Eat leaves or stems?The most nutritious part of celery may be thrown by you

Celery is a vegetable that everyone will buy at home. It can eat cold and eat it, prepare fried food, or cook soup and stuffing. Among them, celery fried shredded pork and celery fried shrimp has become the most common home dishes.When eating celery, many people like to take off the celery leaves directly and throw them into the trash can. They feel that the taste is poor, the taste is unpleasant, and it is easy to dry.The celery leaves thrown away are the most nutritious parts of celery.


Know the celery

Celery, which is a family of umbrellas, has two types of cream and drought. The cultivation of celery in my country began in the Han Dynasty and has a history of more than 2,000 years.At first, it was only planted as an ornamental plant, and it was eaten later. In "The Spring and Autumn of the Lu Family", there is a record of "the beauty of the vegetables and the celestial celebrity".

The green celery, which contains a volatile aroma, can exude a special fragrance and promote appetite. Some people exclude this fragrance and not eat celery.As everyone knows, celery is very rich in nutrition, not only rich in vitamins, celery, iron, calcium and other elements, but also rich in cellulose.

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02 The nutrition of celery is based on the "Chinese Food ingredients (20212018)", and per 100 grams of celery (including stems and leaves) contain 2.2 mg of protein, 160 mg of calcium, 61 mg of phosphorus, 8.5 mg of iron.Celery is rich in diuretic ingredients. Through diuretic, excess sodium in the body is discharged, and the high sodium diet will increase blood pressure, so diuretic can better reduce blood pressure.Celery -rich cellulose is also an ideal green weight loss food. The intake of cellulose can help promote intestinal peristalsis, adsorb the fat in the intestine, thereby reducing blood lipids and promoting the excretion of stool.It is worth noting that some people think that celery has a certain control of blood pressure, but its effect cannot achieve the antihypertensive effect that people need.Food drugs, celery itself is very good, rich in dietary fiber, which can increase satiety and help intestinal peristalsis. However, it does not cure the disease.It helps to control blood pressure and stabilize.Patients with hypertension need to find a professional doctor for treatment as soon as possible, and follow the doctor’s advice.

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In daily life, we are usually used to eating the stems of celery and throwing away its leaves.Because the nutrition of celery leaves is much higher than the stems.The carotene contained in celery leaves is far higher than the content of its stems. Compared with the celery leaves and the rod stems, the protein of the leaves is 50%high, the fat is about 3 times, the carotene is 28 times, the vitamin B1 is 4 times high, the vitamin is vitaminC is about 5 times high.Celery leaves also contain vitamin E, and there is no celery stem.Therefore, the best way to eat celery is to eat stems and leaves. Do not throw away the leaves and only eat stems.

Source: Science Popularization China

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