Don’t be stupid, no more dumbfounded abdominal pain, miscarriage or pregnancy reaction is clear at a glance.

During the whole pregnancy life, pregnant mothers may go through various patterns of different pregnancy reactions.Like annoying pregnancy vomiting, embarrassing urine leakage in time, abdominal pain and so on.These are always torturing the mental state of the pregnant mother, and affect the hard life during pregnancy.Some pregnant vomiting reactions have been forbearing to endure, but some pregnant vomiting reactions cannot rely on tolerance. If the pregnant mother appears abdominal pain during pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital to check the fetal instability.The problem is the natural response during pregnancy, so you are also safe and safe.For these kinds of abdominal pain that often appear, pregnant mothers are better.

1. Abdominal pain with mild spasm and soreness

If the pregnant mother feels like this, first of all, you need to pay attention to the time of this abdominal pain. If this happens about one week after conception, then the pregnant mother does not have to worry too much.Normal reaction is mainly due to the contraction of the inner wall of the uterus caused by fertilized eggs on the endometrium.

2. The continuous pain or pain on the side of the lower abdomen is obvious

The appearance of this feeling is likely to be caused by shifts when the position of the embryo is bed. In popular terms, it is an ectopic pregnancy that makes the pregnant mother’s heartache.Therefore, about 8 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must do B -ultrasound.Once the ectopic pregnancy is broken, women will feel the pain in the lower abdomen. At this time, the pregnant mother must not be despised. The conventional manifestation is nausea and want to vomit.The complexion becomes pale, and it can obviously feel that his heartbeat is accelerating. In severe cases, it will even lead to a shock of pregnant mothers.

3. Breakalized lower abdomen pain, vaginal bleeding

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to that if you feel paroxysmal pain and the feeling of falling abdomen is still very strong, and there is a small amount of bleeding in the vagina, pregnant mothers should pay attention to signs of warning.At this time, pregnant mothers should not panic, reduce activities, rest in bed, and do not do physical labor. If the pain does not reduce the signs of the pain after rest, then the pregnant mother should not drag and go to the hospital for examination in time.

4. Pain around the navel

This performance is obvious in the second trimester. When the pregnant mother encounters it, don’t panic too much. This is due to the beginning of the end of pregnancy.You will feel that there is a sense of tightness or even pain around the navel.For such abdominal pain, the pregnant mother does not need to be too nervous. In normal times, you can massage the abdomen more, or use some moisturizing cream to slow the abdominal pressure.

Pregnant pain reactions during pregnancy still need to be more attentive. After all, abdominal pain still has a certain impact on the fetus, and more snacks are still good.

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