Does the swimming of pregnant women affect the fetus?What needs attention?

With the development of the fetus, the increasing abdomen will no longer play the role of fixing the spine and the thorax. Therefore, pregnant women often have low back pain and sciatica. In order to prevent these problems in the back and enhance the physique of pregnant women, it is necessary to perform properly.Physical exercise.Swimming is a new concept of pregnancy proposed by some foreign experts.Swimming can improve cardiopulmonary function, increase the flexibility of the body, and enhance physical strength. It is a movement suitable for pregnant women.Swimming can greatly promote the blood circulation of pregnant women, because the blood of the mother is not only responsible for transporting the nutrients required for fetal development, but also discharged waste from the fetus.Professional swimming female coaches, women who often swim in tropical areas, and women who have been engaged in water operations for a long time, such as women who go to the sea in Japan, are often trained after pregnancy, and most of them are delivered during delivery.

Whether pregnant women can swim should be determined according to the physique of pregnant women.To be sure, appropriate activities will bring benefits to pregnant women.Pregnant women’s participation in labor or sports activities will more or less cause uterine contraction. The blood flow of the uterus when the uterine contraction will decrease, and the blood supply to the baby will be reduced accordingly.Pregnant women who have always been healthy to participate in sports activities are reduced to reduce uterine blood flow, which does not affect the baby’s development. The baby has a good tolerance for this.Pregnant women to promote pelvic blood circulation and improve the metabolism of the body are good for pregnant women and babies.During swimming, breathing, muscle force, etc. are quite similar to childbirth. Therefore, the biggest benefit of swimming is that the childbirth process is shortened, the dystocia pregnant women decrease, and the number of maternals increased.However, pregnant women should not swim for more than 1 hour, and it is enough to travel 300-400 meters.Before swimming, make full preparation, do not dive, do not have backstream.After swimming, we must do a organizational activity and measure weight, body temperature, blood pressure, etc.Generally, rescue equipment and life -saving personnel should be monitored.All sports activities for pregnant women should take safety as the first.

Pregnant women can also swim, but it is best to be 5-7 months, because the fetus has stabilized at this time, the organs grow in place, and the physiological functions have begun to play a role.In the third trimester, in order to avoid early breakthrough and infection, swimming should be stopped.

The benefits of swimming in pregnant women

1. The changes in the posture of pregnant women in the water are conducive to correcting the fetal position and promoting the delivery.

2. Increase the lung volume and allow the maternal to hold the breath for a long time during childbirth to shorten the output.

3. Frequent swimming can gradually consume excess calories in the body, thereby preventing pregnancy poisoning.

4. It can improve emotions, reduce pregnancy reactions, reduce headaches during pregnancy, and also have a good impact on the development of fetal nervous system.

5. It can reduce the fetal compression of the fetus, and promote blood flow in the pelvis, eliminate blood stasis, and help prevent constipation, lower limb swelling and varicose veins.

6. The heavy pregnancy uterus is supported by water buoyancy, which can reduce the burden on the lumbar muscles and back muscles that support the pregnancy uterus, thereby relieve or eliminate the symptoms of low back pain often during pregnancy.

7. When swimming, the whole body muscles participate in the activity; coupled with the "massage" of water on the skin and blood vessels, it can promote the vigorous blood circulation, which not only enhances the physique of pregnant women, but also helps fetal development.

8. Swimming can also benefit the benefits of Japanese baths.The ultraviolet rays in the sun not only have a bactericidal effect, but also transform the subcutaneous dehydrogenation cholesterol into vitamin D3. This vitamin can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which is conducive to fetal bone development.

9. Frequent swimming can also help pregnant women maintain a bodybuilding, especially for the recovery of the body shape after childbirth.

Pregnant women should choose backstroke. It is a good exercise posture floating in the water and gently driving water, which can relieve low back pain. In addition, it is not advisable to move severely during training to avoid tiredness. It is best to have full -time personnel present.Swimming is one of the movements suitable for pregnant women, but when pregnant women swim, they should still take protective measures and pay attention to safety.

1. Prepare a pair of non -slip slippers.As long as you leave the water, whether you are before entering the water or out of the water, you should wear non -slip slippers to avoid accidentally slipping.

2. It is best to choose the outdoor pool.Some swimming pools are sterilized with chlorine gas, and chlorine gas can cause the pregnant woman’s respiratory system to discomfort, so it is best to choose the outdoor pool to reduce stimuli.Or choose a swimming pool with ozone for sterilization filtration.

3. Don’t forget to prepare water or juice.You should carry water and juice with you, and replenish it at any time before swimming and during swimming to avoid dehydration.

4. Don’t extend too much to avoid diving.Due to the left and right of buoyancy in the water, the limbs and joints are often too large.Pregnant women should pay special attention to avoid adverse effects on the body and fetus.It is not even more unfavorable to the fetus.

5. The water temperature in the swimming pool is best around 30 ° C.At this water temperature, muscles are not easy to cramp or feel fatigue.Pregnant women, especially water swimming at high temperature than body temperature, will increase their body temperature and affect the health of the fetus.

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