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Ms. Huang, who was pregnant for two months for less than half a year, was painful and anxious for the past two days.It turned out that Ms. Huang, who has not yet slowed from the joy of the wedding and the first mother, has traced the gallstones in the past two days.Because she was afraid that the medication would cause harm to the baby, clenched her teeth and carried her abdominal pain. She was even more worried about whether the baby in the belly would be affected.

Pregnant mother who is half -worried

Due to the high incidence of gallstones and the trend of younger disease, in my daily outpatient clinic and clinical work, there are gallstones like Ms. Huang before pregnancy, and there are many cases of gallstones during pregnancy.Considering the changes in the physiological structure during pregnancy and the possible impact on the fetus, the treatment of gallstones during pregnancy is more tricky, there are more problems that need to be considered, and it needs to be more cautious to deal with.

Therefore, it is very important for the early and reasonable treatment for gallbladder stones before pregnancy. Try to avoid the embarrassing situation like Ms. Huang.

During pregnancy, pregnant women’s intake is more abundant than usual, and the activity is reduced than usual. The increase in uterine lifting caused the gallbladder function and shape to change. In addition, due to the changes in hormone levels, the reaction of gallbladder to cholecoscin is reduced, the gallbladder is delayed, and the remaining residuesIncreased quantity, bile stasis, can easily cause cholecystitis and gallbladder stones.Therefore, women’s pregnancy is not only an important risk factor for gallbladder stones, but also leads to gallstone disease during pregnancy.

Pregnant woman

Harm to pregnant women

Chronic cholecystitis: stones will stimulate gallbladder mucosa in gallbladder, which can increase chronic inflammation of the gallbladder, and easily lead to abdominal distension and poor stomach.The fetus develops and grows normally.

Acute cholecystitis: When the stone islands can cause secondary infections after the gallbladder neck or gallbladder tube, which can cause acute inflammation of the gallbladder; severe gallbladder pus, even necrotic and perforation, causing diffuse biliary peritonitis or shockAnd endangering pregnant women and fetal lives.

Catalog of gallbladder stones and gallbladder -derived pancreatitis: For pregnant women with gallbladder stones or sand -like stones, under the stimulation of high -fat diet or other factors, stones may enter the gallbladder tube, followed by biliary tube stones.In severe cases, you can further induce biliary pancreatitis. Once these two complications occur, the treatment and treatment are more tricky and often need to be forced to terminate pregnancy.

Harm to fetus

Chronic symptoms of gallbladder or mild symptoms can easily lead to abdominal distension and poor stomach acceptance, which will increase some pregnant women’s anorexia manifestations, which will affect nutritional intake and absorption, which is not conducive to the normal development and growth of the fetus.

Acute cholecystitis and gallstone can occur in various stages of pregnancy (especially in advanced pregnancy). The fever and pain from this can cause hypoxia and contractions in the fetus, causing abortion and premature birth.

In addition, whether conservative treatment (drug) or surgical treatment during the occurrence of gallbladder stones will have a certain impact on the fetus. In some cases, it is forced to consider termination of pregnancy.

The treatment of gallstones during pregnancy is more tricky than usual

If gallbladder necrosis, perforation and bile peritonitis occur during pregnancy, do you choose to take medicine or surgery?Even if the medicine is successful at this time, the antibiotics and other drugs used during the period have no conclusion on whether the fetus will affect the fetus; if the mother is surgery, it will inevitably cause greater risk to the fetus.Therefore, the acute seizures of gallstones during pregnancy can easily lead to the embarrassing situation of treatment in the treatment.

Harm to fetus

In view of the above analysis and our many years of clinical treatment experience, I think that for patients with gallstones with fertility requirements, we must fully evaluate and formulate individualized treatment suggestions before pregnancy:

Minimally invasive gallbladder cutting

For those who have more gallbladder stone particles and small diameter, they are easily falling into the bile tube leading bile tube and pancreaticitis; gallbladder stones are accompanied by obvious symptoms or repeated cholecystitis.Check that the gallbladder has no functional or poor function. In order to ensure that the mother and child are safe during pregnancy, it is recommended that after a minimally invasive gallbladder resection, general laparoscopic gallbladder can be conceived after one month.

Minimally invasive gallbladder surgery

For patients with gallbladder stone stones with not obvious symptoms, such as pre -operative gallbladder function measurement suggests that the gallbladder function is still good, it is recommended to minimally invasive gallbladder surgery. After surgery, it is necessary to use drugs to prevent recurrence of stones. Generally, it is recommended to conceive half a year after surgery.

Looking forward to treatment (observation)

For large stones (> 2cm), the risk of gallbladder neck or gallbladder stones is less risk, and patients who have no symptoms of patients and cannot undergo surgery for the time being.In daily life, we must develop good living habits, strictly avoid overeating, do not have psychological pressure, maintain a happy mood, and regular B -ultrasound review.

In summary, for patients with gallbladder stones before pregnancy, neither ignore stones nor excessive panic.It is necessary to combine its own conditions, gallbladder and stones, comprehensively comprehensively evaluate, select the best treatment plan for individualized individualization to achieve safe and happy conception and pregnancy.

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