Dr. Studying in the United States is derailed by pregnancy, which leads to abortion of amniotic fluid. Husband views chat history

I watched a melon today.

How to say, there is really no bottom line, no morality.

The incident happened in the United States, the heroine Wu, a female doctor of the University of California.

In 2017, he met with the actor in China. At that time, the heroine wanted to study at the University of California.

The male lead provided her with various help.

In 2018, the two of them received a marriage certificate in China. The female lead came to the University of California. The male lead graduated and found a job.

Two people settled in the United States.

According to the truth, both of them are overseas Chinese, earning beautiful bills, and their lives are very happy.

After getting off work every day, the male lead went to the University of California to pick up her home and be a full -time husband.

He believes that he can grow old with her, have a perfect marriage, and give birth to a few healthy babies.

Things were turned into bubbles on June 6, 2019.

On the night before, the heroine sent him a message saying that she went back late and had to review "economics" with her friends.

Then, there is no more.

At 10 o’clock in the evening, the male lead received a call from the hospital and hurried to the hospital.

His wife was lying on the hospital bed and unconscious.

The baby who is pregnant at 23 weeks is gone.

This male lead is not stupid. He holds the female lead’s mobile phone and unlocks the heroine’s fingers to open the chat history.

Want to see, the "economics" for reviewing with what friend is reviewing

I was dumbfounded.

After the chat record was opened, the green on the buddy could run away.

Big than Hohhot’s prairie.

Don’t guess, the code was made by me, naked pictures.

When I saw this picture, I only felt like this buddy was really miserable! "

The kind of terrible!

After chatting with my lover, go to tell my husband to review it for friends.

Sure enough, it is a review!

By the way, love husband looks like this.

What to say and what.

Just look at the chat history.

After receiving a certificate in 2018, they put on a bright green hat.

Green to glowing.

You can see the time date in the chat history.

Alas, you can only say that people are free and comfortable.

After that, the two were divorced.

If you do not divorce, you will have the murder case.

For three years of the epidemic, the male lead has slowed down, and what the woman did was turned out.

Don’t think that there is no gossip news in foreign universities, and people are even more powerful.

The male lead saw what she posted on the message wall of the University of California.

Not only do you not recognize your derailment during your pregnancy, leading to abortion.

He also took a bite and said that he was a domestic violent man.

So the male lead chose to expose her and revenge her.

Let’s look at the female lead, a message on the wall.

I did get pregnant during the school, but that was my child and my ex -husband, and had nothing to do with the so -called green hat door male.

I have never been derailed in marriage. We are completely separated because the personality does not fit and the former husband is very mother.

Those who are in a good intention have used this to hype stories, which has affected my private life. If I do n’t know how to repent, I will take legal measures to maintain my reputation.

Thank you wall, although it is a trumpet, please help me anonymous.


Then after many people, after seeing this, they asked the female lead’s specific situation, and more and more people knew.

Then the heroine saw that things were getting worse.

It doesn’t matter, and the "ex -husband" broke each other on the Internet.

Everyone eats melon rationally and judges themselves.

But one thing can be determined, this is indeed a "little fairy"

Guo Nan.

But, she also paid the price for her behavior.

In the end, the heroine began to say.

This ex -brother, physical defect, is that it is not big enough.

Moreover, sexuality is abnormal, the body has defects, and is very serious.

Interestingly, the little fairy has always emphasized that the child is indeed a ex -husband.

As for why it would have a miscarriage, alas, I can only say that the fairy play more, to what extent.


Alas, alas, at this time silently.

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