Drink plenty of water after pregnancy, but "hurt" when drinking is not right.

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Pregnancy is the hardest and most happy stage in women’s life. Even if you have to face various discomforts such as pregnancy, back pain, constipation, edema, frequent urination, etc., when you think that you will have a cute baby after ten months, you will have a cute baby, so you will have a cute baby, so you will have a cute baby, so you will have a cute baby.I think the world is worth it.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are no longer alone, so the demand for nutrition and moisture will increase, but this does not mean that it can be supplemented at will.

Xiaotao is now 34 weeks of pregnancy, and the constipation is particularly serious recently.

Colleagues told Xiaotao that drinking plenty of water can promote bowel movements, but in the late pregnancy period, the belly is getting bigger and bigger. It is easy to go to the toilet with a little water, and the edema is very powerful.

In this comparison, she didn’t know whether she should drink water, and she felt that she couldn’t.

Therefore, the doctor’s opinion was deliberately consulted during the birth checkup. The doctor said that the amniotic fluid and blood capacity of women after pregnancy were increasing. ThereforeEspecially things.

In fact, the "Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines" actually gives specific suggestions on this issue: pregnant women drink about 1700 to 2000 ml daily.

It should be noted that the water referred to here is warm water, which is suitable for pregnant mothers.

Women’s immunity will become lower after pregnancy, which is different from the previous constitution.

If you drink cold water, it is easy to cause intestinal colic. Drinking ice water may cause uterine contraction and premature birth. Drinking drinks will not only gain weight, but also increase blood sugar, and drink tea to be more likely to insomnia.

It can be seen that except for warm water, there are certain disadvantages of the remaining water, so it is not recommended to drink.

Regardless of ordinary people or pregnant women, a lot of water is needed every day, so as to ensure normal metabolism and development of the body.Pregnant women belong to a special group, and it is even more necessary to drink plenty of water.

1) Increase amniotic fluid

As we all know, after women are pregnant, the fetus has gradually grown in the uterus, and the most inseparable is the protection of amniotic fluid.

Some expectant mothers have less amniotic fluid for various reasons. Therefore, doctors recommend drinking more warm water to supplement the amount of amniotic fluid.Only in this way can we create a good living space for the baby.

2) Avoid urinary tract infection

After pregnancy, the secretions of women’s vagina will gradually increase. At the same time, due to the decrease in resistance, if you do not pay attention to hygiene, it is easy to cause urinary tract infection.

On the contrary, if the pregnant mother drinks more water and urinate more every day, it can reduce the probability of urinary tract infection.

3) Reduce respiratory infection

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s physique is weak. Drinking plenty of water can help reduce the probability of infection in the respiratory tract and avoid sore throat and influenza.

4) Promote defecation

As the fetus enters the middle and late pregnancy, the body shape will gradually become larger, and the uterus will also bring greater compression to the bladder and rectum, affecting gastrointestinal motility.

This is why most expectant mothers have constipation after pregnancy, and the physiological factors are affected by this.If the expectant mothers can drink more water every day, they can play a certain degree of relief.

But drinking plenty of water after pregnancy, but if you do n’t drink it, you will “hurt their fetuses”. Drinking the amount of water and the way of drinking water are the key mothers need to focus on it.

It is recommended that pregnant women follow the "Guidelines for the Dietary of Chinese Residents" in accordance with the "Guidelines for the Dietary of Chinese Residents".

But some pregnant women are also very puzzled. Drink so much water every day and run the toilet, and may still have edema. What can I do?How about drinking?

In general, pregnant women drink water to follow the following principles, and the basic problems are not big.

1) Drink water in a small amount

The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" proposes that pregnant women drink nearly 1700 to 2000 ml of water every day, but they do not drink it a few times, and can be allocated to a small amount within a day.

For example, drink every 2 hours and drink about 300ml at a time.

It is unscientific and other issues to arrange time according to the specific situation. Do not wait until thirst and drink water.

2) Other hydration methods

If you drink 2000ml of warm water every day after pregnancy, I believe it will inevitably have disgusting water.

In fact, in addition to warm water, we can also replenish water through other warm things, such as soy milk, soup, porridge, etc.

Especially the expectant mothers who do not like to drink water, drink more soy milk and yogurt, can also supplement protein.

3) Drink as little water as much as possible before going to bed

After pregnancy, the uterus is compressed to the bladder, and there will be frequent urination. This is unavoidable by pregnant mothers.

Therefore, try to drink less water as much as possible before going to bed to avoid affecting the quality of sleep at night. After all, it is directly related to fetal development.

All in all, it is essential for pregnant women to drink water, but must be determined according to their own actual situation.

Under normal circumstances, all normal pregnant women during pregnancy can consume 2000 ml of water per day.If there are many or other types of amniotic fluid or other types of problems, you must follow the doctor’s advice.

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