Dreaming and conceived in the history of miscellaneous history, the saying of feeling pregnant, mostly the emperor’s family affairs

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It is said that the day of King Zhou Yan’s 59th year (256 BC), a young woman named Liu Ye was working in Tanaka.Essence

The woman’s dad was carrying a hoe and walked around.

Looking at it from a distance, only one glance, his father was shocked when he was on the ground.

Eh, ah, something happened, and her daughter’s body was around, and a dragon was leaning down!

Daddy’s hoe, dance before dancing;

Jianlong leapt and went away.

At the same time, the woman also woke up, rubbing her sleeping eyes: Dad, I dreamed of God.

Speaking, Dangxue’s abdomen is like Nezha in the sea, a twisted colic.

Is it cold?Is it angry?Have you eaten?

Nothing, pregnant!

This woman Liu Ye was the mother of Han Gaozu Liu Bang, and was chased as Mrs. Zhao Ling.

The incredible wonders of this gear were also written by the Eastern Han historian Ban Fang into the "Hanshu Gao Di Ji":

"Mother -in -law tastes the puppets of Daze, dreams and gods meet. It is Shimi Dian Dian, and the father -in -law is publicly visited.

Look at others, just have a dream, hey, there is a generation of emperors who gave birth to violent Qin and Pingzhi Four Seas.

Bulls or cows?Don’t serve?

If you do n’t accept it, then you will be more awesome, please ask the second brother to appear.


The vicissitudes of the sea, a hundred years later.

Dreaming of Tan, who dreamed of heaven and dragon lying on his body and was pregnant, he had not faded away, and another boss was born in the air, writing a new chapter.

This boss is the great -grandson of the Han Gaozu Liu Bang and Emperor Wu Liu.

Liu Che was originally called Liu Che, Liu Ye.

Alas, ,, that is, pigs.

Is this name, just like dogs left and eggs, it is quite grounded?

However, this name can be greatly coming:

According to rumors, in 156 BC, one day, Emperor Han Jing Liu Qi suddenly fell asleep and had a strange dream.

In the dream, a red -haired pig in the wind and Yushu’s lined with a colorful clouds drove from the sky, and went straight to the daughter -in -law and wife’s residence Chongfang Pavilion.

Is it a bit weird to describe the red hair pig with "Yushu Lingfeng"?

Strange, this is an extraordinary, outstanding pig.

About ten days later, Mrs. Wang also dreamed of this red hair pig.

I saw the red hair pig shook the fat head, and then smiled with her teeth, ah, a red light, and drilled into her belly straight.

It is said that Mrs. Wang also had a dark tire and was pregnant.

In October, a pig cub, no, it was a baby’s landing, and in the dangerous deep palace, one step at a time, gradually grown into the Western Region, opened up the Silk Road, and was very extravagant.The "King of Topics", who is faithful of the monster.

Seeing it, the second brother is so cattle.


Although Mrs. Zhao Ling, Liu Ye, dreamed of the god of heaven and dragon, gave birth to the ancestors of Han Gao;

Emperor Han Jing dreamed of red hair pigs and gave birth to Emperor Hanwu, but this dream of making a child is not the patent of the old Liu family.

In the early spring of 1328, at noon, in a farmhouse in Fengyang, Anhui, the hostess yawned and went to sleep.

For a moment, Chen called "Ah" and woke up in horror.

Well, daughter -in -law?

The male owner’s surname Zhu, named Zhu Wushi, asked in the same way.

Here, two more words.

This old Zhu family named was very interesting.

For example, the male lead is Zhu Wushi, and his father is named Zhu Chuyi;

There are three sons, the boss called Zhu Chongwu, the second child Zhu Zhongxiu, and the third child Zhu Zhongqi.

As for Zhu Zhongyi, Zhuzhong Er, Zhu Zhong San Zhu Zhongsi went, and did not say in the history books, let’s not know.

I only knew that Chen heard and asked, and said, my husband, I dreamed of a fairy.

Zhu Wushi blame the way, pulling Huqin in the crotch, cleaning (light).


The fairy gave me a pill, and it was shining.

Will it shine?where is it?

Let me eat it.

Open your mouth, let me see.

Chen made a photo, his lips were open, and a fragrance came to his face, and he almost fainted Zhu Wushi.

October conceive, once gave birth.

As soon as Chen’s production, the whole house flickered.

Even the neighborhood neighbors thought that Lao Zhu’s family was on fire, holding a bucket, holding the pot, shouting, and rushing to help each other.

In the red light of the flame, Zhu Zhongba came to the world.

This is Zhu Yuanzhang, the ancestor of the Daming dynasty.


Reading the historical books, saying that it is mostly the emperor’s family affairs for dreaming and conceived.

A big man, how can you be born flat and ordinary?

However, there are exceptions.

For example, this one is also pregnant with his mother:

Yelu Yixin (? ~ 1083), the word Hu Luan, the five courts.

The Fifth Hospital, the name of the Khitan ministry.

In the first year of Tianzan (AD 922), Liao Taizu Yelu Abao Machine was divided into two houses and six houses.

The names of the illegitimate (official name, the name of the military leaders of the Khitan ministries before the establishment of the Liaoning regime) were united, and later they were even more 堇 堇.

The fifth house, the sixth courtyard, also known as the South Courtyard and the North Court.

Shi Zai, late at night, a young woman in the family had a dream.

What she dreamed was not heaven, red hair pigs, nor pills, but a sheep, an unlucky black hair sheep.

In the dream, the woman and the black sheep walked their heads and touched her head. As soon as she reached out, she held her horn.

Black sheep painful, called "痛".

The woman was really ruthless, her arms were strong, and she clicked, and her horn was broken.

Black sheep bile, sprinkled her legs and fled.

The woman chased two steps, holding another tail, dragging it, folded, and blood flowing.

At this point, the woman woke up.

Why can’t I live with only sheep?Bai Bai, why do I hurt it?

The more women wondered, the more she was wondering, she went to find a divine division. She was called the hexagram Xian’er.

Gua Xian’er raised his head up, and the soybean -grained eyes rolled around the woman, and then he fingred to count, and immediately called a long string: Oh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhThis is a good signs, big good wow!

The woman will be suspicious: So bloody, still called Jizhao?

What is the sheep’s character remove the horn and tail?It’s king!Wang Ba’s king.

In the future, your son will be the king!

You, you are nonsense, people are not married yet.

Where is the waiting?Mill slip, marry someone!

Sure enough, the woman married, produced, gave birth to a son, named Yelu Yixin.

One day, Yelu Yixin put the sheep. When sunset, he was lying on the grass and fell asleep. He was stabbed into his eyes by the younger brother of the ancestor Yelu Abao.

Lift your feet and wake up, don’t wait to ask, Yi Xin was in a hurry first, and he got angry:

Hey, why do you wake me up?I just dreamed that there was a caught, holding the sun with my left hand and holding the moon in my right hand. I invited me to eat meals.I have eaten the moon. As soon as the sun ate half, you are awakened by you, so annoying!

Loin it, wow, so big mouth.

Mix it with me in the future, don’t let go of sheep.

In this way, Yelu Yixin embarked on his career, and he stepped up the Qingyun, and he went straight to the place of the king of the South Court.

Yes, it is Xiao Feng’s difference in Xiao Feng in Jin Yong’s "Tianlong Babu".

The official residence is high, corrupted, Yelu Yixin is corrupt, and he began to accept bribes.

In the first year of Dakang, Yelu Yixin framed the queen Xiao Guanyin and the Ling people, brewing the "Ten Fragrance Credit Case", which caused the Queen Xuanyi to be executed;

Fantastic prince Yelu Jun rebelled and killed him in prison;

In the five years of Dakang, Yelu Yixin remembered the hexagram’s dream.He actually believed in himself, and then killed the thought of the emperor’s grandson A Guo (Yelu Yanxi), intending to usurp.

The result was defeated and degraded;

In the seventh year of Dakang, Yelu Yixin was arrested for the crime of "the ban in foreign countries";

Try to escape to the Northern Song Dynasty and die in sin.

And this is not over yet.

Wait for the throne of Emperor Yelu Yanxi, and opened the coffin again, and smashed his bones into dregs.

The myth of conception without marrying a female dream of black sheep was shattered and turned into a bubble.

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