Don’t ignore the treatment and protection of the waist and leg pain before pregnancy

Pregnant and having children is a difficult and great thing. Mom’s health is directly related to whether the newborn baby is healthy.Therefore, in order to be responsible for the baby of the new life, prepare for pregnant mothers will pay much attention to the health of the baby’s "room" -t. uterus, and its related ovaries, fallopian tubes and other corresponding organs.However, there are also some health problems that have nothing to do with pregnancy, such as back pain.

Lumbar and leg pain is a common symptom of lumbar disc herniation. If you do not do treatment, do not pay attention to daily protection, let go of the development of the disease, it is likely to worsen the condition. In severe cases, you may even have numbness, weakness, even paralysis, dysfunction, etc.Therefore, timely treatment should be performed to avoid more serious consequences.Especially for pregnant women are the high incidence of lumbar disc herniation. If there are lumbar disc herniation before pregnancy, due to physiological factors during pregnancy, lumbar disc herniation may be further aggravated.Take medicine also needs to be cautious, and many treatment methods are not applicable.Therefore, if you plan to get pregnant, you can condition your body before pregnancy, treat low back pain, and greet your baby’s arrival with a healthier body.

Experts remind: Female friends must do a good job of physical examination before pregnancy, including the health examination of the lumbar spine. If you are clearly suffering from lumbar disc herniation, you must first remove the timing bomb of lumbar disc herniation before pregnancy, but you don’t have to be too muchIn nervous, most patients can eliminate the symptoms of waist and leg pain and restore health by conservative treatment, such as taking Chinese medicine back pain and relieving pain and relieving pain and relieving pain and relieving pain and relieving pain and relieving pain and relieving pain and relieving pain and relieving pain.But what needs to be alert is that if you are pregnant and waist and leg pain occur during pregnancy, you should not take blind medication, you need to go to the regular hospital for obstetrics, clarify the specific cause, and the treatment of medication must be cautious.

So how do you have a healthy lumbar spine before pregnancy?You need to pay attention to these aspects:

1. Exercise before pregnancy.If you strengthen your lumbar spine before pregnancy, strong back muscles and abdominal muscles are more beneficial to the stability of the spine, which will be helpful to prevent lumbar disc herniation during pregnancy.In addition, actively exercising before pregnancy can also adjust the functions of the mother’s body to the best state, and provide a good nurturing environment for the baby.

2. Proper control of weight.We all know that obesity is one of the factors that induce lumbar disc herniation. Excessive weight will increase the burden on the lumbar spine, and it is more likely to increase weight during pregnancy. Therefore, proper weight control before pregnancy, obese people to lose weight are more conducive to reducing lumbar spine.It can also help the health during pregnancy.

3. Pay attention to cold prevention and warmth.Traditional Chinese medicine said that lumbar disc herniation is low back pain. It is the invasion of wind and cold and humidity that causes the meridians to be blocked. "Pain is not through."Therefore, the hot air -conditioned room should pay attention to the warmth of the waist when the temperature decreases.

4. Healthy diet.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the waist is the house of the kidney, and the kidney main bone has a marrow. Therefore, proper kidney nourishing the kidney is good for the health of the lumbar spine. You can eat more in daily life, such as wolfberry, black sesame, black beans, black rice, walnuts, mutton, addition, consume more foods with high calcium, protein, and vitamins.

5. Choose a bed with moderate hard and hard.Orthopedics doctors usually tell patients with lumbar disc herniation patients to sleep hard board beds. The so -called hard board bed refers to the soft and hard -to -moderate bed. Because the hard and soft beds are not conducive to the lumbar spine, the human body and weight are different. ThereforeThere is no uniform standard for hardness and height. When choosing a mattress, as long as the palm can reach into the gap between the waist and the mattress after lying on the back, the slightly soft and hard bed when the resistance is drawn, which is suitable for your bed.It is conducive to the protection of lumbar spine.

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