Don’t want to talk, nothing to do, how to deal with postpartum depression?Doctors have something to say

"After giving birth to a child, I feel that I ca n’t mention anything, I do n’t want to talk, and I do n’t want to eat. What is the hell?" Recently, Ms. Hu (pseudonym) came to Xiapu Street Community Health Service Center, Xiapu Street, Beilun District, Ningbo City.After 42 days after giving birth, Dr. Gu Conghong, who accompanied himself throughout pregnancy, finally said in his heart.

It turned out that Ms. Hu was once a manager of a foreign trade company and had excellent work ability. She was the "desperate thirteen mother" in the eyes of colleagues. Such a fulfilling life satisfied her.

But this day has changed after she is pregnant.

During the confinement, Ms. Hu’s mother -in -law asked her to rest in bed, watching less mobile phones and TVs, and each meal was also a variety of "milk soup".People can’t breathe. She looked at the ceiling every day and looked at the children in front of her. Although the little guy’s fleshy face was very cute, Ms. Hu still felt confused about the status of life and the future.

Coincidentally, Ms. Li (pseudonym), a 33 -year -old second mother, is also due to pregnancy reactions. I almost eat and vomit every day.Wait for food.

What can make Ms. Li has a headache that sometimes the thigh roots will have inexplicable pain, let alone walk, and even sleep in the evening. After a long time, Ms. Li who is depressed can only hide in the room and cry.

"When we are under construction, early pregnancy, early pregnancy, late pregnancy, the first half of the postpartum, 30-42 days after giving birth, a psychological assessment for pregnant women will be given. In recent years, the anxiety and depression of pregnant women have occurred."According to the various reactions of pregnant women’s pregnancy and after giving birth, hormone changes in the body will make the maternal sensitivity and change.

In addition, from a daughter and girl who was taken care of to become a mother and a mother, entering a new role will inevitably be unable to change. The mother needs to comfort and care.In particular, my husband is too busy at work, or tension in the family and mother -in -law at home can cause anxiety and depression.

What if your family or pregnant women find that there may be anxiety and depression, what should I do?

The doctor introduced that pregnant women can divert their attention, care about things that make them happy, or do something they like. While relaxing their emotions, they should also pay attention to rest, exercise appropriately, and pay attention to nutrition.

In addition, her husband should accompany the pregnant woman as much as possible, maintain intimate exchanges, handle the relationship between family members, and become a strong backing for pregnant women.

Of course, pregnant women must also learn to express their emotions, especially when they feel helpless and emotional collapse, tell their husbands or friends the most authentic feelings. Only when they really understand can they give maternal women who want to wantThe comfort of the pregnant women knew that "she is not fighting alone."

If these are not able to improve the mood of the woman, please go to the doctor in time. Remember not to blindly take the medicine by yourself.

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