Drink cola kill?Stupid?One hour after drinking a can of cola, what did you experience?

Leisure and entertainment, dinner singing, two bottles of drinks.What do you drink?Many people think of cola, this sweet bubble drink is loved by everyone.

However, there are also many "negative" news about cola, killing essence, stupidity, rotten teeth, muscle weakness, etc. Which is true?Let’s take a look today.

A green potion was invented in the nineteenth century, and it relieved headaches.However, the potion is not very good. In order to make themselves comfortable, the inventor adds sucrose and soda to the soda. At this point, the prototype of cola slowly appears.

After that, a rich man discovered business opportunities and improved the potion, and finally became the cola we are drinking now.

The current cola and the original generation are completely two -cooked. Most of them are water and sugar, followed by food additives.Although the ingredients are simple, it is strange. After entering the stomach, it will release the gas, bringing a sense of coolness, and making people want to stop.

1. Drinking Cola can turn out stones and kidney stones?

The ingredients such as fruit acids and gums in food will condense and become hardened together under the boot of gastric acid, which will cause abdominal pain.

Earlier, a digestive doctor allowed patients to drink a lot of cola to dissolve gastric stones, so that many people mistakenly thought that as long as there was stones, they could be dissolved with cola. This idea was incorrect.

It is only useful for just formed stones, and it is necessary to assist stone retrieval surgery.

Coke is helpless for kidney stones, and excessive sugar will increase the burden on renal tubular filtration, causing stones to become larger and cause pain.If patients have chronic kidney disease and long -term drinking cola, it may lead to kidney fibrosis and develop to renal failure.

2. Drinking Cola will "dissolve" muscles for a long time?

Some netizens said that after drinking a lot of cola to go to the stairs, it is like stepping on cotton.This situation may be related to the two reasons. One point is to take away a large amount of potassium ions when the metabolites are metabolized, causing muscle weakness.

Another point is that the islet cells start working after a large amount of sugar. After a period of time, the blood sugar will decrease, and the concentration of potassium ions will also decrease. The changes in blood sugar and potassium ions will affect muscle work.

However, you do n’t have to worry about it. It is not directly dissolved in the muscles. After stopping drinking, it will return to normal quickly, but be careful not to excessive amounts and long -term drinking, which is not good for metabolic and electrolyte balance.

3. Does Cola kill Essence?

One walking a digestive tract, finally becoming urine, and sperm in the seminal vesicles, the two substances will not interfere with each other

Some people say that there are caffeine in Coke, but in fact caffeine does not kill essence, coffee and tea water have this ingredient.

As long as men are healthy, do not be in high temperature and radiation environment for a long time, which does not easily affect sperm quality.

What really pay attention to is smoking, drinking, obesity, staying up late, and sitting for a long time. These bad habits must be changed in time.

In short, Coke is an ordinary drink. Drinking in moderation is not harmful to the human body. You don’t have to worry too much.Even if you particularly like to drink cola, you need to converge appropriately, because carbonated drinks are easy to corrode your teeth and make people fatter.

This uncle did not like to drink cola in general, he had to bring cola to doing work and eating. After drinking a big sip, drinking a big sip, and eating with cola rice.

A bucket of 1.5L cola was finished for a while, and his wife did not hear how to persuade him.The uncle has been drinking for more than 20 years, which is equivalent to drinking one -third of the swimming pool, and he will continue to drink in the future.

In his opinion, drinking cola makes him happy and make him have no pain, but this approach is not recommended to imitate it. Just look at the uncle’s teeth.Essence

Boring, lonely, party, a cup of "happy water", make you unable to sigh comfortably.But do you know what changes in your body after your belly?

After ten minutes of drinking Cola, the sugar ingested on the day had exceeded the standard.A bottle of cola is about 53 grams of sugar, and the sugar per person per day is healthy below 25 grams.

A large amount of sugar enters the islet cells and starts to work, and breaks them into fat and calories. This job begins about 20 minutes.

After the body gets sufficient sugar and energy, you will feel very energetic, the brain is excited, and the blood pressure is a bit higher.

It is very difficult to sleep at this time. If you are usually prone to insomnia, do not drink cola and other drinks 45 minutes before going to bed, and your brain is easy to get up.

When you managed to have a little sleep, the bladder began to rebel again, and you would want to urinate. As the water was lost from the body, the nutrients were lost, and the nutrition of bones and teeth decreased.

It can be seen that drinking Coke is not only happy and cool, but also damage to the body, but you can’t find the damage in the body.It’s not that you ca n’t drink a little cola, but you ca n’t treat it as the main drink. Daily drinking water is still healthy, and Coke must be suitable.

Similar drinks should drink less, containing a lot of syrup and additives. Drinking a lot of drinking is not good for children’s development, and it is also bad for the bones of middle -aged and elderly people.

Long -term sweetness will make you develop preferences and do not like to eat light. In this way, it will also cause uneven diet and lack of nutrition. You must change it in time.

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