During pregnancy, is these changes in breasts normal?Will breasts sag after breastfeeding?

In addition to changes in the belly after pregnancy, the breasts are slowly changing. In fact, when you don’t know that you are pregnant, your breasts have begun to know.

Change 1. Breast pain

After pregnancy, the hormone in women’s body has changed, and the human chorionic gonad hormone is one of them. This hormone has begun to increase in the body, and human choricular gonad hormones will cause the secretion of progesterone and estrogen.Gradually increase, the increase of these hormones can make the breasts feel painful.

Change 2. Breasts become larger

Change three, areola black

After pregnancy, the nipples and areolas will turn black under the action of hormones, and the color will gradually fade after delivery.

Change 4. Breast sensitivity

Because the breast becomes larger, the breasts will become very sensitive, and the breasts will hurt as soon as they touch. Do not stimulate the breast at this time.

Change five, milk secretion

Some pregnant mothers will have milk secretion before childbirth, but the amount will not be too much, and it will show yellow or white. Do not squeeze it at this time, gently wipe and keep the nipple dry.

Some mothers will sag about breasts after breastfeeding, thinking that this is related to breastfeeding, but in fact, breast sagging after lactation has nothing to do with breastfeeding. Breast drooping is actually a normal physiological phenomenon.It is a breast suspension ligament. After pregnancy, the breasts are heavier due to factors such as breasts and milk. When the weight of the breast increases, the suspension of the breast will slowly becomes relaxed, and the breasts will gradually sag.

Pregnancy is a very great thing. At this time, pregnant mothers and babies should pay attention to:

1. Early pregnancy:

Specific mothers should replenish folic acid in accordance with the doctor’s advice, avoid drinking strong tea, develop regular schedules, and avoid tiredness. Some expectant mothers will have a pregnancy reaction. At this timeHigh sex.

2. In the middle of pregnancy

Pay attention to diet, do not eat irritating foods, but also control your diet to avoid your baby and mother’s weight grow too fast, exercise appropriately, do not stand for a long time to avoid constipation.

Third, the pregnancy period

Because the third trimester is about to give birth, pregnant mothers should prepare for the delivery bag, find abnormal fetal movement, etc. to go to the hospital in time, and pay attention to the signs of labor, such as contraction, water breaking, red, etc.Expectant.

Finally, we should remind pregnant mothers that the weight management during pregnancy is critical!

In the management of pregnancy, we must not only control the weight of the pregnant woman itself, but also manage the weight of the baby, because this can reduce the difficulty of natural delivery and related risks.

Under normal circumstances, within 12 weeks of pregnancy, the weight gain of pregnant women should not exceed 2 kg. In the second trimester, the 12 weeks of pregnancy to 28 weeks, the weight should not increase by more than 3 kg, the third trimester, that is, 28 weeks of pregnancy to childbirth,The weight should not increase by more than 5 kg.

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