the benefits of pineapple, the area of pineapple planting in Leizhou has grown rapidly, and the planting area is now nearly 200,000 mu.Data show that in 2022, the planting area of Leizhou pineapple was about 192,000 mu, an increase of 10,000 acres from last year, with an output of about 400,000 tons, an increase of more than 5%over last year.Yingli Town, Longmen Town, and Tunfeng Town are the top three in the city with 52,000 acres, 46,000 acres, and 38,000 acres, and 110,000 tons, 96,600 tons, and 84,700 tons.

Leizhou pineapple planting distribution Tu Leizhou Agricultural and Rural Bureau

Leizhou pineapple planting area column -like map Leizhou Agricultural and Rural Bureau

Leizhou pineapple planting yield pillar map Leizhou agricultural and rural bureau

Zhongshan Shenwan

Shenwan Pineapple, which was stamped by "Twelve Fighting Taste"

There are also mountains and mountains in the pineapple world of Guangdong.Xu Wen’s "Pineapple’s Sea" is not the real sea. The mountains in Shenwan Town, Zhongshan City are indeed real mountains.

This mountain is the Yamao Mountain in Shenwan Town. It is only three or four hundred meters above sea level, but it is the highest peak of Shenwan.This is a flat mountain. Until 1915, Li Guohan, who lived in Peru, brought back a pineapple seed, making Yama Mountain a pineapple mountain, from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, full of dense pineapple.

Nu Yaoshan of Shenwan Town

Shenwan Town has sufficient sunshine and rainfall in the year, rich in heat, and high temperature all year round. The annual rainfall is between 1100 and 1400mm. The average temperature over the years is 23 ° C. It provides sufficient light and water for pineapple growth.The taste is sweet and slag, and the sweetness is a lot higher than the average pineapple, which is generally more than 15 degrees.In the gourmet show "Twelve Fighting Taste", it also won the favor of the famous actor Nicholas Tse with its outstanding fruity and sweetness, and was called "the strongest sweetness" by the program group.

In 2013, Shenwan registered the trademark of "Shenwan Pineapple" local, and then successively obtained product certification of green food, Guangdong brand -name products, and was selected as the top ten famous brand agricultural products in Guangdong in 2016.And becoming a geographical logo product.

Jieyang Huilai

Alpine ecological pineapple irrigated in mountain spring water

From June to September each year is the harvest season of Huilai Pineapple.Pineapple is commonly known as "Fan Pear" in Huilai. The fruit is round, sweet and sour, and crispy. It is a special agricultural product of Huilai County.Huilai County has been planting pineapple for more than 100 years. The county has a scale of about 60,000 acres, an annual output of about 118,000 tons, and an annual output value of more than 500 million yuan.Essence

Huilai Pineapple

For generations of Hui Lai Guo Nong, with both hands and sweat, the hills were transformed into terraces, and the valley turned into the sea of pineapples.Many fruit farmers are proud: the most famous is "alpine ecological pineapple". Other people’s pineapple is planted in Tiantou. Our pineapple species is on the mountain.special.

If you ask the children in Huilai County, Jieyang City, they will say that Huilai Pineapple is hugged by the mountains that Huilai, which is kissed by the tropical sun, and the monsoon of the South China Sea, which is nourished by the natural mountain spring moisturizing.The fruit of the midsummer.

Cantonese sense of ritual:

Make pineapple

Regarding eating pineapple, some people say: When you eat pineapple, pineapple is also eating you.Some people have felt that there are two pieces of pineapple soaked in salt water. They eat two pieces. The corners of their mouths are faintly painful, and they have broken their mouths, as if they were bitten by pineapple.This is actually because the pineapple protease contained in pineapple can destroy the structure of gums, oral mucosa, etc., induces mucosal bleeding, and then cause a strong tingling sensation of the tongue and lips.

However, pineapple proteases can make the large molecular protein of meat protein, hydrolyzed as easy to absorb small molecular amino acids and proteins, which can not only make the meat tender, but also increase the utilization rate of protein.Silk and tendon waist (connective tissue) break, so that the meat will become loose, smooth and tender, and easier to taste. Therefore, pineapple is also known as the "tender meat powder" in the fruit world, and "pineapple+" food emerges.

Today, in Xuwen, the way diners eat pineapple: pineapple rice, pineapple beef, pineapple fish, pineapple ribs, canned pineapple, salted pineapple … The colorful pineapple banquet will make many tourists coming every year.There are also processing foods such as fresh -cut small pineapple, pineapple crisp, pineapple moon cake, pineapple fruit, pineapple fruit filling, pineapple fruit juice, dried pineapple, pineapple wine and other processed foods, which are welcomed by the market.

Pineapple Sweet and Sour Pork

pineapple fried rice

Every year from April to June is the best time when Zhongshan Shenwan pineapple is the best.Local people like pineapple like one divided into four. The most important thing is to retain the fruit handle. This is also a sign that Shenwan pineapple is different from other pineapple.On the one hand, the pineapple handle can continue to provide water after pineapple picking to play a role in preservation. On the other hand, it is convenient for consumption. Diners can directly hold the fruit handle to eat.

Diners take pineapple

In Shenwan, pineapple has been engraved in people’s DNA.In addition to making pineapple gurgle meat, pineapple beef fried rice and other foods, Shenwan pineapple can also be made into various dessert snacks, such as Shenwan pineapple buns, Shenwan pineapple ice, Shenwan pineapple moon cake, Shenwan pineapple crisp, Shenwan pineapple thousand layersCake, Shenwan pineapple, sugar water, etc.

Shenwan Pineapple Food

Some people say that in Shenwan, there is no wife in his wife’s cake, but there must be pineapple in pineapple buns.

The most authentic way of eating pineapple is to eat it directly after cutting. The flesh fiber is "as clear as the veins as the veins" and "as handsome as feathers."Eat into the mouth, sweet dregs, juice flowing, full of happiness.If the chef’s hands are made into pineapple salad, pineapple pork ribs, pineapple fried rice, pineapple juice, it will be even more sighing, it is a way to eat!

Sweet dregs, fruit juice flowing pineapple pineapple

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[Picture] Zhanjiang Release, Xu Wen released, Xu Wen Tourism, Leizhou Release, Guangdong Southern Famous Agricultural Product Promotion Center, etc.

【Source】 South China Rural Report

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