During the pregnancy, how can you lose weight healthy during pregnancy?

Kobayashi was ready during pregnancy and weight loss recipes. Seeing that the confinement was about to be implemented, she was seen by her mother -in -law. It advised her that "you are breastfeeding.Things, how can you have good breast milk for your baby? Listen to me, after breastfeeding, then lose weight. "Although Kobayashi is unwilling, he still compromises. After all, the baby has only one life once.Can’t you lose weight during breastfeeding?

Weight loss and breast milk

It can be said that it can be said to be a golden period for restoring her figure, so many Baoma wants to start the weight loss plan early, so that they can restore their good figure as soon as possible.However, this time is exactly during lactation. It is inevitable that Bao Ma will worry about weight loss, which may have an impact on the quality of breast milk, which will cause the baby’s intake to decrease.In fact, as long as the extreme weight loss method is not adopted, there will not be much effect between the two.Because breast milk is transformed from fat in the body, it is best not to lose weight in a way without eating.


▲ exercise

Exercise is the best way to lose weight. After the confinement of Bao Mom recovers, he can start doing some simple actions and increase the amount of exercise according to his physical condition.However, it should be noted that do not breastfeed immediately after exercise, because the lactic acid in the body may be converted into milk after exercise, making the milk taste.So within half an hour after exercise, it is best to avoid breastfeeding.During this time, Baoma can take a bath, put on clean clothes, and a special breastfeeding chest, which is convenient for breastfeeding, so that it will not affect the milk.

Drink less white soup

▲ Drink less white soup

Many Baoma likes to use soup to promote lactation during breastfeeding. Whether it has been effective for the time being, but the effect of gaining weight is immediate.Because most of the meat of white soup, there will be a layer of fat from the top of the fat, so that all of them are drinking, and it is eating oil invisibly. Therefore, if you want to lose weight during lactation, do not drink this type of soup.EssenceIf you must drink it, it is best to leave the floating oil above and just drink the soup below.

Eat more vegetable

▲ Eat more vegetables

Everyone knows that vegetables have abundant vitamins and plant fibers. These substances are not only good for the body, but also can effectively increase satiety.Make Baoma still feels full and satisfied when reducing the amount of diet.However, Mom should pay attention that it should not be a nutritional balance in order to lose weight for weight loss.

Whether to pay attention to these 3 points of weight loss, Baoma has been encouraged.You must know that after breastfeeding, many Baoma has successfully lost weight and entered the workplace, but she still maintains her body during pregnancy. At this time, she was dumped by others.

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