During different stages of pregnancy, the causes of abdominal pain are different!What are you vigilant, you can understand after reading

A person’s life will experience a lot of feelings, such as the hot summer, the coolness of the early autumn, the hotness of the bread, the softness of the fabric, the hardness of the seaside stones, and the pain that we do not want to feel.

The pain is the earliest and most subjective internal sensation in everyone’s life. It is often associated with "danger" and "disease".

In the international medical community, it is listed as the fifth largest "life signs" after "breathing, pulse, blood pressure, and body temperature".

Since 2004, the International Pain Society will set up October 11 as the World Affairs Day, allowing people to better understand pain.

The deepest pain in the world is probably the pain of the mother’s childbirth.Before childbirth, expectant mothers were already suffering from various pains.

Many people have improper pain, especially for chronic pain.

But for expectant mothers, no kind of pain can be ignored.Today, Uncle Gai came to explore the characteristics of abdominal pain at different stages of pregnant mothers.

Some pregnant mothers will have discomfort such as lower abdomen, mild abdominal pain, etc. Most of the durations are relatively short. If there is no bleeding, there is a pain in the pain near the small belly, which is normal.It means that the baby is growing slowly, and the uterus is slowly growing up.

If this is the case, pregnant mothers have to rest more, and it will usually be fine after a while.

At the same time, I feel uncomfortable in the stomach and want to vomit. This is also a relatively normal early pregnancy reaction. Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to the light diet.

In addition, you will feel back pain, which is also a normal phenomenon, to maintain adequate sleep.

If the pregnant mother feels that the lower abdomen has a tear -like colic and it lasts for a long time, it may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy. You need to go to the hospital for further examination to prevent a large amount of internal bleeding and life -threatening.

If the small belly feels painful and painful, and the vagina begins to bleed, this may be a threatened abortion.Both situations must be taken to the hospital in time.

At this stage, pregnant mothers usually feel the pain of pain on one side or sides of the lower abdomen, often only painful, and then take turns on both sides.Especially when getting out of bed in the morning and evening, this feeling is more obvious.

This is because the ligaments that support the uterus in the pelvis are stretched and thickened in order to adapt to the increasing uterus. It provides nutrient blood vessels and nerves that dominate the uterus.The device is oppressed and causes pain.

If the pregnant mother suddenly changes the posture, such as the bed, standing up, coughing, and turning over, they may feel short tingling; if the pregnant mother moves a large amount of activity on one day, she may feel dull pain.

Generally, as weeks increase, discomfort will be reduced or disappeared.These phenomena are normal, and the amplitude of pregnant mothers move less.

If the pregnant mother feels that abdominal pain is for a while, or it continues to fall in the lower abdomen, just like the pain before menstruation or during menstruation. At the same time, it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding.

In the middle and late pregnancy, because the baby gradually grows up, the pressure in the abdominal cavity of the pregnant mother will also rise. If the esophageal cracks of the pregnant woman are widened, the bottom of the stomach may be pushed into the chest cavity through the widening esophageal hole."Esophageal cracked hernia".

Due to the relaxation of the upper mouth of the stomach, the stomach acid, gas, and food in the stomach can return to the esophagus or oral cavity.Stomach acid stimulates the esophagus mucosa, and a reflux esophagitis occurs, which causes abdominal pain in pregnant mothers.

It is recommended that expectant mothers: eat less meals, eat less sweet, spicy, and too sticky foods; it is not advisable to lie flat on the bed after meals, and do not lie too low, bend over as little as possible to reduce stomach acid back.EssenceIf you find the symptoms of gastric return flow, you can raise the upper body for about 20 °.

Abdominal pain in the middle of pregnancy cannot be careless. Pregnant mothers must have a birth check -up on time.

The pregnant mothers at this stage have been very hard. As the baby grows up and enters the basin, pregnant mothers will have dull pain and pubic pain. These are normal phenomena.After birth, it will slowly disappear.

Pregnant mothers also have abdominal pain caused by pseudo -contractions. They usually last for several seconds, intermittent, but there is no pain in the lower abdomen.

Constipation at this stage is also easy to occur, and it is easy to cause bloating.Pregnant mothers at this stage need to avoid tiredness, rest more, eat less and eat, and maintain a happy mood.

If you feel that the lower abdomen has tear pain, the continuous contraction is strong, and there is also the phenomenon of vaginal hemorrhage, it may be that the placenta is cut early or even the placenta early.In this case, don’t hesitate, and immediately take it to the hospital.

In addition to pregnancy, other emergency pain may also cause abdominal pain, such as acute appendicitis. If you eat bad things, you will cause diarrhea, too greasy to cause acute pancreatitis.

Uncle Milk suggested that no matter what kind of pain, don’t bear it, don’t be afraid of trouble, or go to the hospital for checking the best.

Although the elderly often said to the young mother, "Women are not all like this, just tolerate it." But the body is his own, and any of the intentions may regret the future.

Milk powder, what is your most painful experience?

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