Don’t get used to it anymore, shaking your legs may really be sick …

As soon as many people sit down, they shake their legs involuntarily.

Some people joked that everyone who loves to shake legs has a sewing machine in their bodies.

When they watched TV, they trembled, trembled during the meeting, and trembled during class … as if as long as they were sitting, their legs started to shake unconsciously. They were talked about by their families at home, and they were avoided by others.

In fact, shaking legs is just a personal habit. Although it is indecent, as long as it does not affect others, it is understandable.However, there is a kind of shaking leg, but it is really sick.

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Is all shaking legs sick?


Through the above analysis, everyone should have a clearer understanding of shaking their legs. Although there is a scientific basis for those who can’t help shaking their legs, everyone should not be too uncomfortable.After all, the following situation is really sick!

"Shaking legs" that affect sleep

As early as 1672, the British doctor Thomas Willis reported a family. As long as they rest, their legs will have a sense of ant crawling and itching, and they are uncomfortable.Only when you move or shake your legs can the discomfort disappear.

But at that time, people knew little about this and had not done in -depth research.

It was not until the 1960s that this sensory disorders had named for the first time and appeared for the first time in the textbooks of neurology- "Bing Leg syndrome (RLS)".

Benning leg syndrome is also called uneasy syndrome and uneasy leg syndrome. It is one of the common causes of insomnia. It is more common in middle -aged and elderly people and can also be seen in mothers.

The uneasy leg syndrome is a common nervous system sensory disease. This disease generally occurs the following symptoms:

1. Patients often have an urge to move their legs, sometimes accompanied by leg discomfort.

2. When people rest or do not move, such as lying down or sitting, their legs will feel uncomfortable.

3. The impulse of moving legs and any accompanying discomfort will increase at night, or only occur at night.4. The impulse to move the legs and any accompanying discomfort can be partially relieved or completely alleviated by moving, such as walking or stretching.

Most of the uneasy leg syndrome occur in middle -aged and elderly people over 50 years old, of which women are more common.

According to relevant data, the incidence rate is as high as 5%to 10%, and as the age increases, the incidence has shown an increasing trend.

Cause of "Shaking Legs"

The uneasy leg syndrome is roughly divided into two types: primary and secondary.

The primitives are mainly related to genetic factors.

Reasons for secondary inclusion include iron deficiency, spinal cord conductive path lesions, uremia, diabetes, pregnancy, hypercholesteroids, and peripheral neuropathy. Weather and external irritation will also exacerbate the disease.

Unwilling "shaking legs"

Hurry up!

Bining leg syndrome is a disease -entangled disease. Some patients can accompany them for decades, and the symptoms fluctuate obviously and rarely heal itself.Can such a difficult disease be cured?

Can rule!

Biobing leg syndrome is mostly non -drug and drug treatment.

01 Non -drug treatment

Stop using drugs or foods that may induce non -rather leg syndrome, such as vomiting agent and antidepressant drugs (such as Shequlin).

To quit smoking and drinking to avoid irritating diet.

Cultivate good sleep habits. You can take a hot bath before going to bed and massage your limbs to promote blood circulation of the lower limbs.

Keep an optimistic and relaxed attitude.

For the restless leg syndrome caused by iron deficiency anemia or iron deficiency, iron can be taken for iron supplementation.

If it is due to the lack of iron and folic acid during pregnancy, folic acid and iron should be supplemented in time.

If the above -mentioned non -drug treatment cannot be relieved, the doctor needs to help doctors and take reasonable and standardized drug treatment, which can generally be relieved.

02 Drug treatment

Light and intermittently produced, compound L -carakelars can be taken, and the treatment effect is good.However, it should be noted that long -term use can easily cause symptoms to deteriorate, so it is not suitable for patients who have symptoms every day.

If the symptoms are frequent, you need to take medication every day. You can use dopamine receptor agonists (such as Plaxus, Robinille, etc.). Such drugs can significantly reduce periodic limb movements and effectively improve sleep.

● Positioning ●

All the drug mentioned above,

Don’t use it casually.

If you frequently shake your legs and affect your sleep,

Please go to the neurology medical treatment in time.


In life, in addition to the shaking legs living in the sewing machine in my heart, there are many humble small habits that are indecent and hurt: ① Erlang legs: harm the spine;Inflammation; ③ Suddenly twisting the neck: Causes joints, even stroke …

For health, make corrections as soon as possible!

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Source: Comprehensive Tencent Medical Ceremony, Popular Science China, Guangdong Science Popularization, People’s Daily

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