During pregnancy, these items should be avoided at home, otherwise it will affect pregnant mothers and fetuses

Since pregnancy, many pregnant mothers do whatever they do. They are worried about the health and safety of the fetus, dare not eat random, and dare not do too much housework. Even the computers and mobile phones dare not play for too long.Essence

However, in addition to this, pregnant mothers also have a precautions that are easy to ignore, that is, some items in the family are also best not to put it during pregnancy.

1. New furniture

Many families are pregnant as soon as they get married. The husband and wife’s wedding room is just renovated, and some new furniture will be added. However, if you are pregnant, it is recommended not to stay in or suspend it.It is also particularly pungent. If the pregnant mother is in contact for a long time, the impact on the fetus is very great, and it will also cause abortion.

Second, aromatherapy machine

Many pregnant mothers do not sleep well after pregnancy, and they will use the aromatherapy machine to help sleep. However, the aroma emitted by the aromatherapy machine is actually harmful to the fetus.There are generally many spices in the aromatherapy machine. Some of these spices are herbs, and some are dried petals, but some things may cause miscarriage. Therefore, for safety reasons, use it temporarily during pregnancy.

Third, air fresh agent

During pregnancy, there may be a family in order to maintain the fresh air quality at home. In fact, it contains many chemicals, which will cause the pregnant mother to vomit, and it will also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

Fourth, disinfection

The disinfectant is the standard cleaning supplies at home. In order to maintain the health and safety of the family’s environment, some families will often use disinfectant to clean the home environment. Howeverdevelopment.

The chemicals contained in the disinfectant will volatilize in the air. As the skin of the pregnant mother enters the body, it will also cause the pregnant mother to breathe difficulty.Therefore, do not use disinfectant frequently during pregnancy.

Five, perfume

Perfume is a good heart of many women. There are not many and many on the cosmetic table, but if you are pregnant, do not use perfumes again, and do not stay in the environment with perfume, because the perfume contains some chemicals with some chemicalsSome perfume composition also contains musk, which is a taboo for pregnant mothers. It has side effects such as disturbing endocrine, and it will also cause abortion.

Six, mosquito coils

It is particularly annoying to get pregnant in summer, because the nourishment of mosquitoes will cause the pregnant mother to be unusually irritable, so some families will prepare electric mosquito coils, but it contains toxic substances, and the main component of mosquito -extinguishing products is a chrysanthemum.The pesticides of mosquitoes and flies are more harmful. These supplies may affect the intellectual development of the fetus and easily damage the development of the brain nervous system.

Therefore, the best way is to use mosquito nets and more physical methods.If mosquito bites are really powerful, you can add a little vitamin B appropriately, and eating more fruits and vegetables during pregnancy can reduce the red and swollen response after being bitten!

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