Don’t you go after pregnancy?Experience Bao Ma shared the secret of the child’s weight is only a hundred secrets

There must be a few mothers around you. They have a slim face, and they are full of spring breeze anymore at any time. Even if the spell of having children, they cannot make them fat and ugly.

So you are curious, how did they do it?It is also a baby, why did I get fat after giving birth?

In order to answer this question, the wonderful food research room interviewed three mothers who had successfully lost their post -natal slimming. They would tell their postpartum weight loss process from the aspects of diet and exercise during pregnancy.Hope you can be inspired from it.

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Mom Introduction

Nickname: Candy

Coordinates: Chengdu

Age: post -85

Height: 162cm

Baby Information: Two daughters, the eldest daughter is more than 4 years old, the younger daughter is more than 1 year old

Weight data: 95 pounds before pregnancy, the most heavier during pregnancy to 120 pounds. Both babies are more than 6 pounds. Currently weighing about 95 pounds

Keywords weight loss: cook by yourself, eat baby leftovers

Usually, my friends asked me the most about weight loss, because I gave birth to two children and brought 5 years of baby, but almost did not change too much.Everyone thought I was "not fat star", but it was not.

Generally speaking, 25 ~ 30 pounds of fat during pregnancy are a relatively healthy state. It is very difficult to lose weight after giving birth, so when you are pregnant, you must control your weight.How to control it, on the one hand, eating seriously, and moving on the other.How to eat it, see TIPS for details ~


1. Persist in cooking by yourself during pregnancy

I have been idle since I was pregnant, and I was not good at lying down, so I started trying to eat.The first is to ensure her nutrition and health, and the other is to give her the baby’s healthiest diet in the future and let her enjoy the taste of her mother.

In addition, exercise is required during pregnancy, eating food and cooking, and walking after meals, there are so many exercise of pregnant women.

Her pregnancy diet


In the morning, there is no moby milk and eggs. The side dishes are very rich.


The staple food at noon is usually fish, seafood, pork ribs, chickens and ducks, etc.

afternoon tea

I often prepare some small snacks for myself in the second trimester, such as the beef jerky, peaked, palm treasures and other salty food.


There will be some coarse grains, such as corn and sweet potatoes.

2. Don’t eat too much for feeding

It is a less scientific approach to keeping your milk blindly in the name of breastfeeding.

Being a mother is a kind of nature. As long as you follow the laws of nature, feed and bring yourself, and such a tired law, you generally return to your weight before one year to one year.

However, many mothers eat too fat for the year of breastfeeding for a year, and missed the best time for natural metabolism in the body. It is more difficult to lose weight after a year. Then I will report to various fitness courses.Fitness is really: Chen Ye can’t do it!As a result, let yourself go and get fat.

3. Eating the rest of the food for the baby is good for weight loss

When the baby was 6 months old, I started to add supplementary food to her. At this time, my diet became healthier than pregnancy and breastfeeding. Why?Because she couldn’t finish eating for the baby, I solved the rest.

Moms know that the baby’s complementary food is generally healthy and nutritious. Following her to eat a healthy meal every day. Where can she get fat?Of course, you do n’t eat other things before eating your baby’s supplementary food, otherwise no matter how much nutrition is, there is still a risk of fat.

Exercise Tips

1. Sticking to the belly every day is conducive to eliminating the small belly

I took my own children by myself, and the amount of exercise was particularly large. I did n’t do an additional deliberate weight loss exercise at all, but because my belly was loose, I still insisted on a movement: rolling.

You can find the standard posture of the belly on the Internet. As long as you can do it every day, your belly will naturally recover, and the vest line will be practiced!

Mom information

Nickname: Mu Guliang

Coordinates: Shanghai

Age: post -90s

Height: 165cm

Baby information: a cute daughter, named succulent, now 8 months old

Weight data: Before pregnancy, the weight is about 100 pounds; the fattest 140 pounds during pregnancy; the 6 months after giving birth to less than 100 pounds

Keywords weight loss: Pay attention to diet and keep fitness after giving birth

Because I did n’t taboo and relax during pregnancy, I was 40 pounds of fat!The weight growth is mainly in the middle and late pregnancy, and the rhythm of two pounds of fat a day, so the stretch marks are also supported by me.

At that time, I thought that after giving birth to a child, I had to lose weight within 6 months, because the half -year after giving birth was a golden period for body recovery, especially the skeleton and body shape. If it was not well controlled, it might be say good bye.

I gave birth, but the fleshy head was too large. When I came out, I cut a knife on the side. When the wound was raised to go to the gym, it was three months later, so my gold recovery period was only three months.

40 pounds of fat during pregnancy, I lost 10 pounds after giving birth. When I was confinement, I unfortunately got acute mastitis. After a full week, I lost 10 pounds.Come to cooperate.


1. Stay away from milk white soup a week after giving birth

Do not drink very greasy soups on Friday after giving birth, and stay away from milk white soup, because the color of the soup comes from emulsification into slight drips, it is not a nutrient that lacks when breastfeeding.I basically drink clear soup, not greasy and refreshing.

Some people may ask what to do if you do n’t make up for no milk. The milk is actually not related to the soup that you drink. The main thing is to suck more in your baby, so that there will be milk.Drinking thick soup will only increase your own burden, fat will not be passed on to your baby, and the meat grows on himself.

2. Pay attention to balanced dietary structure during confinement

The diet during the confinement period is that the principle is balanced, and the overall should be less salt and less oil and less sugar.

However, be sure to control the intake of carbohydrates. Specifically, eat less pure white rice and pasta. You can replace these staple foods with grain grain rice, usually drink more warm water, eat more crude fiber and vitamin protein content high contentfood.

In addition, pay attention to the diversification of food, and consume foods, including grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, etc.

Her confinement diet


Generally, you can drink porridge and vegetable cakes, or sweet wine (it is conducive to increasing milk)


Eat a plate of fruits at 10 o’clock.

afternoon tea

I eat a little snack at 3 pm, sometimes it is a piece of bread, and sometimes it is nutritious


Dinner is similar to lunch, with meat and vegetables, balanced nutrition

Exercise Tips

1. Preparation during pregnancy one Wednesday, gym punch in

When preparing for pregnancy, I have the habit of fitness, and go to the gym for two or three times a week.I went to the women’s fitness club, so the strength was not very strong. All equipment was hydraulic. A 30 -minute aerobic device stretched for 20 minutes.The exercise makes people happy, and the sweaty feels really good.

However, I was pregnant for a year after the fitness card was renewed. The coach also suggested that I not go to the gym to exercise, and I was relaxed for a year.There is basically no exercise during pregnancy. Only walking for half an hour a day in the later pregnancy, it is also to be able to give birth and control weight.

2. Return to the gym 3 months after giving birth, and still check in on Wednesday

I returned to the gym 3 months after giving birth and punch in on Wednesday. If I eat it during pregnancy, I have to pay the price now.

During fitness, you should eat less sweets, do not drink drinks. If you feel that boiled water, you can drink some lemonade. Do not touch high -calorie and high -fat things.

In this way, 6 months after giving birth, I successfully lost weight before pregnancy, and now remain around 100 pounds.

3. Holding a baby is also a way of exercise

After giving birth, the exercise time has been severely reduced, so you must move more!

After dinner, don’t lie down or sit in a hurry. You can stand on the wall for 10 minutes, or go out with your baby to walk around; you can also participate in gymnastics, yoga and other fitness activities normally.Breastfeeding can also help slimming, which is conducive to blood circulation.

In addition, I am tired of holding a baby every day. For example, my succulent is now 20 pounds. Every day I want to hold her to sleep, and I feel sour when I put down, but I am used to raise iron. Holding a baby is also a way to exercise.

Mom information

Nickname: Niu’er

Coordinates: Beijing

Age: post -85

Height: 164cm

Baby information: a cute daughter, now one year old and 10 months old

Weight data: 102 pounds before pregnancy; 120 pounds before giving birth (increase weight of 18 pounds, more amniotic fluid, 6.9 pounds of baby); the fourth day after giving birth;

Keyword reduction keywords: not fattening before childbirth, insist on breastfeeding

I just knew that the first two weeks of pregnancy, I officially started the life mode of pregnant women -high -heeled shoes, makeup, I ca n’t wait to help the wall ~ There are always little dolls in my head and shouted at me: "Mom motherI want to increase nutrition !!! "

I always felt hungry in my subconscious, and solemnly told others: I didn’t want to eat it, it’s a baby to eat!Of course, all kinds of replenishment, just two weeks, I got 3 pounds!IntersectionIntersection

When I first went to the hospital for the first time I went to the hospital for the first time I was pregnant, I realized that I saw the nail cover on the single. I realized that: I definitely don’t believe it has 3 pounds!

Since then, I have read a lot of information to know that the weight gain of 1-2kg during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy is 1-2kg, and the next pregnancy increases by 0.5kg per week. It is a normal increase in fetal and amniotic fluid.I have.Therefore, determination is like female stars. You can’t get fat before giving birth, and your fetus is not long!


1. Don’t blindly make up for pregnancy

Pregnant women only need to supplement the heat of 300-500 calories every day.So do not blindly supplement during pregnancy, nutritional equilibrium is the focus.Specifically, vegetables, seafood, red meat (pork, beef and mutton), white meat (chicken and fish) … These foods must be available for a week ~

Her pregnancy diet


I have breakfast at home in the morning. I am used to eating milk and bread in the morning. I went to the supermarket the night before and bought the breakfast.


Try to bring meals as much as possible. After all, eating outside, even vegetarian dishes will be greasy.In short, lunch must be available, but the total amount must be controlled

afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is a pack of nuts or a fruit.Although the nuts are high in calories, they are hungry. To avoid eating too much, you can buy a small packaging bag. Eating nuts in early pregnancy is good for your baby ~


Dinner is basically the main Western -style meal, so fewer oil ~ Sometimes it ’s hungry at night, just drink a cup of fruit yogurt

2. Persist in breastfeeding after giving birth, so that the baby will consume calories for you

I weighed 18 pounds during pregnancy, minus the weight of my child and amniotic fluid. After giving birth to a baby, I got a total of 5 pounds.But I feel that these 5 pounds are because my stomach has not recovered, so I didn’t care.But later, as the amount of milk increased, I became more and more hungry. The amount of milk every day is my KPI!In order to chase milk, you must eat it. You really have more milk, but I will be more hungry when I fed it too much!

Therefore, postpartum slimming is really difficult, but fortunately, breast milk itself consumes calories. The more the amount of breasts, the more calories are taken away, but the calories to be added will increase.When the baby was 6 or 7 months old, my milk was gradually stable, and her hunger was no longer strong. At this time, I began to pay attention to the reduction of three meals. It was still a small number of various principles to ensure comprehensive nutrition.

Exercise Tips

1. At least 3 times of fitness training at the beginning of pregnancy

I have a prepared pregnancy. I have at least three gym training at least three times a week during pregnancy. Each aerobic exercise is half an hour, and the back strength is half an hour. Practice proves that back strength training can reduce the body burden in the third trimester and avoid letting you walk.Looks like a penguin.

Although the intensity is not great, sweating is also very good. The improvement of metabolism makes me feel healthy and more positive.

2. During pregnancy exercise, you must do your best

I do n’t have severe exercise in the first three months, so my family does n’t let go of the gym. I had to go to Decathlon to move a climbing machine and go home. Step on 2000 times every night.Go home, the number of steps per day is above 10,000 steps.

The 16000 steps around 6 months of pregnancy are my goal every day; after 6 months, I returned to the gym and swim twice a week twice a week. This is about 37 weeks.Reject me!

In fact, the baby’s development in the third trimester is already very good. Do not lose weight in the last month. You often sit at home at home to make your baby enter the basin soon.

3. Eating much after giving birth can not fit up, you have to grasp the time on the road on the road

After giving birth, fitness is impossible, and you have to run to go back to the toilet!I usually use the time of getting to get off work on the road to ride and walk as much as possible; feed as much breasts as possible to take away the calories.Inadvertently, the weight slowly began to decline. Until now, it remained at 98-100 pounds, which is even thinner than before the baby!

4. Test weight every day during pregnancy -Daily weight measurement is my habit of always. I printed a plan for weight control during pregnancy. Fill in the number of daily weight growth numbers.Moving more, kill the obesity signs in the cradle!

After watching these three mothers’ postpartum slimming strategies, what do you feel about?Haha, no matter what, I hope everyone can be inspired by these three mothers, successfully slimming, transforming into a super hot mother, 啾 “ `Welcome to search for" baby tree "or" babytreemika "Number, more exciting content is waiting for you to explore

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