Drinking a drink for 9 years during pregnancy, are you still drinking?

There is a saying in the folk that expectant mothers have been drinking, and the baby is fainted for 9 years.I believe you have heard of it. Is this true?Can women drink during pregnancy?What should I do if I accidentally drink?

Can pregnant women drink alcohol?There is a saying in the folk that expectant mothers have been drinking, and the baby is fainted for 9 years.In fact, drinking after pregnancy does have a great impact on the healthy development of the fetus.So, can pregnant women drink?Will there be any impact on the fetus after drinking?What should I do if I accidentally drink during pregnancy?

The impact of drinking for pregnant women on the fetus

Scholars have proven that regular drinking will affect the development of the fetus.When you drink, alcohol will quickly reach the baby in your belly with your blood circulation.

Drinking more than 6 units of alcohol per day may cause the baby to show the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).Babies with congenital fetal alcohol syndrome will show their intelligence and development, behavioral problems, and facial and heart defects.

Compared with the babies born of the expectant mother who quit drinking during pregnancy, the babies born to pregnant women who drink more than 2 glasses of wine every day have more problems in learning speaking, insisting on paying attention, speech and polymotidation.These features are concentrated in the fetal alcohol effect (FAE).Although the fetal alcohol effect (FAE) is not as serious as the fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), it is still harmful.

What should I do if my expectant mother accidentally drinks?

What should I do if pregnant women drink alcohol?

First, if the pregnant woman drinks it, do not be too frightened after drinking alcohol. Because the body has the function of self -conditioning, there is a local alcohol body that will be synthesized by themselves.To be pessimistic and positive, because if it is too worried, it will reduce physical resistance, and there will be a negative impact on children.

Second, do a detailed physical examination. If you drink before, it is best to do a detailed examination immediately. Consult the doctor if you can affect the fetus, including the time of drinking, drinking the amount of alcohol, etc., so that the doctor can target it.It can minimize the harm of alcohol about fetus.

Third, more vitamins and folic acid are added. Many women will add more folic acid after pregnancy. Because this substance can reduce fetal neuropathic deformity and cardiovascular disease, it can effectively prevent fetal congenital malformations.Eat more fruits and vegetables to do it, reduce the probability of defect attacks, and promote the healthy development of the baby.

Being a mother must have more obligations. The attention of physical health is not just to take office, but also to give children better care.When you come into contact with tobacco and alcohol, you have to know this.

Can pregnant women drink alcohol?During pregnancy, you must stop drinking.

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