Dr. who stayed in the United States, derailed at 34 weeks of pregnancy, and exercised with love husband, causing amniotic fluid to rupture, fetal abortion

On June 27, a husband broke the news that his wife, a doctorate at the University of California, entered the emergency room with love husband at 34 weeks of pregnancy. In the end, he was unconscious, causing the amniotic fluid to break, and his baby failed to keep it.

After looking at his wife’s mobile phone, he was severely damaged.

When his wife was 6 months pregnant, his wife even made a very private request to the lover.

"Can you shave my hair?"

"So what are I have?"

"Give you x, okay"

Because pregnant women are pregnant with a big stomach, shaving is particularly inconvenient, it is not enough, so it needs the help of others.

After the love husband was shaved, he boldly took a picture and sent it to the wife to show off his work.

His wife is also very satisfied, coquettishly said, "You are good or bad, you can actually go in."

Shaving is a guise, and it is true to want to steal love.

Judging from the large number of chat records exposed by the husband, his wife is the one who wants to be dissatisfied and active.

In 2018, when the two just got the marriage, when the wife was not pregnant, the poor husband was already green grassland.

In 2018, 9 o’clock a morning, his wife "sued" and said to love husband, "You told me xx yesterday"

"Swelling yet"

"It’s all the whole day"

"How do I go home and tell him, mosquito bite?"

Seems to be blame, but in fact, I can’t be satisfied.

He even hit his whole fruit photo to this man.

"Do you want to see it?"

"The barking wife will send it to you."

In the case of being married and having a husband, let other men call their wife.

This is a great insult to her husband.

There are more chat records, but from the chat history, it was the wife who took the initiative to show up and attract love.The love husband was calm.

Occasionally, I will talk to her a few words of show and send her own private photos.

"no response?"

"I can help you increase your motivation."

During pregnancy, his wife did not forget to appoint with this man, and it was even more charming.

But he regarded his wife as a goddess, let alone how much love.

On June 5, his wife lied that he was going to review the end of the period with his classmates, and then went out. He did not return the news after 10 pm.As a husband, he was anxious and planned to call the police.

At 3 am in June June, he received a call from the emergency room. When he arrived at the hospital, he only saw her and a baby who had no life signs.

Taking advantage of the anesthesia, he unlocked his wife’s mobile phone, saw the unbearable chat records, and also learned that his baby died because of his wife’s affection.

The two met in 17 years. At that time, the wife was still applying for a doctorate in the University of California. She fell in love with her at first sight, and she devoted her to everything for her in a short time. Both were material and spiritual.

Who would have thought that it was the freedom he gave her, making his wife more and more intensified, derailed several times, and treating herself as a clown.

When his wife came to the United States to study, she followed her to the United States, she was a full -time husband, cooking and laundry for her, and picking up her to go to school.

Just as he was looking forward to the birth of the baby, his baby lost his life due to his wife’s derailment during pregnancy.

His wife who cherishes is like a play in other men.

The wife also slandered himself as a mother of the mother, saying that the two were separated only because of their ex -husband’s domestic violence, and their personality was inconsistent.

Husband couldn’t bear to choose to expose.

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