Early pregnancy examination: What is the normal value of progesterone?

Women who are pregnant are a very important hormone for women who are pregnant.Its value change is closely related to the healthy development of the fetus.

1. What is normal progesterone after pregnancy?

E progression is secreted by nourishing cells and luteum before 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, and mainly from the placenta after 8-10 weeks.The amount of progesterone gradually increased during the entire pregnancy, and the rise in the early stages of pregnancy was slow, and the mid -term accelerated, reaching a peak at a full month of pregnancy.Serum progesterone is quite stable within 5 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, and has little to do with pregnancy.

The change in the amount of progesterone is a reliable indicator to measure whether the luteal function and the development of the placenta.Due to the stable blood level in the early pregnancy, no continuous monitoring is required to provide doctors with a diagnosis basis earlier.

2. What is normal progesterone?

The normal value of women’s follicles is 0.6 ~ 1.0nmol/L; the normal value of the ovulation period is 2.40 ~ 9.40Nmol/L; the normal value after ovulation is 20.8 ~ 103.0nmol/L.

The level of progesterone is related to the ending of early pregnancy. The serum progesterone level of women with embryos and ectopic pregnancy is significantly lower than those of threatened abortion and normal early pregnancy patients.Periations are 15-25ng/ml, and their pregnancy ending is basically intrauterine pregnancy, but it is easy to occur in early edge abortion.The progesterone is less than 15ng/ml, and its pregnancy ending is mostly atomic pregnancy or abortion.

Mogoone is greater than 25ng/ml, and its pregnancy ending is mostly normal pregnancy in the palace, and some of them have a pioneering abortion. Generally, after supplementary luteal function, the ending can continue pregnancy.

Therefore, the possibility of pregnancy failure when progesterone is less than 15ng/ml.Unfortunately, the level of progesterone is low, and it cannot be discerned that it is considered abortion or aborted pregnancy.This requires a combination of color vaginal B -ultrasound to improve the diagnostic rate.

3. The role of progesterone examination

The clinical significance of progesterone examination is to check whether related ovarian tumors, luteal cysts, hydatidal and choric membrane epithelial cell carcinoma are usually significantly increased at 9 to 32 weeks of pregnancy, which can reach 10 to 100 times that of normal people.Checking that progesterone can also determine whether there are ovulation disorders, luteal dysfunction, ovulation -free menstruation, amenorrhea, and hypotinomotomology dysfunction, etc. The progesterone value of these diseases is usually reduced.

4. Check the necessity of progesterone

Performatone is necessary to maintain pregnancy, and it is also an important hormone that supports the early growth and development of the fetus. A sufficient amount of progesterone can ensure the normal endometrium function, promote the growth and development of the embryo, and also have anti -excretion and inhibit uterine contraction.Practice to ensure that the fetus can grow and develop smoothly in the uterus until the full moon.

At present, there are many abortion caused by the insufficient secretion of progesterone during pregnancy, and the detection of progesterone in early pregnancy can understand the secretion of the body in the body. For example, remedial measures can be taken to resume normal levels when there is insufficient progesterone secretion.

In recent years, the proportion of high -risk pregnancy mothers in my country has risen sharply, and the proportion of dangerous proportion of maternal (threatened, recurrence) abortion, premature birth, ectopic pregnancy and other risks is even as high as 30%. It is extremely fragile in front of it.Therefore, pregnant mothers must be checked regularly.

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