Don’t panic!Domestic discomfort is "symptom" is not the key to self -conditioning.

After pregnancy, expectant mothers will change in all aspects, and various discomforts will occur at various stages.Some pregnant women therefore are in a state of stunning throughout pregnancy. They are depressed, fearing that their discomfort will hurt the fetus.The reporter recently interviewed Li Bin, director of the Maternal Maternal and Children’s Hospital. Director Li answered on clinical uncomfortable clinical pregnancy discomfort to help pregnant mothers eliminate concerns.

Li Bin introduced that the most common during pregnancy is vomiting, mainly during early pregnancy. Most people will be relieved after 3 to 4 months, but a few people will nausea and vomit to the middle and late pregnancy.Most do not need special treatment. Pay attention to eating less meals and light diet.If vomiting is quite serious, you need to be hospitalized.There are also some pregnant women who have swollen hands and feet in the middle and late pregnancy.Some people do not have obvious edema, but when they wake up in the morning, they will find that their fingers are uncomfortable and cannot bend. This is mostly caused by hidden edema. If you move your fingers more, it will improve.

In addition, many expectant mothers can insomnia. Although it is painful, it is generally not recommended to take sleeping pills. You can try hot water and drink milk before going to bed.This kind of insomnia is often temporary, and it will be good after giving birth.Other people can have back pain. This is because the level of female progesterone after pregnancy increases significantly, which will cause ligaments in some parts to relax, and joints sometimes have small displacement or dislocation, causing low back pain or other joint pain.Ecesss of uterine will also increase the pulling of the lumbar ligament, causing discomfort.The solution is to properly do some stretching movements on the waist or joints, and local massage will also help.

"In fact, it is normal to be uncomfortable to get pregnant." Li Bin emphasized that this discomfort during pregnancy is normal "abnormal", and most of them do not require drug treatment.If you need treatment, it is best to focus on Chinese medicine, because these problems that occur after pregnancy are mainly "symptoms", not "disease".However, if the symptoms of pregnancy are worsened and affecting normal work and life, you need to go to a regular hospital to find a specialist for diagnosis and treatment to ensure that the mother and baby are safe.

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