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Pregnancy is a very important stage for every family, especially for some families with a long -term pregnancy or older pregnant mothers.But many pregnant mothers will have a lot of questions about pregnancy tests. What are the examinations during pregnancy?Or is it going to go together?

There are often prospective moms consulting small assistants for pregnancy cards, diet, reports and other kinds of pregnancy. They often see these questions in the mother group.I will bring you various strategies to the pregnancy period in the public account article. Please look forward to it. At the same time, you can tell me if you have any problems with pregnant moms.Related strategy.

And what else do you do in addition to protecting the baby in the early stages of pregnancy?What do you want to do to the hospital again?In the early days, it was the most confused. Today, the little assistant will answer questions and solve your doubts, so that everyone can take less detours, and they can also "make money".

Xiamen City’s Card for Pregnancy Card

When you are pregnant, the first thing you need to do is of course the baby to build a growth file.So how to build a file?Unrexible moms should think of online inquiry on the Internet for the first time, and the Internet will generally tell you to go to relevant hospitals to build cards at 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The little assistant tells you that it is a bit late to build the card again in 12 weeks.Normally, go to the hospital from 6 to 8 after pregnancy to confirm pregnancy, and then go to B -ultrasound to determine the intrauterine pregnancy.After the fetal heart), it is the embryo to go to bed successfully.Don’t be anxious), you can go to the relevant hospital to build a card.

B ultrasound has a list of germ and fetal heart

After confirming these, you must go to the relevant hospital to build a card as soon as possible. The important things are important: the earlier the card, the better, the earlier the card, the better, the earlier the card, the better!To build a card early, you can understand the situation in advance. In 12 weeks, you can transfer the card to the large hospital produced in the future. Don’t worry about no bed and not accepting pregnant moms.

Xiamen can build various institutions

There are two types of cards, one is to go to the community hospital to build cards (the man or woman is a Xiamen resident and a woman who has a Xiamen residence permit).EssenceAnother is that both parties are not in Xiamen residents, and the woman does not have a residence permit. She needs to go to other private hospitals such as municipal women, children, children, or Lugang.Warm reminder: There is a discount for building cards in community hospitals with a household registration or residence permit!

■ 3 times of the community free production inspection (free basic service items, including building cards);

■ Once the priority registration of the community to the intentional hospital (WeChat reservation in advance, no need to "grab" in seconds);

■ 1 high -quality gestation bed (the bed is guaranteed).

For the first time to build a card, the information that needs to be carried is: B -ultrasound (that is, the germ, fetal heart list mentioned above), the identity card of the husband and wife, and marriage certificate.When the card is built, the doctor will ask you the basic situation of the last menstrual period and the work unit. In addition to the conventional height and weight, remember that the empty stomach has passed, because you also need to take a series of projects such as blood testing, electrocardiogram, and urine tests.After the card is built, the doctor will write the date of the next production check on your little red book. The pregnant mother should pay attention to it.

When building a card, the doctor will let the pregnant mother fill the information in the beautiful Lugao · Smart and Health public account

For the first time, you can understand the physical related situation of the pregnant mother, and evaluate the pregnancy risk level of the pregnant mother based on the examination.There is no risk of green. The risk of pregnancy can be divided into blue, yellow, orange, and red. For pregnant mothers over 35 years old, and pregnant mothers with abnormal indicators are high -risk mothers, they need to go to production after the card is built.The hospital was conducted in the hospital, and the green and low -risk pregnant mothers could be checked in the community until 20 weeks.

The benefits of building cards in the community are really many:

First of all, they all built cards in the community hospital where their residential areas are located, so they are close to home without going up and down from long distances.

Second, time is life, especially for the pregnant mummy who is still at work.Community hospitals are not as many as large hospitals. Basically, they do not need to line up to wait for the production inspection, and save a lot of time.The work inspection is not wrong.

Third, many projects in the community inspection are free, and you can save your wallet for a lot of expenditures. This is a proper "making money".

Fourth, saving time and money, of course, is also energy -saving. Compared with various hospitals to go to large hospitals, the community’s production inspection can be said to be paradise.

In addition, the general pregnant mother needs to conduct a series of examinations when establishing a pregnancy test file in the hospital, and this process is cumbersome. At this time, the pregnant father is best to accompany him.And in the process of building files, pregnant mothers need to draw blood. Once the blood type of the pregnant mother is O blood type, in order to prevent ABO hemolysis that is likely to occur, pregnant dads are also best to check the blood type.

Of course, the probability of this situation that pregnant mothers can rest assured that this situation is very low. Generally, neonatal jaundice is more common, and the symptoms of anemia will occur 3-6 weeks of birth. These symptoms are also slightly comparable.If the hemorrhoids detected are more serious, then hear the hospital’s suggestions for diagnosis and treatment.

When the card is built, the doctors of the community hospital will first ask if you have the favorite production hospital. Many people will choose the first hospital with the strongest medical technology, the maternal and children of the specialist hospital, and the Chinese Medicine Hospital, the 174 Hospital, and the Zhongshan HospitalThe newly opened Hongai Hospital, etc., the situation of each hospital is different. For details, you can ask the community hospital.But there is a very important place here to understand.

Suppose you compare the first hospital and the city’s women and children, and the community doctors will tell you the relevant situation based on your choice. Assuming that you are going to produce in the first hospital in the future, you must take the time to register the first hospital immediately. ReservationChecking and three -dimensional B -ultrasound (that is, large row of abnormalities), be sure to make an appointment in advance. The medical resources of the first hospital are tense and cannot make an appointment when it is late.

The little assistant went to the First Hospital to make an appointment in the first hospital in less than 9 weeks. At that time, the doctor said that it was different. Fortunately, it was just an appointment.A friend just went to three -dimensional in the afternoon on the afternoon of my appointment. As a result, he was informed that he couldn’t get an appointment and went to other hospitals to see.It is enough to see how nervous the medical resources of the big hospital are!

However, if the pregnant mother is going to go to the municipal maternal and children to produce in the future, then there is no need to make an appointment so early. As long as the 12 -turn card, the city maternal and children will make an appointment after confirming the bed.In other hospitals, you can consult community doctors according to your favorite production hospital.

Speaking of which, everyone may be a bit embarrassed. What is a transfer card?In fact, the transfer card is to let the community doctors help you make an appointment for your favorite production hospital, and then go to the hospital where you are located to confirm the bed. The confirmation bed here is not directly there is a bed, but the hospital will check and produce here after receiving you.The transfer card is generally confirmed to the hospital during the 14th weeks of pregnancy after the reservation bed is successful.

Therefore, the benefits of building a card are highlighted. To build the card early, the community doctors can give you suggestions according to your relevant situation, and will not miss you, instead of missing the more difficult to make an appointment like NT and a large row.Very important inspection.

Having said so much, do you know more about building cards and precautions in the early stages of pregnancy?If you have any questions, please leave a message to discuss.

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