Dongguan: Women who are pregnant by the company are asked to resign female employees to appeal to the Labor Arbitration Tibetan

The company agrees to compensate 36,800 yuan

Wen/Yangcheng School reporter Wencong

During the pregnancy, the employer cannot be expelled from employees for any reason. However, A Qing was difficult to make a stubbornness by seal and forced him to resign.The reporter was informed on the 13th that with the help of the legal aid office of Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City, she finally received a compensation of 36,800 yuan.

A Qing comes from Guangxi and enrolled in the company in April 2016 as financial accounting.In May last year, she was pregnant for two months.A Qing asked for the fetus. The company was still willing to leave leave in the past two weeks, but then rejected the leave with various excuses, and asked A Qing to work with various channels (including telephone, SMS, WeChat, QQ, etc.).The cause of physical condition is indeed unable to go to work, but it has no negotiation with the company.

A Qing was reported to the Labor Bureau of Zhangmutou that he requested assistance to discuss with the company to mediate. After mediation by the labor department, he just started to agree with A Qing vacation for a week or two, but then refused to take a leave.A Qing went to the labor department to apply for assistance to mediate again, but the company had not agreed to leave.Later, A Qingtuo’s colleague submitted his own leave, and the company refused to accept it.

In October last year, A Qing gave birth to two daughters and asked the company to seal the reimbursement materials after being discharged, but the company refused and proposed to ask A Qing to write a resignation.Requirements.

On the occasion, A Qing came to the legal aid office of Changmutou Town for help. The legal aid office assigned the township community legal adviser Li Zhaoming to provide legal aid for him.After collecting the relevant evidence, Li Zhaoming appealed to the labor arbitral tribunal of Zhangmutou Town after the relevant evidence was collected.The company requested the company to pay for normal working salary, prenatal vacation, salary during maternity leave, wages of lactation, and not signing a labor contract, and ordered the company to assist the social security department for applying for the application for maternity insurance.

In the labor arbitral tribunal, the company agreed to mediate in the face of the deterrent of law, but it was entangled on some small issues and created trouble. The legal adviser conducted a serious negotiation and statement on this.After many mediation and instructions, the company finally accepted the mediation plan and paid A Qing to Aqing 36,800 yuan at one time. At the same time, he assisted in applying for maternity insurance for the social security department and relieved the labor relationship.

Source | Yangcheng School

Picture | Network Picture

Responsible editor | Wu Tong

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