During extramarital affairs, she found that her wife was pregnant, and she no longer contacted me

Zhang Ailing once said that red roses and white roses did not know how I should choose.

When the wife is pregnant, the husband should take care of his wife. A person cannot live for his own comfort. He thinks about the other person. People cannot be so selfish.I have to find more reasons for myself. If each man is as pathetic as his wife and is very gentle, there will be a bad relationship between husband and wife?

Let me tell you a story. I met her two years ago. Maybe you think this would be extramarital affairs, but I do n’t think she was Xiao San’s time. I was very difficult. At that time, I was fighting with my wife.Half because of having a child, half because my career did not improve, and there was pressure in this family.

My wife and I have been in love to getting married for almost ten years. I have long been passionate. The life of the husband and wife is like doing homework, and we are the same years old. They are all in their early 30s.I feel that I have to take the time to ask for a child. In order to accurately operate, eugenics and eugenics, every time my wife must calculate the same time in the same room, so as to conceive, so that everyone is tired.

Gradually, it was even more indifferent to that thing. The longest time of the two of us was three and a half intervals. Although under the same roof, each other really didn’t have any thoughts.It is also time to say that working overtime and inconvenient to live in the unit dormitory is that time, and I gradually came together with him.

We are friends and met at the party.He is 28 years old and works in the media. He belongs to the kind of girl and unrestrained girl. During that time, my wife often lived in the unit. So after work, I had a lot of private time.Call this girl to eat and massage K. What about her working hours?It was also very free. I have never refused to invite me. With the call, we were talking about it.Later, I talked about love, and then I talked about the bed. From then on, it was out of control. During that time, the two of us often opened the house. I also bought him clothes and jewelry. Gradually, his previous experienceI will also tell me that he had had twice for his ex -boyfriend, but was relentlessly abandoned.

He particularly trust me, and things that are unwilling to work and life will tell me that this is very different from my wife. I think I have no sense of presence in my wife’s life.He never told me about the unit. Sometimes he sees his temper for no reason. I will ask you what is not unpleasant. He stares, what’s the matter with you?Anyway, it was all kinds of disgusting me. Later, I was too lazy to ask my wife, but it was very different from the lover. He was willing to tell me everything, and he cared about my opinion. Whenever I was talking, he would be serious about when I spoke.Listening, I found the sense of presence to be a man on him.

I moved her true feelings about her. Later, my lover began to ask constantly. Can I accompany her often?I know she wants me to divorce, and I can always be with me forever. Indeed, I am very relaxed with her. I did not face so much pressure in my wife.Re -shuffle?On the one hand, it is more than nine years of knowledge, love each other, love each other, feel the same hands and feet, full of affection, on the other is fresh and hot.La Kaki was full of love, making me proud, proud, and satisfying. As I hesitated, my wife suddenly told me that she was pregnant.

When I heard this news, I was like poured down a pot of cold water. The parents of the two attached great importance to this matter. The mother -in -law simply rushed from the field to take care of the fetus.Go home to take care of his wife and take care of his mother -in -law, and gradually contacted less with his lover. Sometimes he may have to wait until the middle of the night after the middle of the night.It’s easy to draw time recently, and my lover tells me that she is almost 30 years old and wants to get married. Since then, he will not take the initiative to contact me, she will not reply to my date information, or know that if you do n’t divorceIt means that he has to break up with him completely. Maybe from the perspective of others, Xiao San’er broke up peacefully. This is not the most happy ending of extramarital affairs, but I am very passionate with him!I’m reluctant, how can I kick me away like this? Let ’s have a buffer period to break up?

That person is emotional. I can accept it. In the future, the two of us will not end in the future, but I can’t accept this sudden end. Then I think that my request is not too much. What do you think?

A man’s extramarital affair, freshmen can let us look directly at men to steal affection. In the most authentic heart, you said that I can accept the two of us and do not end, but I can’t accept this sudden end.

Let me explain this sentence, what you mean is that I didn’t feel it about him in the future, I am willing to break up with him.But I have n’t slept enough now. I ca n’t give up my own benefits. I can understand what you call the buffer period. It ’s before you lose interest in her body. This girl cannot leave first, especially my wife nowWhen I am pregnant, it is the most torment for men.At this time, the lover lifts up, that is really fueling on the fire.We can understand, but I feel so entangled.

In this way, which girl is too unfair to which girls, since they can’t give their promises, why should they consume people’s youth, just to be lonely in their hearts?Being a person can not be so selfish. If a man loves a woman, on the other side, he can play the role of a qualified husband and make your wife pregnant. If this is also called love, then I think it is the word of love for love.Insultation, if you still have a man’s role as a man, hurry up and accept it, and then entangle the children who have not been born in the big belly at that time.Coupled with a lover who wants to marry you, this rotten stall depends on how you end.

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