Don’t want to have children, why do the doctor say "the best choice" is to take contraceptives?

For doctors, oral contraceptives are actually "the best choices."But this "best choice" has not been recognized by everyone or even conflict.Too many hormones can cause breast cancer and make people gain weight … There are too many rumors about contraceptives, do you have also been recruited?

1. Short -acting contraceptives must be taken at the same time every day, otherwise the medicine will be invalidated

Not so terrible, as long as you remember to take it once a day, the efficacy will remain unchanged.In fact, even if you have not eaten one day, there is no need to eat two at the same time the next day.

However, there are exceptions: if you take a single pregnancy hormone pill, that is, the mini contraceptive pill, then you need to take it regularly and regularly every day, otherwise the effect will be discounted.

2. contraceptive pill = hormone

Not absolute.Hormone is also hormone, and it is not good or bad, and the types and quantities of each contraceptive pill are different.The current short -acting oral contraceptives are much lower than the secretion of the human body, which will not have a negative impact on your body.

3. Contraceptive pills make people gain weight

not real.American researchers conducted an in -depth analysis of the most common 44 contraceptives and contraceptive stickers on the market. The results showed that there was no evidence that taking contraceptives would cause people to gain weight.

4. Taking contraceptive pills for too long will affect fertility

So far, no study has proved that contraceptives itself will affect your future fertility.So why do some people unable to get pregnant after taking the medicine for 20 years?

Well, let’s take a look first, how old are you taking the medicine for so long?Increasing age is definitely an important factor in the decline in fertility.If you stop taking the medicine at the age of 40, you will definitely feel difficult to get pregnant.And if you have the purpose of contraception because of irregular menstruation, polycystic ovary syndrome, or endometriosis, etc., once you stop contraception, these problems may be entangled with you again, which will affect your fertility.

5. Occasionally stop taking the medicine

Unless you want to get pregnant, there are no medical reasons, so you need to temporarily stop taking short -acting contraceptives.If your body is good, it is okay to take it all the time.

6. contraceptives can cause thrombosis

Yes, contraceptives do increase the risk of thrombosis -from 0.04%to 0.18%(still small).However, contraceptives are not the main cause of thrombosis.

If you have other risk factors, such as personal or family thrombosis history, smoking, obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular, migraine, etc., then the doctor may recommend youYour risk.

7. A few months before pregnancy should be stopped to take contraceptive pills to completely discharge the hormone in the body

Lauren Streicher, an associate professor at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Northwestern University of the United States, said that these hormones can basically be discharged from your body in one day.In addition, it is possible to get pregnant and safe after you stop taking contraceptives.The only reason for stopping the contraceptive medicine before pregnancy is to give you some time to start ovulation on a regular basis.

8. During the medication, you still have a lot of possibilities "winning"

In fact, the failure rate of contraception depends on different contraceptive methods.The following is a common contraceptive failure rate summarized by the Gute Mach Research Institute in the United States:

Condoms: The failure rate in perfect use is 2%per year, and it is 18%when imperfect use;

Oral contraceptive pill: When perfect use, the failure rate is less than 1%, and 9%when the imperfect;

In -the -palace birthday: failure rate is less than 1%;

Injecting contraceptive needle: When perfect use, the failure rate is less than 1%, 6%when it is imperfect;

Contraceptive membrane: When perfect use, the failure rate is 6%, when the imperfect is 12%;

Women’s condoms: When perfect use, the failure rate is 5%, and 21%when it is imperfect;

Entry ejaculation: Well, although this method has been popular countless times is a bit daddy, it is not as useless as everyone imagined.According to statistics, when the in vitro radon is perfectly used, the contraceptive failure rate is 4%, and the incomplete is 22%(whether it is higher than the women’s condom).

After 9.35 years old, you cannot take contraceptives

As long as you are healthy, older women can still take contraceptives.But if you smoke, you are fatter, and have a personal or family thrombosis, hypertension or other diseases, you should not take it.In addition, if you have breast cancer, you cannot use hormone contraception.

10. The Sheung Wan is only suitable for those who have given birth to children

It’s a big mistake.In fact, the American Society of Pediatrics recommends that the in -palace is a "first choice for teenagers" because it is very effective!Therefore, people who think that oral contraceptives are more troublesome can also try this choice.

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