Eat more fish in pregnancy?Remember the list of fish that the prospective mother can’t eat

Everyone has such a "consensus": eat more fish during pregnancy, and the baby is smarter.

Because fish has always been considered a rich source of brain gold DHA, pregnant women will provide important nutritional support for the rapid development of fetal baby through food intake.

But, is the more fish eating fish, the better?No!

Can pregnant women eat?No!

If you want to supplement DHA by eating fish, expectant mothers should first know these knowledge!

What fish should pregnant women supplement DHA?

The expectant mother obtained DHA from food. Of course, the first choice is deep -sea fish -rich deep -sea fish, such as salmon, cod, sardines, catfish, phoenix, etc.The fat of deep-sea fish contains the richest N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (including DHA), such as autumn saury, catfish, and distant sardine oil.The DHA content is 10-100 times higher!

In addition, seaweed (such as golden algae, metacocycus, red algae, brown algae, diatoms, green algae and hidden algae) also contain a large amount of DHA.

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Due to geographical restrictions, quasi -mothers in the inland areas may not be able to buy sea fish often. So what food can they eat to supplement DHA?

In fact, freshwater fish also has DHA!If you do not often buy sea fish, you can actually buy these freshwater fish: catfish, grass carp, bass.Under normal circumstances, the DHA content of freshwater fish in winter and early spring is higher than in the late summer and early autumn.

Remember the following list, pregnant women cannot eat these fish

Although fish are rich in nutrition, some varieties (especially some deep -sea fish on the top of the food chain) also have certain hidden safety hazards -mercury.If mercury is gradually accumulated in the body, it will affect the development of the fetal nervous system.

In the food chain, the higher the mercury content in the high -rise fish.Methalis mercury is difficult to be metabolized. After being absorbed by plants in the water, small fish eat plants and large fish eat small fish. In this way, the "big fish" that reaches the upper layer of the food chain will be more mercury content than the underlying "small fish" containing mercury content.higher.

Therefore, expectant mothers should not eat sea fish on the top of the food chain.According to the suggestions on "How to Eat Fish for Pregnant Women and Children" published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (FDA and EPA) to avoid eating and high mercury -containing fish., Red Luo Fish, Shark, Swordfish, Gulf of Mexico, canned tuna, canned tuna, big eye bream.

Fish can not be greedy, pregnant women should be "limited" when eating

According to the suggestion of "Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines 2016": pregnant women are the best 2-3 fish (especially deep-sea fish).

Some expectant mothers may think: Since the fish is so good, isn’t it better to eat every day?

Although the fish is good, it cannot be eaten.

In the announcement of the "On how to eat fish and children to eat fish" published by the Federal Pharmaceutical and Food Administration and the FDA and EPA, it provides clear fish varieties and corresponding consumption of food and breastfeeding women during pregnancy and lactation.suggestion.

A. You can eat 2-3 copies of fish per week: phoenix fish, Atlantic catfish, black bass, catfish, cod, bi fish, salmon, bare, freshwater catfish, sea bass.

B. You can only eat one serving of fish per week: carp, grouper, health fish, rock fish, snapper, mackerel.The mercury content of these fish is slightly higher than Class A.

Note: ① The amount of 1 adult is about 113.4g (calculated according to the state of raw meat) ② Only the more common varieties in the list in the text. If you want to know more list, please check the announcement by yourself.

How to ensure that expectant mothers take enough DHA?

The fast -developed little head of the fetus needs to provide enough DHA by the mother’s body.Recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society: The appropriate intake of daily daily DHA during pregnancy is 200 mg.

The expectant mothers only eat sea fish only 2-3 times a week, and they cannot fully guarantee that they can get enough DHA every day.(For example, 100g of fish can provide about 250mgdha).Therefore, you also have to match other balanced diets, drink two cups of mothers with high -level DHA milk powder every day, such as Mead Johnson A+Formula Milk Powder, which helps you to reach the level of DHA level recommended by the authority of the Chinese Nutrition Society and support the growth of the baby baby.need.

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