Drink three more soups after pregnancy, appetizing and nutrients, and no longer meat, help the fetal brain development

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When Li Li was not pregnant, I didn’t like to drink water very much. From time to time, I drank some soda or drinks.

After pregnancy, she often feels particularly thirsty, and dare not drink too much drink. She dare not drink too much when she drinks 2 to 3 bottles a day.If you can only drink boiling water or sometimes do not drink boiling water, you feel that your throat is going to be fired!

There is a cousin in Li Li as a clinical nutritionist. When she learned about Li Li, she suggested that she can usually make some rare soy milk to drink, put a little sugar or not put sugar.Because when drinking soy milk, there are a small amount of protein in soy milk, so that water can stay in the human body for a longer time, and the effect of quenching thirst is better.

Eat some fruit with high moisture content when adding meals!

You can also buy some fresh lemon, squeeze two drops of lemonade and drink it in boiling water more comfortably.

The cousin learned that Li Li was not very regular because she had a diet before pregnancy. After pregnancy, she was not very interested in food. From time to time, she ate some snacks, which caused the weight to grow faster, but from time to time, she was cramping.

The cousin also asked Li Li’s husband to learn to make these three soups, saying that these three soups are rich in nutrition, and they can also appetite and have no meat.

Li Li’s husband is also very obedient. I bought the ingredients several times according to the recipe. Li Li is usually very picky, but every time she make these soups, she can drink two bowls and eatSome of the soups inside!

After eating for a few weeks, her husband found that Li Li’s face was better, and Li Li himself felt that the symptoms of thirsty were well eased!

The first: seaweed tomato shrimp skin soup

This soup is very simple, that is, the tomato slices are thrown in the pot with shrimp skin, and it is a fast soup, but the nutritional value in this soup is very high.

Lavers are very rich in iodine and calcium. 100 grams of laver contain 4323 mg of iodine and 264 mg of calcium.

The shrimp skin contains 991 mg of calcium per 100 grams.Tomatoes are rich in carotene and vitamin C.

This dish can be said to have iodine supplementation of calcium and supplement vitamins, plus the combination of tomato acid and laver, and taste very good.

Especially when my mother appetite in the early pregnancy, she can make this soup from time to time to drink, and she can also appetite!

Iodine is essential for the nerve development of the fetus.

The Chinese Institute of Nutrition also suggested that pregnant mothers eat seaweed or kelp 2 to 3 times a week, seafood, and hair dishes!

The second way: vegetable clam soup

You can choose to cook soup with the fragrant clams such as shiitake mushrooms, fungus or celery, green bamboo shoots.

Clade is a high -protein, high -calcium high -speed rail high -zinc food.

100 grams of clams, containing 10.1 grams of protein; 133 mg of calcium; 10.9 mg of iron; 2.38 mg of zinc.

The rich protein, coupled with vitamin rich vegetables, can make the mother’s fetal no longer meat.

High -content iron can help the fetus’s blood supply and oxygen, and help the fetal brain development.

High -content calcium helps prevent cramps when she is pregnant, and it also helps the development of fetal bones.

Zinc helps to stimulate the appetite of the mother and make the mother eat more fragrant.

This soup is simple and convenient to make, and the combination of vegetables can also be whatever. It is easy to default calcium deficiency in the middle and late pregnancy.

Third: Winter melon lean meat quail eggs and seaweed soup

The main ingredients are winter melon lean meat, cooked quail eggs, seaweed, green onions, and recommended use of flaxseed oil. Winter melon lean meat is cut into grains and cooks in the pot, then puts in quail eggs.A few drops of linseed oil, this taste will be more fragrant!

Moms are prone to edema in the third trimester, and winter melon is a kind of vegetable that can benefit edema. In addition, the calories of winter melon are very low, and the mother is not easy to gain weight after eating.

Lean meat is rich in protein and iron, which helps to supplement iron and protein.

Although quail eggs are relatively small, they have the nutrients that eggs should have, with high -quality protein and lecithin.

Laver is rich in iodine and calcium.

Coupled with linseed oil and a large amount of α-linolenic acid, it can be converted into DHA in the body, which helps the fetal brain development.

It can be said that a very simple soup can allow mothers to eliminate edema, protein, iron supplement, and calcium supplementation. It is a soup that the mother recommends drinking more during pregnancy.

When she is pregnant, she learns to make some nutritious and appetizing soups or recipes, which can make the mother eat happily during pregnancy and eat long fetus and not meat.

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