Dream of pregnancy

I woke up in the morning and couldn’t help laughing. How could a master of myself get pregnant?I also went to the hospital for surgery. If my belly can really be pregnant, I am still worried about the decline in the birth rate of the population?The man must do things like a man.Thinking about it, I couldn’t help but touch my belly, alas, what is this?

Below the left abdomen is fixed with two gauze with a medical tape, and one of the gauze is revealed under one gauze.Oh my god, can I really get pregnant?

I hurriedly covered my stomach and ran to the hospital. I just went to work at 8 am, and the registered office had been lined up.Which subject can I hang?

I was hesitating, and suddenly I saw my doctor friend Lao Qiao walking out of get off work. I ran over and held him: "Old Qiao, help me see my stomach."

"What? Have you eaten?"

"No, there is something on the belly. You can look at it for me soon."

"Oh! Then I’ll take you to the surgeon."

"Don’t let other doctors look at it. You show me it yourself." I told the dream with Lao Qiao last night.

Lao Qiao stabbed my arm and said, "Haven’t you wake up yet?"

Lao Qiao led me into a clinic and said to the doctor on duty, "Doctor Zhang borrows you this bed." Then he pulled up the curtain and said, "Let the pants fall down, let me see the Tang monkWhat is the effect of drinking the mother river water. "

Lao Qiao looked at my belly, and his face suddenly changed.Touching the wound and let me turn over my waist.His expression seriously: "Lao Liu, are you sure this was something last night? Who else do you know at home?"

"I woke up in the morning, there was no one else at home, and your brother and sister were on a business trip."

Lao Qiao touched his chin contemplative for a moment and said, "Lao Liu, I suggest you call the police as soon as possible. I suspect that you have been stolen organs."

"Ah! Do I have less liver or kidney?"

"I will do a further inspection for you. But I must call the police, which is very serious."

Lao Qiao’s words scared me with a lot of excitement, sweating all over, sitting up, it was Nan Ke a dream.It turned out that looking for a doctor was dreaming, pregnancy was a dream.

Human consciousness is really strange. Once you enter the dreamland, it is so strange that it is not restricted by the sky, but it feels true.

It’s less than 5 o’clock, and the summer sun has risen.People have joy and sorrow, but as long as they happen in the sun, they feel that it is true and practical.

Is anyone seeing it true, or is it true?

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