During the postpartum, she was disgusted with her husband?Can you still counterattack?Persist in 4 steps to redefine strong breasts

“Fitness Carnival”

Many mothers may not think that the production process she has experienced, some female stars recorded it and sent it to the social platform.

A few days ago, Sun Yan, who starred in "White Deer Plain" and "The name of the family", recorded the entire process of producing in detail with videos.

When the amniotic fluid broke, he was afraid of his eyes with tears, while he secretly cheered himself: you ca n’t cry, everyone will be nervous when we cry.

When I arrived at the hospital, I entered the operating room. On the bed, the vascular violently rose on the forehead when it was working hard until I was exhausted.

What is even more worried is that unexpected sudden bleeding, the child’s bean seedlings were also notified by a critical illness due to lung infection when they were born.

Fortunately, it was not hindered in the end, and the mother and child were safe.

I admire her courage. Few female stars have disclosed her pregnancy during pregnancy, and she has been disclosing her pregnancy status from pregnancy to production.

Some netizens said: "She is the only female star among all stars, the only female star from pregnancy to production."

And a video of her pregnancy video made people inevitably sigh.

This is a video of "collapse during pregnancy. At the beginning, she said angrily:

During pregnancy, some jokes cannot be opened. Please ask this Dad to take care of your own mouth.

It turned out that her husband drank too much, and rolled her quilt late at night. She couldn’t pull it back. She was sensitive to her pregnancy, and her accumulated emotions instantly burst.

In the video, Sun Yan was emotionally excited and his eyes were tearful. He "accused" his husband, saying that he talked about "getting fat" and "chest drooping".

As an outsider’s view, whether it is joke or inadvertent, for pregnant mothers, there is a great sense of helplessness in the face of the change of body. Such a language is very irritating.

Sun Yan was very aggrieved and sad in the video, and also questioned her husband:

You are my closest person. Do you want me to blame yourself or blame the child in your belly?

Women shoulders the responsibility of fertility, but many people have too many misunderstandings and blind spots in fertility themselves.

It is serious to say that you are arrogant, uncomfortable, and say that it is not good for your children.

I can’t sleep at night, saying that people are pregnant like this, you have more things.

One of the seemingly inadvertent things is pressed on the fragile nerves of pregnant mothers a little bit a day. It is possible that someday will be out of control and even do unexpected things.

Someone should have brushed such a video, a pregnant woman who was 7 months pregnant, because family chores jumped off the loft at home.

When the firefighters and the police arrived, her husband sat silently on the side, without the meaning of comfort at all.

The comment area feels that men are too indifferent and their hearts are too ruthless.

Some people may think that this pregnant woman is a bit exaggerated, a bit, and irresponsible to the children in the stomach.

There is no absolute sense of empathy, and I understand the incomprehension of so many people. Only mothers can understand the helplessness brought by the emotions and physical changes during pregnancy.

At the end of Sun Yan’s video, she choked and said:

I still chose to forgive him … because you can’t forgive someone who loves you very much.

For the first time as a mother, the first time I am a father, I am a novice, and I understand each other, especially during pregnancy, the prospective dad can understand the wife more, and support it in action and language.The sense of helplessness will be reduced a lot.

When Sun Yan was aggrieved in the video, when he complained to her husband with tears, she said that her husband had abandoned her, saying that she was "fat" and "chest drooping".

In fact, this is also the pain of many mothers.

After breastfeeding, the breasts are reduced due to estrogen, the breasts are narrowed, and some elasticity is lost. The sagging starts, the chest shape begins to change, and the form of relaxation and expansion will appear.

Moreover, even if he did not experience pregnancy, the breasts began to shrink slowly after the age of 30, and gradually lost elasticity.

After menopausal, the breasts become smaller and relaxed.

If you want your chest to return to firm, let’s first understand our chest tissue.

There are four major organizations in the breast:

1. Breast tissue → Keep breast health.

2. connective tissue → prevent breast sagging

3. Charter tissue -controlled milk size

4. Shop muscle → Determine breast shape

The most fat in the breast contains 4%-5%fat in the human body, and the decrease in chest fat will affect the size of the chest.

The breast tissue and connective tissue float in fat, and the amount of fat determines the size of the breast.

The breasts are on the pectoral muscles by the connective tissue. The support of the pectoral muscles determines the trend of the breast. If the chest muscles are weak, the breast will also face loose drooping.

In addition to congenital genetic factors, in general, the size of the chest is directly related to the fat and thinness of the body, and the fat people’s chest is fuller, and the chest of thin people is small.

So after birth, do you still have a chance to counterattack?

Find the right method, of course, it can counterattack!

1. Raise beautiful breasts.

Diet is a health career in the breast.

Vitamin E tribes can promote ovarian development and improvement, thereby increasing mature egg cells and luteal cells. Egg cells are important places for secretion hormones. When estrogen secretion increases, chest development will stimulate.

Eat more foods containing vitamin E (cabbage, vegetable heart, rapeseed oil, etc.) and B clan (animal liver, egg yolk, dairy products, milk, etc.).

2. Sports beautiful breasts.

We can conduct some training for chest muscles to increase the pectoral muscles, improve the chest, and exercise the ligament, make the chest more upright, the increase in muscle will make the breast protruding, improve the sagging and relaxation form, and make the chest look fuller.

In the following group of training, the fragmented time insists on practicing, improves relaxation, adjusts the chest shape, and reshapes upright breasts.

Action 1: Yoga stretch


1. Stand, tighten the abdomen, and keep the spine stretch naturally.

2. Open your shoulders, put your right hand behind the neck, and your hands are intertwined and pulling each other.Feel the outside of the arms, armpits, and chest stretching.

3. Keep for 10 seconds, change the side exercise, and complete 3-5 groups.

Action 2: chest activation


1. Stand, tighten the abdomen, and keep the spine stretch naturally.

2. Bend the elbow and lift the shoulders. Try your arms as much as possible, and feel that your chest and arms are stretched.

3. Inhale, lean inward, try to get along with your elbows, and then lift up.

4, exhale, restore, repeat 20 groups, feel the upper side of the chest is stiff and swollen.

Action 3: The thoracic is the same as plastic


1. Kneel, keep your abdomen, your arms are directly below the shoulder.

2. Inhale, sink your chest, and feel the big arm of the chest.

3, exhale, push the chest up, feel the tightening power of the outside of the rib.

4. With breathing, repeat 20*3 groups.

Note: Keep your pelvis stable as much as possible. The more stable the effect, the better.

Action 1: Push the chest in the same way


1. Sit, keep abdomen, and stretch the spine.It can also be done by the wall to avoid bulging on the back.

2. Bend the elbow, push each other with both hands, and the arms are parallel to the ground.

3, exhale, push each other with both hands, keep it 5 times, breathe evenly, the big arm actively clamps to the chest side, and feel the bloating of the chest.

4. exhale again, the arm is pushed to the left, and the right chest is attached to the right arm.Keep your breath 5 times.


1) Actively sink the shoulders down, stabilize the back, and collect the scapula slightly to avoid the front of the scapula.

2) The navel point to the front.

4, exhale, restore.Complete 3 groups.

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