During the pregnancy, I attended the wedding with a big belly, and was explained by the groom’s family to "don’t go to the scene", which is really embarrassing.

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Yesterday, someone in the mother group asked such a question: After pregnancy, can pregnant women not attend the wedding of others?During the National Day, my husband’s cousin got married.Because a person was boring at home, I went to the wedding together with my big belly.

At the table, when I was ready to be on the ceremony, I met my husband’s aunt.She smashed my stomach and asked politely, "XX is here, should it be born for a few months?"

I didn’t see that she was unhappy at the time, and felt that this was a polite.Therefore, it was "there are still two or three months", and then followed my husband and walked into the room.

After a while, my husband’s aunt called my husband and said that something would be explained.I thought I was busy, and I didn’t take it seriously.

As a result, my husband came over soon and said in a low voice. "Let’s say that pregnant women can’t go to the wedding room, don’t go in for a while. When you hold a wedding, don’t go to see it. When the meal is opened, I will call you again."

When I heard this, I was really angry and embarrassed.

As usual, the friends in the group actively express their views:

"There is a family in our village, and a pregnant woman was sitting in a wedding bed. Then the daughter -in -law had never conceived the child, but later did the test tube. Although superstitious, it would be difficult to explain if it really happened."

"We will not taboo pregnant women to attend the wedding, but pregnant women should not enter the newcomer room. This is something we all know. As for the banquet, you can participate."

"When I was pregnant, I didn’t go when my friend got married. Because the old man at home said that it was not good to my baby, and it was not good for the bride."


It is not difficult to see that there are many places that are taboo for pregnant women to attend the wedding.The reason is that they will be in each other and are not good for pregnant women and brides (the blessing of the bride will be taken away, and it is not easy to get pregnant after marriage; pregnant women may also have a miscarriage).

To be honest, there is indeed no scientific basis for this statement, which is a custom.

However, there is a saying called entering the country.Especially like wedding events, Chinese people will not only look at a good day in advance, but even the direction of the bride’s getting off the car is rhetorical.

Therefore, if there is such a particular attention in the local area, try not to go.After all, even if you don’t believe it, maybe others are taboo.

At that time, you think you are going to send blessings.But others will feel that you are not watched, and you are here to add.Maybe people don’t say anything, but they are unhappy.

And if there is something really later, such as the bride can’t conceive the child, there is no doubt that it will blame you.Of course, if the pregnant woman has some abnormalities themselves, she will definitely mutter.

In addition, more importantly, the wedding scene must be particularly lively.On the one hand, there are noisy people, and there will be children running around, and they are likely to hit the pregnant mother. Second, there are many people who smoke and drink, and the air is not good, which will increase the discomfort of pregnant mothers and the risk of infection with diseases.

Therefore, if the relationship is general, it is better not to go.After all, when you get there, you may know each other, and there are no people who can speak.

Finally, I want to say that in the era of the epidemic, as a special group, pregnant mothers should pay special attention, try not to go to the place where the crowd gather.Otherwise, in case of unfortunately infected by the virus, it is a harm to themselves and children.

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