Dogs fake pregnancy?Be careful of a series of diseases

Ancient concubines thought that her mother was expensive, so whenever there was a symptom of suspected having joy, she began to add fuel and vinegar to imagine that she was pregnant with a dragon species. As a result, most of them were empty and happy.

In addition to people, dogs will also have a situation similar to "fake pregnancy".When a dog mistakenly thinks that he is pregnant, how can you help it face reality as the owner?

Dogs mistakenly think that pregnancy, known as the symptoms of fake pregnancy, appear more often after dog mating.Because after the mothers of the dog, even if they did not succeed in conceived, during the estrus week, the changes in hormones and aid elegance in the mother’s body made the dog mother who failed the mating.The characteristics of "pregnancy" sometimes make the owner happy.

Affected by estrus, dogs sometimes mistakenly think that they are pregnant

Because dogs mistakenly think that there is pregnancy, various behaviors that welcome babies will begin to appear, such as taking care of dolls, dolls that bite around on weekdays as puppy -like care, and will lick their hair abnormally.It will also start protecting it without letting people contact.

In terms of physiology, the most common fake pregnancy physiological symptoms are breast development, and dogs’ breasts will begin to swell and secrete milk.In addition, there is also the opportunity to show a manifestation of melancholy, reduced appetite or drowsiness, which may also be a phenomenon of fake pregnancy.When the owner encounters the above situation, he can take the dog to the doctor’s clinic to check whether he is pregnant. If the doctor confirms that it is only a false pregnancy, the owner will accompany the dog to face the truth.

Fake pregnancy will increase the awareness of the dog’s self -protection, or there may be aggressive behavior

Breast swelling causes the dog to lick the nipple too often, which can also cause breast inflammation

Loss of appetite

How to accompany it to accept reality?

The phenomenon of most of the mild pregnancy will gradually disappear with the estrus period, and the dog’s behavior will return to normal.However, if the situation is serious, the owner can also help the dogs to live normally.For example, when a dog mistakenly acts as a doll for his own dog, the owner can take the toys away for a few weeks in the early days, and accompany the dog to play more, disperse the attention of it to take care of the doll, and reduce its impression of "pregnancy".

If the situation continues and serious, the owner should take the dog to the doctor for medical treatment as soon as possible to help the dog face it positively.

The most ideal way to avoid fake pregnancy is to sterilize the dog as soon as possible to reduce the physiological effects of the estrus period, which can greatly reduce the chance of dog fake pregnancy.

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