Dreaming of being pregnant means that I want to have a child?

You may have done a variety of dreams about pregnancy.Maybe you are pregnant by yourself, maybe someone else -sometimes people you know, and sometimes people who do not know.You may dream that you want to get pregnant, discover your pregnancy, have a baby, witness your delivery, and even dream about abortion.

Anyway, you may be curious about what this dream means and why you have this dream.If you have such a question, don’t worry, you are not alone."Dreams of pregnancy are one of the topics I often ask." Said Lao Lowel Louwenberg, a professional dream analyst.

In fact, if you are really pregnant, dreaming of these things is very common, but these dreams may have other meanings and explanations.

There may be a lot of reasons that cause you to have a dream of pregnancy, such as your own experience (such as those who are pregnant or knowing pregnancy), memory -related memories, wishes to be parents, changes or growth in life, and rightIn the future, I feel anxious or uncertain, or changes in hormonal levels as Sleep Health Experts and Ph.D. in Psychology, Sleby Harris.

In this article, we will share with you different types of dreams related to pregnancy.

How to understand the dream of pregnancy

All dreams have many possible explanations, and dreams related to pregnancy are no exception.And these dreams do not necessarily mean literally.Below, Luo Wenberg will tell us what different types of pregnancy dream represents.

(1) If you dream of being pregnant

Loweberg said that if you are in the childbearing age, dreaming that pregnancy may be your biological clock reminding you.Of course, if you are really pregnant, it is normal to have such a dream.

However, Lovinberg said that usually, (no matter how old) dreams that you are pregnant because of some things in your life have just begun and grow.For example, she said it might be:

One idea: This may be that you have an idea in your heart, but you need time to realize it, such as opening a new company.This idea may be very promising, but it has not yet reached the stage of maturity.One goal: It may be a goal you are working hard, and often appear in your mind, such as getting a degree.A change: It may also show that you are changing or adjusting your own aspects.

Just like the pregnancy will create a new life, if the dream is caused by the progress of life, the result of the dream is likely to be a new life -but not a new child, but a new self.

(2) If you dreamed that others are pregnant

If you or the people you know are really pregnant, it is normal to dream of this, because this topic may always be in your heart.

However, this dream may also have other meanings.For example, if you dreamed that the person around you was pregnant, this may show that you saw the progress of this person, Loweberg said.

On the other hand, if a person who is not familiar with is pregnant in your dream, then that person may symbolize the side of your own growth, Lovinberg said."For example, if you dreamed that people who work with you are pregnant, but you don’t know them much, then you may notice that some of the characteristics on them may be developing. Maybe that colleague is the person who can persuade customers in your team. This dream may mean that your ability and professional level are also improving. "

(3) If you dreamed that people who don’t know you get pregnant

Dreaming of a person who does not know may make you feel strange.However, this dream may have a certain relationship with you, but it may be a side that you are not familiar with, Loweberg said.

Maybe you have recently discovered a new interest, such as planting flowers, and you like it very much, and are very talented, and you want to continue to improve in this area -in this case, you may dream that a person who does not know knows is pregnantBecause of this idea, she said that for you, the blooming shop was a strange idea before.

When understanding your dreams, there is a good tip that almost everything and everyone in your dream represents part of your own.Dream is a way of deep self -reflection, almost always related to yourself.

– Lauri Loewenberg, professional dream analyst

(4) If you dream of having children

People who are really pregnant dreaming that there is normal children.

However, if you are not pregnant, this dream may have other meanings. It depends on whether you have a baby in your dream or see someone else and have children. Lovinberg said.

If you have a child in your dream: you have a child in your dream to explain your efforts or your "pay" now.When you get a degree or open a new company, making such a dream is very common.If you see others have children in a dream: seeing others in dreams may say that you have seen the efforts and achievements of others and are encouraged.

(5) If you dream of others say you are pregnant

Loweberg said that if you want to get pregnant and have this dream, this may be that your body is implying that you are pregnant.

However, if you don’t want to get pregnant, she said that this dream may show that others have seen some new changes on you, or you want others to find that you are doing something new and interesting.

(6) If you or your other half said in your dream, you want to have a baby

Loweberg said that if you or your half said in your dream, you want to have children, which may be your subconscious preparation for the idea of building a family.

However, even if you haven’t thought about it, you may have such a dream.If you have a child in your current plan at all, then doing this dream may mean that you need more time and energy to maintain your relationship with the other half, or add some new elements to your relationship to help it developFor example, find a new project that can be played together.Loweberg said that this can make you closer.

(7) If you dreamed of abortion or small production

Loweberg said that people who are really pregnant dream of abortion are common.In fact, making nightmares and not sleeping is a common phenomenon of pregnancy, especially in the last three months.

Loweberg said that dreaming of miscarriage is not necessarily indicating something, but reflecting your concerns, especially when you are the first pregnancy or a high risk of pregnancy."On the contrary, these dreams are like a pressure valve, letting your subconscious release your fear in your dreams, and help you discharge them from your body."

On the other hand, if you are not pregnant, dreaming of abortion may mean an idea, planning or goal that cannot be achieved in real life, Loweberg said.

She suggested that you pay attention to your feelings in your dreams, especially in your dreams and processes, because they will be directly related to similar situations in life when you are awake.

(8) Q & A;

What is the reason for dreaming about pregnancy?

There may be many reasons dreaming about pregnancy, such as your own experience, changes in life, memories, or worry about the future.

Dreaming of pregnancy means that I want children?

uncertain.Although dreaming may indicate that some people want children, for others, this dream may have other meanings.

Think of this dream and see what it feels it brings to you.For example, if you decide not to be a child, dreaming that you will make you feel a kind of liberation or regret without your child?

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