Dog "Tears of Tears", I recommend eating these foods!

I believe that many shoveling officers have been turned around by the dog’s tears. Originally, a cute puppy became dirty and shouted!Tell you that these foods can effectively manage tear marks and quickly give the dogs!

In fact, there are three major reasons for the formation of tears of dogs

Congenital reasons: Lucky glands have dysplasia, natural shallow tear pipes closed, primary tears are too disease

Dietary cause: Drinking too little water, lack of diet, causing fire, too sensitive food, stimulating tears too much

Cause of illness: inflammation of the eye, inflammation of the ear canal, inflammation of the tooth meat


① Sydney

Sydney has a large amount of water, which is rich in multiple vitamins, and has the effect of clearing heat and removing fire.

Eating dogs can reduce the effect of eye shit and manage tear marks.It is best to cut a small piece when you eat it to prevent the dog from being habitually swallowed. If you can’t digest, you will hurt the stomach.

② Apple

Apple is also helpful for dogs to manage tear marks, and has the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire.

However, it should be noted that the part of the apple seeds and nucleus needs to be removed because it contains fatal poisons to dogs.


① carrot

Carrots are rich in carotene, which can be transformed into vitamin A. It is a good choice to manage tear marks for improving dogs’ vision.

However, you need to pay special attention to feeding carrots should not be too much, otherwise dogs are poisoned.

② Purple potato

There are a large amount of vitamins in purple potatoes, as high as 8 vitamins and 10 natural mineral elements. Among them, anthocyanins also have the effect of dredging lacrimal glands, which will help to manage tear marks.

③ okra

Okra contains a large amount of vitamin A and carotene, which helps protect the dog’s retinal health and maintain vision, thereby effectively managing tear marks.

④ potato

Potatoes are helpful for reducing dog tears and secretions in the corners of the eyes.

However, it should be noted that the potatoes feeding the dogs must be cooked and cooked before they can be fed. There are also potatoes with buds that can not be eaten ~


① salmon

Salmon is rich in high -quality fish oil, protein, fatty acids and various amino acids.

Feeding dogs salmon can relieve tear marks while supplementing nutrition and beautifying hair.

② duck meat

Duck meat has the effects of nourishing the stomach and nourishing the kidneys and removing the heat.

Dogs to eat duck meat help to fire and manage tear marks.In addition to eating fresh meat, jerky snacks are also a very good choice. You can prepare some small snacks at home to add to the dog!


Many shovel officers think that we have leftovers to stay for dogs and add meals to them, but in fact, this will cause a burden on the dog’s body or even harm.

Because the meals we eat are high oil and high salt for dogs. Dogs eat for a long time, which will aggravate tears, and even affect the brightness of the hair and become rough.


When choosing dog food, you can’t be sloppy, after all, it is a big head.Now there are tens of millions of dog food, and there are commodity food and natural food. Some shoveling officers buy commercial food in order to save money, which is even more feasible.

Commodity grains are mainly made of animal dead corpses and grains. Among them, a large number of additives, preservatives, artificial pigments, etc. are added, which will cause dogs to picky food, unhealthy, tear marks.

Natural grain is made of fresh ingredients and made better production technology.

Therefore, when choosing dog food, you should pay more attention to high -quality natural food. You can choose the dog food of the following pictures!

Do you know what else do you have to manage tear marks?

Welcome to leave a message in the comment area ~

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