Don’t be afraid of skin itching during pregnancy, but be alert to pregnancy in the liver during pregnancy!

During pregnancy, the belly is itchy. I can’t help but want to scratch it. What should I do if I still scratch it?Many prospective mothers in the middle and late pregnancy complained that the belly is itchy, nipple itchy, and itchy body; after all, she dares not to apply or use skin care products.

Itching of stretch marks

The changes in the mother’s hormones cause bile retention and make the skin easily itchy. The severity varies from person to person. In addition to being related to personal constitution, the environment is humid, sultry, and dry.

During the short period of pregnancy, the abdominal skin was rapidly supported, and the elastic fiber of the skin was pulled off, and stretch marks appeared.In fact, except for the abdomen, the chest, legs, hips, etc. are places with stretch marks.Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, it is more common, and it is naturally relieved after childbirth.


1. Control weight during pregnancy; food with rich collagen fibers; reduce sugar intake.

2. Use stretch marks to protect products; apply olive oil, glycerin, etc. to reduce itching in the itching of the skin.

3. Moderate massage, use massage oil with tightening function to prevent or repair stretch marks.Pregnant mothers should avoid excessive scratching skin, and scratching will cause skin damage, even infection, melanin.

4. Pay attention to diet and avoid spicy food.

Systemic itching

Another common and harmless itching, medicine is "pruritus of pregnancy", about 15%or even more prospective mothers may appear, and the degree of severity is uncertain.

Usually at 6 or seven months of pregnancy, there will be no rash and blisters except the skin itching.The cause of itching of the whole body is usually considered to be related to the continuous increase in estrogen during pregnancy, but it has no effect on the fetus.

There are very few pregnant mothers who also have rash during pregnancy. Usually they occur within four months to nine months of pregnancy. The symptoms are small rashes on the pregnant mother. They first appear on the limbs.In fact, it is caused by itself.

In addition, itching caused by allergic reactions, exposure to allergic substances, climate change, etc., rash will occur with the whole body or local area.


1. Depending on the degree of itching, after all, itching mostly occurs in the middle and late pregnancy, and the fetal organs are developed. Under the obstetrician or skin doctor’s advice, small doses of topical drugs can be used.

2. The prospective mother with a history of allergies, if there is a suspected allergic reaction, take a timely consultation.

Need to be vigilant

Itching of the skin may also indicate another rare but severe disease during pregnancy: cholest accumulation during pregnancy.Most of the onset time is about 30 weeks of pregnancy. The earliest symptoms are itching of the skin. Starting from the belly, palms, and beings, and then spread to the chest, back, limbs, and scalp parts.

Therefore, the prospective mother should not take it lightly. After the symptoms of itching of the skin, they must seek medical treatment in time.However, cholene stasis during pregnancy is a disease that occurs during pregnancy. Generally, it will disappear at most 48 hours after childbirth, and it will not affect the future life of the aim.

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