Don’t eat astragalus, not all "qi deficiency syndrome" can take astragalus.

With the development of today’s society, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and the pressure of work is increasing. Some people always have a sense of qi deficiency and body; in addition, some people are old, and they always feel that they are uncomfortable., Thinking that it is probably qi deficiency, it is necessary to replenish qi,

The first thing to say is astragalus, so I went to the pharmacy to buy some astragalus, but after eating for a while, the symptoms of "qi deficiency" not only did not improve, but also worsened.

At this time, someone will come out of the word, "Chinese medicine dies in Chinese medicine!"


Of course not, the so -called "qi deficiency" symptoms are not the poor quality of the medicinal materials, but the disorders of medicinal materials.

We said that those who really eat astragalus can naturally have a good effect, because astragalus has the purpose of nourishing qi and qi;

However, if a person with qi stagnation and qi eats astragalus, not only does it have no effect, it will also increase the condition.

It ’s not alarmist. Everyone thinks that those who are stagnant and qi are stagnant, and the aircraft in the body are not smooth. It is congested there, just like the traffic hub at the peak of get off work. At this time, is the lack of traffic?Of course not, what is missing is the traffic police of directing traffic.

In the same reason, if you rashly take a little bit of astragalus to replenish qi at this time, it is not a charcoal in the snow, but worse than snow.

On the contrary, the qi deficiency uses a little cricket, Xiangfu and other qi medicines without qi.



Well, return to our theme, so Iqi is not suitable for everyone.

At this time, some people may ask, why can there be symptoms of qi deficiency and deficiency evidence such as qi stagnation?

Traditional Chinese medicine is called "LEI".

The rough meaning is that when the condition is more serious, there will be very weak symptoms, such as: qi deficiency and weakness, poor breathing, soft hands and feet, weak breath, weakness of spirit, cold and cold.

This is called things that must be reversed.It is very common in traditional Chinese medicine, such as the hot and cold, and the cold is hot.

Therefore, if the qi stagnation is stagnant to a certain extent, the illusion of deficiency will occur. In this case, it must not be replenished, because this is not true or false.

Seeing this, some people may say that if the false symptoms are so similar, how can we distinguish it?

Indeed, whether it is true or false, there will be symptoms such as weak body, pale complexion, short breathing, weak limbs, dizziness, low voice, etc.

However, the pulse of the fake person is really sinking and powerful, mainly because of the person with qi stagnation and qi stagnation, the gas machine stagnates in the inside, and it is easy to spread.Human tongue quality is also red, and the tongue coating is yellow and greasy, because there is internal heat!

Looking back at the true person, the pulse is deficient, and it is even difficult to touch. The tongue is also light and tender, because the qi and blood follow, and the blood deficiency is blood loss!

So, who is suitable for consuming astragalus?What are the effects of astragalus?We might as well be briefly stroked:

Astragalus is sweet and warm.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is mainly transported and is the foundation of the day after tomorrow.Spleen deficiency, there is loss of luck. We are not easily digested and absorbed. It is often easy to eat what, and what is pulled out.

Therefore, astragalus is mostly used for the symptoms of stools caused by the shortness of stools.

In addition, if some people have diarrhea for a long time, they will see the anal prolapse, the internal organs drooping, and the gone to strengthen the spleen.


Compatible with Thaihu and Shengma, such as Shengyang’s medicine, the effect is better.



There are always a few people around us, and we are sweating. At this time, we will spit out, "Hello," we will blurt out.

Where does the virtual come from?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are qi and weak lung qi, but the defense of the fixation is insufficient, and sweat comes out.

Astragalus enters the lung meridian, good for nourishing lung qi, Yiwei qi and solidifying the surface to stop sweat.

"Medical Qiyuan": "Treatment of deficiency and self -sweating, nourishing lungs, real skin, diarrhea medium, string self -sweat."


It is often used with windproof and atractylodes, that is, Yuping Wind San.



Astragalus is good at nourishing qi and water to reduce swelling, which is the essential medicine for treating qi and pododal.


Clinically, it is mostly used with anti -self -defense, such as anti -Ji astragalus soup.

Prevent yourself

Some people have sores in inherent, pusted for a long time without collapse, or they are unpredictable for a long time.

Consider astragalus at this time!

Astragalus Gan Wen was promoted, and the sores of the inherent sores were eased to dyserate the pus; it was more than that the wounds that had long ulcerated and unsteady were converged and the muscles were seen.

"Ben Jing": "The main gangrene, long defeated sores, pus and pain."

"Materia Medica": "Blood, muscle, pus in the inner support, sores and sore medicine. Poor acne can not afford.


The effect of astragalus nourishing qi is well known,


However, qi can produce blood. Therefore, astragalus are mostly used with angelica, and both qi and blood supplement, which is what we often use Angelica Blood Soup.


Some people have ecstasy, and some female friends have the trouble of collapse.

Everyone knows that qi can produce blood. However, few people know that qi can take blood. Therefore, qi deficiency, it is difficult to take blood.

Astragalus is good at qi and deficiency,


Multi -use with ginseng and longan meat, that is, Guipi Pills.



Some elderly joints are painful, and their limbs are numb, especially in winter, such symptoms are particularly significant.

Chinese medicine believes that qi deficiency is difficult to promote blood. Therefore, qi deficiency and blood stagnation see joint pain, limbs numbness, and even more than half of the body.

Astragalus, good at nourishing qi and moving blood,


Excerpted the exclutory and humid drugs such as live, windproof, windproof;

Lack of work

Or use it with safflower and Dragons, such as promoting blood circulation, such as promoting blood circulation, and the effect is better.



Some diabetic patients often find that in Chinese medicine they eat, doctors will add astragalus. Can I not help but have questions. Isn’t astragalus nourishing qi?Can I still reduce sugar?

It should be noted that Yiqi can live in Jinjin. Therefore, astragalus, good at life, and quenching thirst.

You know, in ancient times, the ancients did not have the concept of blood sugar, and they called diabetes as thirst.


However, the single -flavored astragalus medicine is thin and weak, and often uses the medicines such as Ophiopogon and spaggot.



Although the astragalus is good, it still needs to be dialectical, stagnation and qi, or those with solid heat need to use it with caution.

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