Dreams can reflect your current state. What did you dream of?Come in and have a look

▼ Falling psychologist Ian Wallace believes that this type of dream represents "the fear of out of control". There are some sudden changes in your life, and you cannot deal with it. Scientists have also explained this type from the physiology.Dreams, after falling into the sleep, the nervous system gradually calms, blood pressure and heart rate decreased. The brain will mistake these changes to be a dangerous signal, and then wake you up by falling into this nightmare!This type of dream also includes flying. This is the desire of getting rid of the burden and gaining freedom in the heart, but the dream of flying gradually becomes fewer after adulthood, and most of them are falling dreams!

▼ The drop of teeth is also a symbol of power as a weapon in the subconscious.Dreaming of teeth may mean that you are fragile and lose your ability to protect yourself in reality. Some people think that this type of dream is related to anger!When people are angry, they can’t help but grit their teeth. If you are frustrated in reality and your heart is full of resentment, you may have this type of dream!

▼ Even if the test is frustrated, even if it is a person who has left the school for a long time, you may also have a dream of this type!In your dreams, you have no preparations in the face of the exam. The brain is blank. This may be because your pressure is too strong in reality, and you are still worried about something before going to bed.

▼ In your dreams naked, you wear inappropriate clothes in front of everyone, and even naked. If you feel ashamed and embarrassing, it may be because you are in an embarrassing situation in reality.EssenceIf you feel proud of in your dreams, it may be because you long for the attention and recognition of others, and hope that someone can see your personality and talent.

▼ Lauri Loewenberg, a bad guy, believes that those who do not dare to face conflict and choose to escape when they encounter problems, and often have this type of dream!The ancestors were chased by predators and fled desperately!

▼ This type of nightmare of natural disasters and human disasters may mean that your life is out of control or is in deep concerns!However, the Internet is too developed now, and the news of natural disasters and human disasters abound. Seeing this kind of news, you may also have this type of dream.In the dream, consciousness is sober, but the body cannot move, nor can it say, that is, the commonly known "ghostly pressing bed"!From a physiological perspective, this is the phenomenon that the meson of the human central nervous system in charge of awakening is started, but the organization that controls the movement function is still caused by the shutdown state. It will not endanger health.It’s!

▼ Mechanical failure In dreams, the device you use is faulty, such as a problem with the dial -up dial, or the wrong number, women often have this type of dream!This represents concerns about interpersonal relationships. They want to establish contact with others in reality as soon as possible!Dreaming of a vehicle failure means that you are isolated in reality and cannot deal with your current difficulties.

▼ Some men will also have this type of dream; this represents new hope. In reality, your life may have exciting changes, such as career development, emotional progress, and so on.

▼ You may be very busy in reality, and you have no time to take care of everything.You are afraid of alienation with your relatives and friends, fear of missing the growth of your child, and the pressure is very high.If you often do this type of dream, it is best to re -arrange the schedule and leave some time for yourself.

▼ This type of dream of a strange room represents self -awareness. If you are in a strange house in your dream, this means that you do n’t know enough about yourself and even suppress some things deep in your heart.If you are in a strange room in your dream, it means that you have a certain talent that has not been valued. If you dream of yourself in the kitchen, this represents the inner change; dreaming that you are in the bathroom, which means you in the bathroom.Want to get rid of something; dreaming that you are in the bedroom, representing your concerns about emotional life.

Everyone often says that dreaming is the opposite of reality, but dreams also reflect the desire of human beings. Although some people do not believe in dreams, there will be any development of dream interpretation. This will not be known until the future!In addition, everyone wants to answer the recent dreams, please pay attention to me and let me send me privately.

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